Have you ever known that stapler could use not only in the office? You will be surprised but it’s a super multifunctional tool that could save your life in an awkward situation. If you have a deep plunge dress and feel uncomfortable, solve this situation using a stapler. Long jeans look awful but you can shorten the using stapler. Also, you can use this lifehack for wide trousers. If your colleague always takes your stapler and never returns, attach stapler to the table using two-sided sticky tape. You can make a cute lamp using fairy lights and plastic or paper cups. Make holes in the bottom of the cups and use a stapler to connect the cups. Moreover, you will find a cool idea on how to make a beautiful pendant using staples and nail polish. You will find another cool collection of crafts that will change your life! You can make a lot of helpful crafts from wire hangers. Wire hangers are very multifunctional! Reuse wire hangers and make a hanger for a tablet that you cn attach to your bed. We know perfect life hacks how to organize your wardrobe that will cost you a penny! Attach three hangers to save a lot of space. Do you need a shoe rack? You will be surprised that you can make it out of wire hangers. You can make an inexpensive holder for toilet paper. Watch the video till the end and you will find more crafts you can make from wire hangers. You should always take care of heels and we know a perfect recipe to quickly exfoliate them at home. Mix aspirin with water, add lemon juice and stir. Apply this mixture on cracked heels and wrap feet with plastic wrap and leave for 10 minutes. The result is incredible! ost girls feel uncomfortable when thighs are touching during workouts, but we know what to do! Use baby powder and forget about this problem. The baby powder reduces friction and you feel comfortable again. Don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel for more videos like this!

00:09 Creative uses of a stapler
00:36 If jeans are too long
01:17 DIY Lamp
03:20 Wire hanger crafts
06:25 Lifehacks for hot days

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