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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! I hope you're having a great day! Today's video is a makeup tutorial on the makeup I'm wearing right now this is what I would consider a date night makeup look a did a smokey eye look and its 100% drugstore makeup look using the new Revlon Colorstay not just nudes palette They had two of these and one was your typical brown nudes but I went out of my comfort zone and bought this one I used a lot of the drugstore makeup that was in my drugstore makeup haul video so if you would like to see the drugstore makeup products in action and how I got this 100% drugstore date night makeup look then just keep watching so I'm going to start by priming my eyelids using the Maybelline eyeshadow base, this is the new one I showed in my drugstore haul video I'm buffing it out using a domed crease brush from Sephora I was trying it out to see if its better than my finger I ended up patting it in with my finger anyway so I dont think you need a brush starting with the Revlon Colorstay not just nudes eyeshadow palette I'm putting this shade all over the lid to set the Maybelline Eyeshadow base this will make all the eyeshadows blend more smoothly on top of it and prevent skipping then for some reason I don'tremember why I decided to go ahead and do my eyebrows I used the new Loreal brow powder duo it was nice it was easy to work with but I do prefer the new Loreal Eyebrow pencil that I talked about in my December favorites video I'll link it down below but I just prefer pencil for me it's easier and less time consuming but if you prefer eyebrow powder I would give the new Loreal Brow Powder duo a try then I brush the powder through once I have it on there I set my eyebrows using the new Rimmel brow gel I like this brow gel, its a little thicker like the Clinique Brow mousse so you can get more of a bold brow with the brow gel then I always brush through the brow gel again to make sure it's even and not clumpy then we're going back to the Revlon Colorstay not just nudes palette & applying this crease shade I'm buffing it in with the Sigma E40 using back and forth motions then I'll use the circular motions the circular motions make sure the shadow blens out to your brow bone then we'll start on the inner half of the lid with this shimmer cream shade and the MAC 242 brush I ended up going back into the palette quite a few times to build up this color if you wanted it to be more bold I would use MAC fix plus or even eyedrops on your brush because I went back into the m=palette so many times just keep going back in and packing the color on if you have a small flat head brush it doesn't have to be MAC it will be so much easier once tha's the right intensity start on the outer half of the lid and this was the same thing, these eyeshaodwa are medium pigmented so I went back to the palette numerous times for all of the shades this is the MAC 248 brush I thing, its just a small shader brush I go between packing it on and brushing it on where the two shades meet I do this shimmy maneuver to get them to blend into each other you don't want there to be a sharp line between the two shades then I wanted to deepen up the outer v this is the MAC 217 brush I'm using I'm taking it out a little further since this is a date night look so I'm just deepening up the outer v and I'll also work it into the crease don't press to hard or you'll get skipping and be patient with the blending if you're using these eyeshadows because you're going to have to go back in and get more color quite a bit they do blend well though use short strokes like I'm doing here so the eyeshadow doesn't go all over the place and if you're doing your eyeshadow first you don't have to worry about it being messy on the edge it's easy to clean up then I always go back in with the original colors especially if I'm working with a light shade to make sure they're still vibrant and I do the same with the outer half shade I used I'm touching them up to make sure there's a gradient between them then I'm highlighting the brow bone with the same shade we used on the inner half of the lid and small detail brush you have will work for this I'm cleaning up the edge with a wipe and there was a little bit of fall out but not bad I'm priming my ender eyes with the Smashbox Hydrating Under eye Primer I finally bought a full size of this stuff so I guess I officially like it then I'm using the new Covergirl true blend oily skin primer I did like this primer My makeup did look good all day so I would give it a try I saw someone saying it made them break out but it didn't do that to me I think it's a good product but I've only used it a couple times nothing mind blowing for the wrinkles on my forehead I'm using the No 7 Instant Illusion Line FIller then since I am doing a bold lip I'm going to exfoliate my lips using the elf lip exfoliator it's a sugar stick, it's only $4 & it's great then I'm using the new Milani Rose Hip Oil Treatment it has the biggest applicator ever but it is