5 Minute Spring & Summer Natural Look Makeup, Beauty Tips/ mature over 50 Women

Hey awesome ones So today I'm putting on a spring and summer makeup with an SPF primer

Now this SPF primer that I'm wearing is a fifty so kind of take care of our skin, but not only that it's a very natural looking makeup and I've got it down to doing in five minutes

Now I know the video is longer than five minutes, but I want to explain a few things to youshow you some brushes and that sort of thing, but let's get going and let's see how it's done So here I am with absolutely no makeup on, but hey you know what? I'm keeping it real for everybody so yeah how can I show makeup without having no makeup on so this makeup that I'm going to show you I've got it down to less than five minutes and I know with a little bit of practice you can too

So this isn't I am going out on the town and I need full coverage makeup Hey I did do a video on that and I'll link it up there somewhere for you This is for those fun days where you want to put on some makeup but you want to put it on as quickly as possible So for spring and summer you've got to start off with a primer with sunscreen SPF in it you know what that primer that I was using beforeit didn't have any SPF in itso check the primer you're using because in the summer time

hey we really have to take care of our skin these daysso this one that I'm usingit has an SPF of 50 but it actually goes on like a dream so as you know to, what I'm going to do in the first comment I'm going to link back to our blog where I'll have these products, most of them anyway, and if you do want to get something therehey we make a little bit of Commission

I have to tell you that, but we do make a little bit of Commission and you know what, it really helps us with the channel So thanks for that, but let's get back to the primer and let's start putting this on my face Ok so it's probably the most important part of the makeup that you're putting on is this SPF

So I'm going toI don't know if you can see this here, but even though it's got a 50 SPF, it stillit's really nice for a primeras you can see it's not like one of those zinc oxides or anything like that so I'm just going to apply this and hopefully you can see this

here I'm going to apply a little bit underneath my eyes because I'm going to be putting concealer on there A little bit on the brow bone or brow under bone I don't know what that's called

under the brows yeah

so you can see it's just smoothing on really like any other primer so this is very very nice and it works with the foundation that I'm going to show you which is a powder foundation today cuz hey we want to go real quick with this so well you'll see it goes on really really quickly And over here

I know my face gets red when I put on primer, but it's gonna even itself out and you know what

what about our neck too! I don't know about you but I'm getting those lines on my neck and why not put a little bit of SPF there and maybe just a little bit here too

So now we gotta let this dry a little bit you can't just put the powder foundation on top of it so let's get to the next step while this is drying Okay so let's start with the eyeliner I'm using a very sharp eyeliner pencil here Now I'm using blackyou could use blue or brown it's up to you, but now again when I put the eyeliner on I want it as close to the eyelashes as possible and instead of just doing a swoopy lineI just want to kind of go in like like dab dab dab So I hope you can see this and because I have the hooded eyes I'm just gonna do a little bit of an upswing here and the same on the other one, but for this application very very important that you've got a sharp pencil because we're trying to do something a little bit more natural You can see that that's hardly there at all and that's exactly what I'm looking for So I still want that primer to dry a little bit so let's start

isn't this a beautiful palette of eyeshadows? I just absolutely love it and I'm going to choose the lavender colors for today, but you can alsothat's great for my complexion, but you could also in this palette use the Browns and the creams and that sort of thingso what I'm going to do is I'm just going to use thisthis lighter shade here and hopefully you can still see this and I'm going to put that on my eyelid and by the way I didn't put any powderor sorry any primer on my eyelid I justI just don't want to do that So I find sometimes it makes the eyeshadow kind of it just doesn't give you a smooth finish that I like, so usually with the primer I'm just sort of doing it up here, but yeah this is real simple I'm puttingwe're going to put a little bit of pink up here as well Pink's a big color for spring and summer as well so that's it that's all I have to do for this So it's concealer time Now the concealer that I useagain it goes with the same foundation and primerit's really a good idea to make sure these all blend well and I'm just going to go a little tad lighter on the concealer then on the than the foundation So I'm just using a brush like this sorryto dab that on, these go on a little too heavy for me that are the applicators with them, so I like to have a little bit more control and what I do is let's start getting rid of all those things that I got hereso first of all the dark circles under my eyes I'm going to dab here and use that wonderful blender my fingers I know some of you might want to use something else but also I'm going up into this purpley part of my eye and I don't know if you guys have got that purpley part, but I sure do and along herealong here into the purpley part and I have someI don't know where these came fromI got some little dark spots there I got a dark spot here that needs fixing upI even have a dark spot here I didn't even notice it for awhile and I thought geez I'm not putting my makeup on right and then all of a sudden I realized that's not my makeup that's some kind of vein that just popped uphis is what happens to you when you get over 50 or over 60 like me

