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Hey everyone it's Heather here and today I want to show you my less than 10 minutes makeup routine, I'm talking about the whole makeup , like the eyes, the foundation, the lips, brows, everything and I can do it in less than 10 minutes Now you're probably looking at the time of this video and going"hey wait a minute it's longer than 10 minutes" but I'm gonna also talk to you about what kind of mirror I'm using and that sort of thing

So let's go! Okay so here I am, I honestly I don't have a speck of makeup on for you so yeah and as a lot of you know, I used to be an 80s model so you're asking to see some more pictures of me as an 80s model and here you go! This is, I'll try to line it up for you, this is me in 1985, like over 30 years ago and in June so Wow before I had the droopy eyes, the flaws, the lines but you know what I'm gonna try to do? I'm going to try to get close to this picture , okay so before I get started a lot of my awesome subscribers are saying to me hey Heather tell us the products you're using, tell us the eyeliner, the eyeshadow we need to know, we need to know! So guess what? In this video down probably in the description or the first comment I'm going to put a link, the link goes back to my blog where I'm going to list a whole bunch of these products and where you can get them and hey by the way if you do get a product from the link we make a little bit of money on it and you know what? A big thank you if you do that it means a lot So let's start with a setup of this video, hey I'm going to do my makeup really, really fast and what you're going to find is that oh my gosh I missed that, I miss that, so what I'm going to do I've done really slower videos showing techniques and that sort of thing and I'm going to pop them up on the screen and you can go back to them later and really learn, you know with close-ups and all that sort of thing of how I did my eyes, how I did it for hooded eyes, how I did it for a smoky eyes, lips, brows, foundation that sort of thing but I really want to show you that once you've mastered this you can actually put on your makeup in 10 minutes or less

The other part of the set up that I want to show you is my makeup here now, I can't really see maybe Bill you can turn that around for me and make sure I'm just not shining all this, that's great, I love a two-sided makeup mirror and this one is not only two-sided but it also it also lights up for you Now during the day I turn the light off and I have this in front of a window and it even has a magnifying part on it as well but what I do is I just put on my makeup I'm in the natural light but I live in a colder climate so in the wintertime it gets really dark around 4:30 in the afternoon I'm gonna need my lighted makeup mirror for times when I'm putting on my evening makeup etc etc So now get yourself one of these, I used to have a square one they have round ones they all work quite well

Alright so I have all my makeup laid out and let's take a look at the time on the video and let's see if I can do this entire makeup routine in 10 minutes or less for you Start off with a primer here we go Now I got all these spots on me as you know and so just going to use some concealer here, oh yeah, don't pump the, you guys have told me about pumping mascara and that and I really appreciate it I'm trying not to anymore but old habits die hard unfortunately but yeah I want to put some in these lines here there's some concealer, using my hand for a palette

I like using my fingers ,spots, spots, mm-hmm so many dark spots and brown spots oh well I'm working on them You know some of you told me about some different things to do for them so I'm trying to get rid of them without kind of really damaging my face of course I don't do need needles or any of that stuff you guys know that right, okay so there we go and well that's drying a little bit let's start working on our eyes You've also told me that you appreciated the purples but you'd like to see me do a brown for the eyeshadow so let's do that A little bit there but let me start actually eyeliner, sorry about that mixed up their eyeliner hard to put all your makeup on when somebody's watching! As you know I have hooded, droopy eyes so I'm just gonna show you a little trick that I do and I did a video it should be up there somewhere on hooded eyes with a little more detail for you, so there we go All right browns, let's go to the foundation type I like to use a little sponge like this using my hand as a pallet, putting on the foundation

I think a little bit underneath on top of that concealer but I don't like to put too much because it makes me wrinkly but a little bit more on for the cheeks I do want cover-up so want this foundation to use or rather to work as a cover-up So let's cover up some of those flaws of mine without putting too much makeup on because I find if you put it too much you get the real lines that end up showing up, so we don't want to do that too much All right I'm liking it and as far as the, I have a big mark right here, really bad dark spots so I'm using a special cover up there because it's extra super good Okay so let's finish up with, okay take that off, let's finish up with the eye shadow I'm doing something a little bit darker here though

"How am I doing with my time I'm just curious ?"(about three and a half minutes long and 8 minute mark) okay it's great to have Bill around so that I can keep myself in line I'm not even really rushing this because I don't want to show you guys like ,oh well I did my make up in less than 10 minutes but I didn't do it all, no, no, you want to see everything so here we go There's a whoosh up here, push up here this is where you really have to sort of go up with your fingers Mascara time I found this mascara, it's really pretty good for thickness, oh you know under these lights I am melting a little bit

So we'll get to some anti shine stuff in a minute My mascara it takes a bit of time let's put a little bit more mascara on there and I really have to be careful that I don't really make it cloggy, you know what I'm talking about ,we're no clunks together but I like having mascara on Try not to pump my mascara cuz you guys have been telling me about that so I'm really trying to do that There we go, alright, so let's do the eyebrows now, brushing them up and I have this blonde that works for my eyebrows it's a blonde, blonde color, it's pretty cool I don't want to go with a dark brown or anything like that that wouldn't look so cool and of course you guys know I love my ,oh yeah I did a video on brows somewhere up there as well so there you go

Now as far as the blush goes, my foundation is probably dry by now so I'm using a little bit of blush here and a little bit of what I call ,well it's actually called bronzer to really highlight the cheekbones a little bit here I also like a little bit of highlighter if I can find the blushes just a little bit obviously I look kind of shiny already but just a little bit there and you know what here's my little trick I love just put a little sparkle in between your eyes, yeah baby Alright and for the lips, I show a long-lasting lip and you'll probably see a link up there for the long-lasting lip video that I did, let's do this Now most days I'm not always using a lip brush I'm just going to do this and a little bit of highlighter, a little sparkle okay, and oh my gosh I love my Anti shine, let's uh yeah baby, you are shining today that could be a good thing Oh there goes my bell it's my two-minute warning, so again I'm not gonna go crazy here just gonna show your anti shine oh look at that anti-shine

Isn't it amazing It's not powder so it's not giving me all that extra powdery liney stuff you know when it just makes your skin look like that, I can do a little bit better on my eyes and I'm just gonna work and then turn this light on and really I just want to work for the last few minutes on these eyes because they are droopy eyes I want to give them that kind of look that I love, swoosh and maybe just a little bit of mascara and that's all, and I am I'm done! All right so let's bring back that cover of about over 30 years ago and let me just try to mmm do the same look, you know what I had like a makeup artist working on me for over an hour, I had all kinds of bronzers all over my face and now I like to look a lot more natural but hey I'm 62 now and that was over 30 some odd years oh I think 32 years ago and I don't know about you but I feel fantastic I know a lot of you do as well and I still think that women over 50, hey we're still smoking hot All right so now it's time for the cuteness factor, usually bring my Yorkie into play here yes

and a lot of you, a lot of our subscribers really love our little Hurricane here and hey you know what? I just love you guys too, we've got a great little community happening here where people are helping each other with comments and that sort of thing and thank you so much for that You know you really inspire me to keep on making these videos and oh my goodness, he's getting a little bit tired, if you do want to subscribe there's a button down there somewhere but I think this guy, maybe it's too late at night for him to stay up now So good night everyone and we'll catch you all later Everyone's invited to subscribe and join us on our videos