Hello Beautiful! Welcome to this makeup tutorial! This look in my eyes is dedicated to summer and sunsets and its colors that stand out! Do not you think they look like a sunset? a summer sunset? my eyes were beautiful ? I hope you like this tutorial, as well as ami! enjoy creating it Please, do not forget to subscribe to my channel, if you do not do it yet and click on the little bell for you notify of new videos that I upload to my channel to begin has been said! I immediately start with my ABH ointment / eyebrow gel in dark brown and I use this brush ➡️ to define my eyebrows using the same brush I use the brush to comb my eyebrows now I use my favorite Urban Decay pre-base and I blend it with my fingers for my eyes I use this palette of Colourpop called YES PLEASE and start using the lightest shadow on the palette and I apply it on all my eyelids now I use this brush I love it is super fluffy I like to use it for now and start with this shadow color orange / brown and I apply it in my eye socket Now I use this Luxie 231 brush and I use the yellow color of this palette Super pigmented! now I use this orange shade and I use another brochita to blur and I put it in the eyelid bill just a little now I use this corrector of the brand Tarte to create a cut in the middle of the basin (Tip) put a dot of the concealer, and look up That's where you're going to mark your line how's that time? That's where you're going to use a flat brush to slide the concealer I start near my lacrimal and towards the middle of the mobile eyelid, without moving to the extreme part of the mobile eyelid now I return to the yellow shadow and use the same flat brush and I place it where I just put my concealer next use this shade of glitters half orange of the palette using the same flat brush you're looking pretty! ? return to the same palette I use the golden shadow and place it in the middle of my eyes and I use my fingers now I place this shadow color brick and I blur it in the eye socket and on the outside of the mobile eyelid then I decided to use this other shadow and place it on the outside of the mobile eyelid using this broach to blur the color to delineate my eyes I use this liquid pencil from EM Cosmetics now I will use these false eyelashes of the Battington brand They are called Monroe 3D They are very like plumositas / fluffy I put them off camera, but I liked them very much they feel comfortable now for my base, although this is from it Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC Cream has SPF 50 and also moisturizes the skin and it is anti-aging and I apply it on my whole face with this brush now I use this corrector of Tarte Shape tape color "medium" and I cover my knees and apply it in my dark circles using the same brush you used earlier now I use this outline palette WetnWild brand using light color applying it all over my face to seal it for the outline use this by Lisa Frank x Glamor Dolls color Bitten & Bronzed using this Realtechniques brush for the contour and as you already know you apply it on the cheek bone, front chin, jaw, and your nose back to my palette I use the yellow shadow and I apply it in the line of lower eyelashes SII CAYO ME! ? BUT THE SHOW HAS TO CONTINUE! Now continue with this brown shadow and apply it on the extreme part of the mobile eyelid then I use the golden shadow I apply it in the middle of my lower eyelashes and I slide it towards the lacrimal By the way, girls! the palette is fine! ? now for blush I use Milani Baked powder color "Luminous" my illuminator is from Maybelline Master Chrome color "Molten Gold" and I use this brush in a fan shape this color is beautiful if they see? (GLOW BABY GLOW) ami I love using it and it's very cheap apply it in the usual parts (where the sun hits you more on your face) and quickie I decided to put on a mask for my lower eyelashes of labial use this of Hudabeauty is finished matte in the color "Bombshell" I had forgotten how beautiful this color is since I had not used it in some time later I decided to use this Lip strobe in color "Ritzy" to add a little lip gloss and we have reached the end of this tutorial! Please remember to subscribe to my channel if you have not done it yet give LIKE to this video And of course click on the bell! ? See you in the next video !! ? YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY VIDEO! ?