so anyway you can relate a lot of you can't you? Alright soand for the younger people that can'tblemishesthey show up all the time too

Al right so let's justall I'm doing is sort of dabbing these little spots

yeah that's a blemish right there, so I'm just dabbing these little spots and a minute I'm going to cover them all upright here I got some littleI don't know capillarys that broke and let's do those underlines again All right we're pretty well ready for the foundation now Oops getting ahead of myselfno I gotta let the concealer set a little bitso let's get back to those eyes and back to this beautiful palette So what I'm going to do with this palette is I mean this actually comes with a beautiful brush here and I'm using this end of the brush now and I'm going to go with the lighter purple here or lavender whatever you'd like to call it and what I'm going to do is just kind of gomaybe you can just sort of see the swoop that I dojust along like thiscan you see that? Little swoopy out

just along like thisremember my hooded eyes my downturned eyes my droopy eyes, well we want to bring them up and liven them up a little bit so I'm just gonna go a little bit like thatnow I'm gonna leave it like thatno! So I'm just going to go along a little bit more and then I'm just going towhat a great blender these fingers arelike can you see how beautiful that's starting to look? Very very natural and I can control really how much or as little as I want to and if I want to wipe even a little bit off

these thingsfive of themI mean it's just magical All right so we'll go to the next step now Now what I want to do is using an angled brush like this and hopefully you can see thatI want to use the darker lavender or purple and I'm just going to put that in the actual crease above my eyelidso here we go You can see I've got a few little foldscan you see kind of the folds that I have there and I don't want people looking at my folds, so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna color them there folds right in

see how I'm doing that see how these you could see all the kind of wrinkles but this one you can't and now that might look likeoh Heatherthat's too much makeup, but again once I kind of get in there and smooth it down a little bitit looks absolutely lovely

Now I don't want to put an eye liner underneath these eyelashesI'm just going to use the darker Brown here again this angle brush

I don't mix the other brushes I kind of have one for one job another for another job and then I just kind of golike thatlike that and I told you it's a five-minute makeup so I can do that pretty fast Alright so time for the powdered foundation

I'm using a big brush like thisdon't skimp on the brushyou've got to have a real thick brush for this and I just kind of go like this and then I apply the foundation wherever I really want it, so a little bit here this is over that primer that's the mate for it

down here it's really really simple to do thison my cheeks down my nose, it's a very light foundation quick and also something great for the summertime, so underneath my eyesa little hair there fell off this, but also for those spots where you need a little extra yeah I put a little extra over here, just to reallysee how those are covered up nicely

covering that up a little bit under my eyes not too much and there we go I'm ready for my close-up All right not really ready for the close-up yet because I got to put the blush the mascara the lipstick

anyway I found this beautiful blush I just found this and I absolutely love it

When you put your brushI'm using brush like this

again nice thick brush into the blush what happens is it kind of mixes the different colors, so you're not getting just a big pink blob here and you'll see how pretty, see how pretty that is again I just lightly dab itI don't just

lightly lightly dab it and I might find that well you know I need a little bit of color here and but under the chin a little bit and maybe down the neck a bit if it's uh, my neck is really really fair and yep now we're gonna do some contouring So I also for the contouringagain I know I use a different brush but trust me brushes are your friend and you don't want to mix everything

here's a nice contour that I found and this is a drugstore contour as wellso it'syou know you don't have to spend a lot of money always and I'm just going to emphasize in my case my cheekbonesalso they say your neck gets wider as you get older so

not my neck that's my nose, oh your neck probably gets wider too and everything gets wider right? Anyways sojust a little bit of contouring here and there and again underneath here

