30 SIMPLE DIY WAYS TO PAINT YOUR WALLS || DIY Tutorials And Repair Life Hacks

30 SIMPLE DIY WAYS TO PAINT YOUR WALLS || DIY Tutorials And Repair Life Hacks

Room redecorating may cost a lot but we know cheap ways how to redecorate your room by your hands. Check out tricks and techniques that painting pros use to get a perfectly painted room. You can choose any color you like to refresh your room. Besides, you will learn how to use such ordinary things as a comb, kitchen sponge, aluminum foil and even an old sweater to achieve various textures.
So, start by cleaning up your walls and cover walls with the paint you like. You can create circles using a comb. You can even reuse your old sweater to create a beautiful print on the walls. Cut the sleeves off the sweater and put on painting roller. One more cool idea is to wrap a roller with a rope. You will love the result.
Geometric designs have always been very trendy as they look so cool. Check out how to make the fake brick wall only using a kitchen sponge. Our idea is very cool and will save you a ton of money! Also, you can create any geometric design using painter’s tape. Attach the painter’s tape to the wall and using a paint roller cover the wall with paint of different colors. Let’ dry and remove the painter’s tape.
Next idea is even easier – cover the wall with paint and take a broom. Make stripes using a broom. Moreover, you can use bubble wrap, syringe, rubber bands, and even your old t-shirt to revamp your boring walls.
Our projects are so easy that it won’t require much effort to create a room of your dream!

00:09 Fake bricks
01:44 Idea for a girl’s room
03:58 How to reuse your old sweater
10:39 Use a mop to decorate walls
11:45 Geometric design

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