This video is full of beauty and makeup lifehacks that will help you to look stunning this summer! Stop doing everything and watch this awesome video.
Here are makeup hacks you should know:
– Make fake freckles using a powder. This is a perfect idea for summer
– Check out how to create a faux nose ring in one minute
– If you are out of eyeliner, replace it with a simple pencil. Place it in warm water for several minutes and use it as eyeliner. Besides, you can use it to line lips
– Use soap to style brows. Scrub eyebrow brush over a soap bar and then brush your eyebrows. Soap will make your brows fuller
– Dark circles are a great problem especially if you had a bad sleep. Try an easy recipe we share: squeeze a bit of aloe vera gel onto a cotton pad. Place cotton pads into ziplock bag and place in the freezer. Use them when needed, apply for 10 minutes. You will love the result
– If you want the matte effect on your lips but don’t have matte lipstick, we know how to solve this problem! Put a coat of lipstick and put a tissue on your lips. Use powder and a makeup brush to master matte effect
– You can easily make blusher at home, simply mix lipstick with face cream
– Watch the video and find contouring tutorial for a perfect makeup
– Prevent your lipstick from getting smudged while eating – mix peel-off mask and food coloring. Apply this mixture on your lips and let dry. Remove and you will have perfect red lips
– You will find a tutorial on how to make a beautiful ring with lip gloss inside
– Check out a recipe on how to make eyeshadows at home. Follow these steps: mix Vaseline, glitter and any pigment you like. Pour the mixture into an empty nail polish container and use

00:09 Fake freckles
00:39 French manicure trick
03:23 DIY Matte lipstick
05:19 Surprising uses of lash curler
10:58 A ring with lip gloss inside

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