you've got those little jawols happening which I got something going on there too, but very fresh you know it's so much nicer to wear a natural looking kind of powder foundation because your natural sparkle is coming out Now besides our natural sparkle we can use some help with sparkle Sparkle highlighter Sparkle again I'm using a brush like this and we don't want to overdo it all right we just want to put a little bit of sparkly here a little bit of sparkly up here and maybe a little bit there plus I got another trick that I like to use I use a very fine fine little brush like that put my little sparkle in there and what am I gonna do with this I'm gonna put the sparkle right here so I got the twinkle in my eyes So it's mascara time and I absolutely love this mascara It goes on like a dream so we're going to just do a thin coat to begin with, but you can see how that goes on like a dream and you can also see, maybe if Bill's doing a close up here, you can see that sparkle that I put between my eyes a little bit closer here too and yeah so we're gonna do a little bit here and a little bit under here

not too much don't try to do it all in one shoosh or else you'll get the globby stuff all right on to the next step So to make this a quick makeup application I'm just going to use a very matte lipstick

I found this beautiful pink I absolutely love it and because I'm just putting this on quick I'm just gonna go like this Stays on quite quite a long time – they say eight hours but I guess it depends on what you're eating and then I just use a lip liner like this and quickly outline my lips

So let's put on a little more mascara and I just want to say something else about this mascara It can withstand 90 degree weatherfor me I've used it and I don't get the raccoon eyes or the smudges under the eyes it's absolutely fabulous now mind you if you're going swimming or something like that use the waterproof mascara but and it comes off at night really really quickly as wellso I know it sounds like I'm giving a big plug for it but I've actually used this mascara for many many years and I absolutely love it so I wanted to share that with youalso if you notice here in my eye that eyeliner that I talked about to give the little swoosh if you do have the downturn hooded eyes that really helps to bring the eyes up a little bit more, so I'm just gonna put a little bit more mascara again not kind of clog it on or CLOB it on or whatever that word is, but just a little bit and I'm done

next step

Finishing touchthe brows and I love this little pencil with the spoolie on it cuz I'm just gonna brush those up and I'm just going to

this color is blonde for me and that's all we've got to do, brush them up again and little bit more definition here

there we go and also I found this eyebrow wax and you can actually brush up your eyebrows so they stay put or you can use a clear mascara there we go So add a little statement necklace and if you did see some of my spring and summer fashion tipsI'll put that up there as wellyou know that these statement necklaces they're reallythey're a big deal in are absolutely beautiful for spring and summer and now I got my makeup all on but as you know I usually carry a very small purse so what do I take with me well I don't need to take the mascara because that's solid I don't have to take the foundation all I really have to take is

maybe a little bit of lipstick but also this is an SPF 30 for your lips and what I found was this just goes over top of my lipstick and it's keeping that sun at bay and hey we want to keep our lips nice and supple and smooth so, but then the big thing that I carry and you know this most of you watching my videos is this anti shine cream because sure enough if it's 90 degrees out in the shade I'm going to start melting a little bit so I just put this on here and hey these lights around here they're pretty bright and hot too, so let me just take a little peek here, so you can see I've got a little bit of shine under here and I just kind of go like that and it takes care of the shine and I go like that and it's justwhere is it it's just a wonderful wonderful thing to have in your purse and now you're ready to get out there and enjoy yourself And talking about going out and enjoying myself there's usually another addition I take with myself and that is this little addition little Hurricanehey Hurricane you like to go on your walks don't you? Especially in the summer where there's no snow or anything like that in the spring so and again on the topic of additions

are we keeping you up herethe addition of all of you subscribers, I don't even have the words to say how much this means to Bill and I because you know we started this channel and now we have people in the community helping each other and giving me great ideas and sharing and it's really special it's it's a special community thank you all for being there and if you want to be there and join us there's a button down there somewhere that you can press and come on down and and enjoy being with us we'd love to have you and in the mean

I am keeping him up, sorry about that, in the meantime keep on

enjoy your spring put on that SPF and sunscreen and we'll see you later Everyone's invited to subscribe and join us on our videos