3 Biggest Mistakes Women Over 40 Make When Trying To Lose Belly Fat

3 Biggest Mistakes Women Over 40 Make When Trying To Lose Belly Fat

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So the first thing you’ll see is these three mistakes. I provide three solutions. I’m going to talk a little bit about creating synergy in your diet. Then I’m going to talk about how our Hormone Optimization Diet Manual works, and how we use it to simplify fat loss.

So the first mistake women over 40 make is they focus too much on sit ups, crunches, and ab routines. Now there’s nothing wrong with a well rounded and thought out ab routine. However, if you’re crunching away, trying to lose belly fat, you’re really just working the muscle that’s underneath the fat that needs to be burned off.

So in reality, if you do too many crunches and sit ups, over time the muscles underneath the fat are going to start growing. So it could actually push the belly out a little bit more. Not to mention that Men’s Health published an article talking about how it took 22,000 crunches– 22,000, just to burn one measly pound of fat.

And then Dr. Stuart McGill, who is the world’s most renowned back expert, talks about repeated flexion of the spine using crunches and sit ups as one of the leading causes of herniated discs. So stop doing crunches and sit ups if you want to lose body fat, and start using our 12-minute metabolic zone training techniques.

It’s a 12-minute metabolic protocol this using specific movement patterns, specific intensity levels, and specific rest periods that are designed for the hormonal condition of women in their 40s, 50s or 60s. And when this 12-minute metabolic protocol is done properly, it can actually elevate the metabolic rate for up to 48 hours afterwards.

And I’ll post all the studies that I make claims about in this video. I’ll post the studies below in the comments. So any claims that I make will be substantiated, 100%. So research shows this 12-minute metabolic protocol creates what we call EPOC or the afterburn.

EPOC stands for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. And after these 12-minute metabolic protocols, the metabolic rate can be elevated for 38 to 48 hours. And they also have been shown to increase growth hormone 400% all the way up to 700%.

And over at our website, you’ll see over 35 reference studies backing up any claims that I make. So stop doing sit ups and crunches. Start using our 12-minute metabolic movement patterns. And stop doing too much cardio. This is the second biggest mistake women over 40 make.

Excessive amounts of cardio wreak havoc on the metabolism. So over at our website, you’ll see that I reference four published studies showing how too much cardio wreaks havoc on the metabolism. The first study shows that it suppresses the thyroid gland.

Many people consider this the master gland of the metabolism. And too much cardio suppresses T4 to T3 conversion. The second study shows too much cardio increases cortisol, which is known as a stress hormone that we want to avoid.

A third study shows that an increases hunger, so people do too much cardio eat 100 more calories afterwards than they just burned off, on average. And then the fourth study shows too much cardio releases free radicals. Now these are the same free radicals that are responsible and linked to many of today’s modern health challenges.

And they can actually age the body faster. So instead of doing too much cardio, you want to engage in our 12-minute metabolic when patterns, like I discussed, and use some body weight movements. This is very important. Most women out there are afraid of lifting weights.

But body weight movements, you don’t have to worry about. It creates lean, sculpted, tone muscles. See, if all you do is cardio and eat right and you try to lose a bunch of body fat, and you’re an apple or a pear shaped body, when you’re done you’re just going to be a smaller apple or pear shaped body.

So you need to use these body weight movements to transform the way that you look so that when you lose the body fat you have something lean, toned, and sculpted, and sexy to show for it. The third mistake women over 40 make when trying to lose body fat is avoiding carbs.

I know this sounds hard to believe, but carbs don’t necessarily make you fat. Now yes, low carb diets work. We know this. Especially if you’re sedentary and you’re not using our 12-minute protocols, low carb diets work. But over time, in as little as seven days, they can suppress leptin levels.

Now The Biggest Loser study is the perfect example. New York Times published an article referencing a study that was done on Season 8 contestants on The Biggest Loser contest. And a few years later, all of them had gained all or more of their weight back.