? Beautification ~ Beautiful Eyes Package

? Beautification ~ Beautiful Eyes Package

? This potion is specifically designed to enhance the attractiveness of the drinker’s physical appearance ~

The main ingredients are Fairy wings, Morning dew, Rose Petals, Lady’s Mantle, Unicorn hair, Ginger roots, Boomslang skin ?

~ Drink this potion daily to achieve its maximum effect *-.:


♧ Perfect feline winged, mink black, long and thick eyelashes
♧ Natural appearance of black subtle smokey cat-winged eyeliner (inspired by Glow Soul)
♧ Natural appearance of white lower eyelash eyeliner
♧ Enigmatic, expressive, dark*, big, wide, doe, beautiful eyes
♧ Hypnotic gaze
♧ Shimmery eyelids and eye corners
♧ Dark limbal rings
♧ Glossy and sparkling eyes
♧ White scleras
♧ Perfect and attractive eyes
♧ Full eyebrows
♧ Perfectly symmetrical eyes and eyebrows
♧ Clean eyebrows
♧ Tight upper/lower eyelids muscles and tissue
♧ Be immune to excessive upper eyelids fat and skin
♧ Be immune to excessive lower eyelids fat
♧ Supraorbital ridge is perfectly aligned in prominence to the chin
♧ Perfect chin and supraorbital ridge projection
♧ Immediate results
♧ Permanent results

*dark: doesn’t change your eye colour, but it gives you a more mysterious and intense eye appearance.

To make this potion work:
– drink water
– don’t overwork yourself
– listen at least 3 times a day (I recommend to listen for an hour or more)
– don’t obsess over results, this will make them come slower

?Remember to stay positive

no frequencies

Results vary from person to person

⚠I do NOT take requests.

“Beautiful Chinese Music – Tranquil Departure”