Brilliant DIY makeup products

Creating your own makeup products is something that most of us girls would love to try, but sometimes with so many hacks we see online, it can be difficult to see what actually work and what doesn’t work. So, in this video we are sharing with you some viral makeup hacks we tested to see whether they are legit or not. In addition, we show you some cool makeup DIYs that we came up with and discovered that they do actually work.

In the first video section, we are testing some of the most viral makeup products that you can create on your own in order to see if they actually work or not and we are updating you with the results. Here is what we tested:
– The Oreo mascara
– The thread eyeliner technique
– The toothpaste remedy to get rid of dark undereye circles
– The smokey eye look using a spoon

In addition, we are sharing with you some brilliant makeup and beauty hacks you can do when you are in a rush to make yourself look gorgeous in minutes.
– If you would like to add some volume to your hair because they feel to flat, you can do that simply by adding a hair clip at the front of your hair and then blowdrying it. This will help elevate your roots and give you an awesome look.
– We all know that nails play a huge part in someone’s beauty routine and since nails became such a huge sensation on social media, a plain nail look is now considered boring. So, in this video, we are sharing with you an awesome nail design using hairspray and drops of white nail polish. This will give you a brilliant marble look that looks like you just paid a visit to your local nail salon.
– Eyelashes were designed to make our eyes pop and give us a very flirty sensational look. But sometimes, they eyelashes we buy don’t always suit our eyes and we have the opposite results. So, in this video, we found out an awesome way to help you apply your lashes without them looking fake. Simply cut the eyelash strand in smaller pieces and apply them one by one on your lash line with one overlapping the other. This will give you a very natural look and it will seem like your eyelashes are all natural.

0:07 – We tested viral makeup hacks
1:21 – Awesome beauty secrets
3:10 – Cool way to apply eyelashes
4:38 – Awesome empty makeup hacks
6:22 – Bring your mascara back to life
7:46 – DIY eyebrow gel
9:38 – DIY adjustable eyeshadow brush
10:18 – Useful hacks for natural beauty
11:41 – How to make your own face powder
12:38 – DIY massager
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