फाउंडेशन कैसे लगाएं| How To Apply Foundation For Full Coverage, Natural Looking Makeup.

Hi friends! Welcome back to my channel, it's IndianGirlChannel Trisha and I am Trisha In today's video i will share with all of you, how to apply foundation

Normally it's quite simple since we regularly use it But today i will share with you a few tips which will make your foundation look so natural and flawless that nobody will be able to tell that you have applied it I don't like when somebody say's that i have applied a lot of makeup and if you also feel the same then you should watch the whole video Before starting the makeup it is very important that you prepare your skin So that your skin can absorb the make up properly

Before using make up I always prefer to do my complete skin care routine that is cleansing,toning and moisturizing And if i am doing make in day time then along with cleansing,toning and moisturizing, i apply the SPF and after that i apply the foundation If you are applying makeup after 3-4 hours of your regular cleansing,toning and moisturizing, then you can skip the face wash part but you need to do toning and moisturizing before applying the foundation And instead of face wash, you can use cotton ball soaked in water to wipe out your face It helps a lot I am using a cotton ball soaked in water to clean my face because in 2-3 hours also a lot of oil can accumulate and its better to clean it

When you clean your face with water it hydrates your skin and maintains the ph balance as well So its good to do a water cleansing before make up And if you skin is too much oily, instead of cotton balls soaked in water, it will be better to use ice cubes After this i am using my toner This is a gulnare rosette clarifying toner, it is very good

If you want, you can use rose water as a toner When you do toning, it minimizes the open pores The foundation wont be able to clog your pores which will reduce pimple and acne problems And toning also makes the surface of your skin very smooth which makes the foundation applying process much easier You just need to leave it alone for 30 seconds to dry

For all skin types it is mandatory to apply a moisturizer after toning If you have oily skin you can use a oil free moisturizer Here i am applying Neutrogena's oil free moisturizer Apply the moisturizer in a gentle dabbing motion Because if you rub the moisture too much, you may have wrinkles and fine lines appearing at an early age If you are doing make up at day time then after moisturizer, you must apply the SPF i

e the sun screen In this video i am using the Fit Me FoundationIt is one of my favourite foundation The shade of this foundation is warm nude I love this shade very much because it gives a medium coverage

It makes your skin look flawless and it doesnt give the impression that you have applied too much make up It also gives your pores a finished look which makes your open pores invisible Now i am taking the foundation in my hand Take as much as you require but first you should take less and then take according to need Now i will apply the foundation in small dots all over my face, so that it gets applied evenly

I always apply more foundation around my eye area because it also acts as a concealer It helps in hiding the dark areas around your eyes And you can also apply a lit bit more foundation in the places where you have pigmentation You should never avoid the neck region, otherwise your foundation wont look natural because your face tone and neck tone wont match To blend the foundations, i will be using these types of sponge which i bought from Big bazar They were very affordable, i think i bought 6 pcs for 60 Rs

Whereas beauty blenders are much more costly and the quality of the cheaper ones are not so good In comparison these sponges are very good So if you find them anywhere, definitely buy them Soak these sponges in water for 1-2 mins so that they can absorb a lot of water Then give it a gentle squeeze to remove the excess water

It is very easy to blend your make up with any wet sponge and it helps in giving your foundation a flawless look Now using a damp sponge i am starting to blend the foundation and you need to use a dabbing motion like this I am continuing to use the dabbing motion for blending and if you are using fingers you need to use the same dabbing motion If you will start massaging the foundation like this then it wont give you a flawless look and it will look patchy Our facial hair grows downwards and if we start massaging like this then it will start to show more and it looks awful

When you are applying foundation on your forehead be careful of your hair line Try to blend the foundation in your hair line as much as possible Otherwise your hairline complexion wont match with your facial complexion and it will not look natural When your sponge has very less product then you should try and blend the foundation around your hair line When we are blending our foundation with any beauty blender or any sponge it soaks the excess product

Sponge's main property is to soak water or any liquid And when we apply a lot of foundation and we are using fingers to dab it fingers does not have the property to soak or absorb excess product whereas the sponge has this ability So that is why when we use sponge it blends very well and there is no excess product which makes the foundation look natural I think i have to apply a bit more foundation on my neck area

Along with your face and neck, your ear is equally important Many people skip this area completely but i do not do it Because when somebody is looking at you, ears also fall in this region So a little bit of foundation should be applied in your ear as well If you feel like you do not want to use extra product, you can even apply the excess product on your ears from the sponge After thoroughly blending the foundation on your skin,check where you need a bit more foundation on your skin

Meaning places where you have dark spots,acne marks and any spots which you want to hide but you do not have a concealer,there you can apply foundation once again I have a small dark spot here, i am applying it there now Now i will blend these as well Many people say that after 2-3 hours from the application of foundation, their skin starts to look more dark than their original complexion Actually this happens because your foundation gets oxidized

Like when we cut an apple and keep it, we can see that it gets dark marks Like that only when we apply foundation, it reacts with oxygen and it becomes darker Sometimes it may look orangish as well So i will share 2-3 tips which will prevent your foundation from getting oxidized Before applying foundation, you should always apply makeup primer

This will prevent the foundation from getting oxidized Because it wont be able to react with your skinThe make up primer will act as a layer which will not allow the foundation to react with your skin After applying the makeup, you can use the makeup fixing spray, which will not allow your skin to react with oxygen which will prevent oxidization The third and most important tip is to buy a foundation which is slightly lighter than your skin tone So that When you will apply the foundation it will look bright but after a few hours it will get oxidized and will become dark and it will match your real skin tone

After applying the foundation many people see that their skin is looking dry and flaky, meaning the foundation is not set properly This happens most of the time when you have very dry skin and you have dead skin cells So when you want to apply foundation, along with cleansing and toning, you should do scrubbing as well This will remove your dead skin cells and will create a smooth surface where your foundation will look flawless I have already applied my foundation and as you can see how natural it is looking After applying foundation the next step is compact powder or translucent powder, which helps in setting the foundation

And sometimes when we use a lot of compact powder, our foundation looks like a cakey formation It does not look good at all and that is why i prefer using less translucent powder or compact powder And do not always use it with the help of a brush, try to use the compact powder with a damp beauty blender or a spongeIt is not allow the base to look cakey at all I am also using the compact powder with this damp sponge I am mainly applying in the t-zone around my nose area but i will not apply it on my whole face

since the nose area becomes oily very easily If you want you can apply it on your whole face as well So these were the few tips from my side Hope these tips will become useful for you in the future