✾Beauty Combo✾Request//Supernatural Beauty+Wavy Hair+Light Blue Eyes//subliminal

✾Beauty Combo✾Request//Supernatural Beauty+Wavy Hair+Light Blue Eyes//subliminal

Subliminal messages can help you to live healthier, happier and achieve your goals faster. Our subconscious mind stores our beliefs about ourselfs and our potential in life and reflects them to the world. If you change your beliefs, you can change and achieve everything you want. The possibilities here are limitless.

Our subliminal affirmations are in a lower frequency, the recordings are inaudible to the (adult) human ear. However, small children can still easily hear these frequencies. So instead of just playing normal recordings very quietly, the recordings are modulated in a way that circumvents your hearing.

They cannot be heard by the conscious mind, but go straight into your subconscious mind where they develop their full power by changing your beliefs. That makes them even more effective and extremely powerfull.

We use present, future and natural affirmations to bypass any resistence you might have.

We also included results booster affirmations for faster and greater results. In this video we have a totally new booster, so that you are able to manifest anything you want much faster so watch out your thoughts even more. We also used affirmations for overall health and happiness because we think that everybody deserves to be successful, happy and full of energy everyday.

So just lean back, relax, enjoy the music and be excited about your results and a new happier you. How fast the results will come really depends on the resistance you have. For some people it can take a day, for others weeks or even months. Just listen cosistantly and don´t pay that much attention on what you see in the mirror. Or look in the mirror and say to yourself: “Oh yes, I am really getting my results. ” And say what you want as if it is already there. Always watch what you say to yourself because our subconscious mind is always listening and believes everything we say. Remember that everything is possible. You are a powerful creator and you deserve this.
Always remember that you are wonderful. It is all a game so don’t take life too seriously.

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We love every one of you and appreciate your support.

Hear the subliminals as often as you like, but at least 5-10 times daily. The more you hear them the better the results will be. Repetition and consistency are key here.

Headphones are not a must, but hear the music at a 20-50% volume to be safe.


Booster for instant results, permanent results, master of law of attraction, strong faith in subliminals, changes in DNA, reality shifting etc.

Healthy and glowing skin.
Supernatural beautiful face
Hair is wavy, healthy and beautiful with red highlights.
I now shift into this reality where I already have wavy hair with red highlights.
Pleasing personality.
Natural beauty.
People are always complimenting me and saying how beautiful I am.
People look up to me as an example of beauty.
I am worthy of seeing myself as beautiful.
My wavy hair shines with radiant health.
I am admired by all those around me.
The clothing I wear reflects my beauty and elegance.
I am wonderful.
I have style and grace.
I have healthy beautiful nails.
I am supernatural beautiful, graceful, and elegant.
I am getting light blue eyes right now at this moment!
My eyes are changing to light blue now!
I love my light blue eyes!.
My light blue eyes are amazing!.
I choose to have light blue eyes now!.
It is easy to change my eyecolor!
My eyecolor is changing with every breath I take!
I now shift into this reality where I have light blues Eyes.
Every day I feel prettier and prettier.
I am a beautiful person, inside and out.
I am growing more attractive every day.
I have a fit and attractive body.
I am an attractive person!
I am beauty and brains combined.
I am incredibly gorgeous, men find me very attractive genuinely.
I am sexy and gorgeous
I have soft and smooth skin
My skin is healthy and beautiful
My skin is clear and radiant.
Friends love my company.
I am extremely beautiful and attractive.
I am grateful for the beauty, abundance and love that surrounds me.
I am beautiful, warm hearted and intelligent.
I am blessed with a beautiful and glowing skin.
I am proud of the way I look.
I am beautiful and everyone I come across loves me.
Perfect shape of hands and the size of my feet
Beautiful inside and out
Extremely beautiful and seductive.

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