moisturing then since I can't use my beloved MAC duo since this is a 100% drugstore makeup tutorial I'm using the Maybelline Age Rewind Brightener then I'll pack that in with my ring finger I'm keeping it on the dark circles not making a big triangle because I'm wanting it to color correct this is the Maybelline Dream VElvet Foundation in the color natural beige this is the real techniques sponge I've been liking it lately for foundation application because it has a big flat side so it's faster than the beauty blender I used the wiping motions first and then went with the pouncing motions especially on my forehead where I put the line filler I try not to wipe my forehead with foundation because I think it just wipes the line filler around if you don't have to do your eyebrows before your foundation don't do it, it is such a pain to get the foundation on there I wanted some more coverage so I went back in with another layer of foundation using the pouncing motions and it is a build-able foundation I do like it and I thought it looked good from my eyes down i thought it accentuated the lines on my forehead a little bit but so does a lot of other foundations then I'm using the Maybelline Age Rewind COncealer again in the colors light and medium I don't want my under eye to be super brght I want it to look more natural for highlighting I'm using the Loreal Magic Lumi pen I've loved this product for a really ling time and I never hear anyone talking about it I put it in the typical highlight spots I'll blend it all out with the beauty blender I'll blend the highlighter into the concealer a little bit it adds a little brightness to your under eye area then I blend out the nose and put the excess up on my forehead blend out the cupids bow and the chin I really like this product and I totally forgot about it then to set my under eye concealer I'm using the Elf high definition under eye setting powder I'll put that to set all the concealer it's a great alternative to the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder I'm setting my foundation using the Maybelline Master Fix setting piowder I like this powder, it's mattifying blurring and makes your makeup last longer then I'll go ahead and finish the eyes starting by putting the crease color underneath there then the shade we used on the outer half of the lid and then tidy up the outer v this is the same outer v color from before and the MAC 217 brush using small controlled strokes so it doesn't end up a hot mess you want there to be a connection between your under eye eyeshadow and what you have going on on the lid I like to use a pencil brush to make sure they're connected then I used the Maybelline Skinny Liner when I bought this I was so excited because I love a skinny line on my upper lash line i've used this about three times and every time I use it the pencil breaks off a little bit so that's disappointing because I'm going to lose half the product it does give you a nice line but it does break so that stinks then I curled my lashes and used my It Cosmetics tightline this product makes every mascara look better it gives a really nice tightline effect without putting eyeliner in your eye then my favorite drugstore product of the moment is this Maybelline falsies big eyes mascara it's similar to the Benefit Better than Sex Mascara this is the effect from the It Cosmetics Tightline, how you can see the black then I'm putting mascara on the lower lashes using the same big brush then I'm using the bronzer shade in the maybelline contour kit I'll start bronzing up the face on the forehead down by the temples and this is the MAC 135 brush then if you make the bronzer face you can get a contoured effect before you go in with contour powder I just keep going in and getting more color until it's as bronze as I would like It's a date night makeup tutorial so I went a little heavier than normal I like to bronze the jawline it evens out your fae thenI run the excess down my neck because my neck is so pale Then I used the new covergirl true blend blush this blush is really pretty and adds life to your teeth then I'm using the highlighter out of the Maybelline palette using the fan brush then I always go over everything with a duo fiber brush it blends out the edges and makes it look so much better then I decided to contour my cheekbones using the new Loreal Infallible pro contour palette in the shade medium it's a great addition to the drugstore then I blended it out with the cleaner side of my MAC 135 brush thn I thought my camera was recording me doing my lipstick but it wasn't but I used Rimmel Obsession Lipliner and Rimmel Oh So Wicked Lipstick I'm setting the makeup with the Maybelline Master Fix Setting Spray the Maybelline one is basically the same as the Loreal setting spray and its cheaper so that's it for this 100% drugstore date night makeup tutorial I hope you enjoyed it if you did give it a thumbs up all the info for the products will be in the description box below along with all the links to 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