29 EVERYDAY BEAUTY IDEAS AND MAKE UP HACKS || Look Fabulous With Simple Beauty Tricks For Girls

29 EVERYDAY BEAUTY IDEAS AND MAKE UP HACKS || Look Fabulous With Simple Beauty Tricks For Girls


Girls, do you love beauty and makeup secrets? If so check to watch this video till the end and you will learn the secrets and ideas you haven’t known before! Check out henna ideas you should try this summer. Nowadays henna is widely used for brows. Eyebrow henna has a lot of benefits like the fact that it’s a natural product and safe for health, it stays well on the skin and eyebrows for three weeks. Henna tattoos look so cool! You don’t need any special skills to create various patterns. For example, you can create cute henna leaves using a comb and cool spiral pattern that looks awesome!
Did you know that you can replace your eyeliner with a simple pencil that could be used for drawing? Place it in warm water for several minutes and use it as eyeliner. Besides, you can use it to line lips. We share a perfect treatment for dark circles. Dark circles usually appear after a sleepless night but we know how to solve this problem and look flawless. Squeeze a bit of aloe vera gel onto a cotton pad. Place cotton pads into ziplock bag and place in the freezer. Use them when needed, apply for 10 minutes. You can make lip gloss at home using eyeshadows and lip balm. Use soap to style brows. Scrub eyebrow brush over a soap bar and then brush your eyebrows. Soap will make your brows fuller. Check out an easy tutorial on how to contour your nose using tweezers. We know a cheap and easy recipe of a body glow. Body glow moisturizes your skin and gives a glowing effect that looks stunning in summer. Mix golden eyeshadows with baby oil.

00:09 Henna ideas
00:48 Temporary henna tattoos
03:27 Fake freckles
04:10 French manicure trick
05:07 Aloe vera for dark circles
07:48 DIY Body glow

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