6 Tips for All Natural Makeup for Teens | From Skincare to Base Makeup Tutorial with BB Cream

Hello everyone, I'm Kasper! And as everyone already knows, we have many teenagers who see us on Wishtrend Like all of you, like all of you Y Today I prepare a very good video for the teenagers who see us You start using makeup in adolescence, usually This video is going to be all about foundation Not only is this video appropriate for teenagers but it's also perfect for anyone who wants a good clean canvas So please, keep watching

the truth about teen makeup When you are in adolescence, in fact you are very beautiful just as you are But, You are interested more and more in your appearance So, you usually start to use makeup in your adolescence But like many of you maybe not know the perfect way to take care of your skin and their application methods may be on the weak side when they first start You can see many teenagers with a very dry or innappropriate makeup For example, they can see teenagers using makeup without proper skin care This is very very bad Two, we have teenagers who use the wrong products for their skin type You can see teenagers who use foundation or bb cream Or cushions that are a bit too dark or a little too pale for your skin You can see teenagers that hygiene does not matter much when it comes to the application tools How to use only your hands without first washing them properly or using sponges that do not have been washed before

This is a bit ridiculous but Some people wear makeup with products that They are not makeup products For example, the coloring pencils for the eyebrows or markers like eyeliner and then we have that perfectly apply makeup and they forget to remove it at night when I see these people, I dule, it hurts me deeply then why have we prepared this video for you? It is for the skin that teens have Features from the skin of a teenager As I mentioned earlier in the video where I I talk about adolescent acne When you're in adolescence, you start to have active hormones and this can make your skin very sensitive

Not only It is important to take care of your skin with very good products that work well for you but it is also important that you use Make-up products or products that are very, very Gentiles Second, the perspiration When you are in adolescence you are very active, you are out there a lot of time and you move a lot more So you sweat more and this Put your skin in an environment where it is much more exposed to problems or acne through your pores that have opened by the sweat This is an important period to protect your skin of imperfections that may arise So as I always say in my videos, it's very, very important to prevent these things before they happen Your skin is very weak and sensitive to external factors So it's very important that you take care of your skin If you use strong products that can irritate your skin and if you do not wash it properly you can be more prone to adult acne or other skin problems like wrinkles and darkening and all that kind of problems So it's very important to use good makeup products as well as skin care Rules for an impeccable makeup: To be able to have a base impeccable it is important to exfoliate but the exfoliation can be irritating to the skin sensitive adolescent then it is recommended that you use an exfoliating product that is gentle Usually in adolescence it is better than use products with AHA with large particles and gently remove it as you would apply a facial tonic, and this is a very good way to exfoliate Number 1: After washing your face, Do not completely dry your face and leave your skin wet 2: Apply Mandelic Acid on the cotton three times 3: Apply from the center out gently 4: Concentrate on applying to the areas of your face wherever you want more exfoliation For example, on the tip of the nose, on your forehead and area of ​​your chin If you also want that feeling of carving or Exfoliating material It is also good that you incorporate the exfoliation in your routine of washing of face * product mentioned * this product will be available very soon is a powder to wash your face that contains green tea and has a PH of 5

5 so that you can gently and properly exfoliate your skin It has natural surfactants so that your face does not feel dry after and it has very very good cleaning properties So with just two washes you can remove your makeup How to use: Moisten your face and hands lightly with warm water 2: pon half a teaspoon in the center of your hand 3: activate the powder by rubbing your hands at least 3 times 4: like any other cleaner, wash your face completely 5: concentrate on cleaning the areas where you feel you have dead cells Like on the tip of your nose, your forehead or chin 6: rinse with warm water Hydration! Choose a light moisturizer that gives you a good balance of water and oil The importance of having this good balance is that First, Protect your skin from makeup before you apply it and Second, this balance help for your makeup to be applied best Since you exfoliated and you give up on your dead cells, It is very important that you fill your face with moisture Many of you teenagers believe that only oily skin it produces a lot of sebum but that's wrong, if you keep your face very dry, your body instinctively tries to produce more sebum and more fat to protect your skin Then it is very important to moisturize and moisturize your skin to prevent those excesses of sebum and Y This sebum control is what makes your makeup apply major Just because you want more humidification, does not mean that have to use heavy serums or products that have too much oil It is very important to use products that give you the perfect balance of grease Then, after washing your faces you have to moisturize and hydrate using a facial tonic as the first step and applying a good and light moisturizer to go the way of the perfect makeup base How to do it: After washing your face, with a compressed cotton, apply the first layer of moisturizer using Klairs Supple Preparation Toner Step 2: Add the second layer of moisturizer to your face using a sponge wipe in a gentle way Step 3: If you have dry skin, for an appearance more moisturized and to prevent your makeup from looking paste add another layer of this toner in a serum replenishment Step 4: As a last step, apply Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream on your face For any cream if you do not want your makeup to become little balls, make sure not to apply a very thick layer Tip: Many teenagers make the mistake of applying the cream sharply Using the center of their hands or many fingers but this will irritate your skin and maybe it will not moisten completely skin, so be sure to apply the cream using your fourth finger gently on your face And make sure you wrap your face with your two hands at the end so that your skin completely absorbs the cream Sun protection! It is very important to apply a sunscreen that is not irritating and do not cause you pimples Another common mistake that teenagers make is is that they do not use sun protection I can not stress this anymore guys SPF is so important It is the perfect way to keep your skin healthy and shiny and just generally cute and if you use the right kind of sun protection that has a good texture, can be used as another foundation that helps make your makeup so it's like a situation one plus one that's why our Klairs sun lotion is so popular for teenagers Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream how to apply: After the cream, apply the sun lotion equally all over your face Tip: you can apply it using your clean hands but for a better application and a more natural finish, try to use a sponge Tip: it is good to use as a makeup primer or as a cream for before the makeup Finally we come to the step of makeup to have a good canvas and impeccable makeup, it's very important to do all these steps before but it is also important that you find the right type of product for your skin especially if you use makeup that is very heavy or contains alcohol acrylic, bismuth, oxychloride, and parabens can irritate your skin and cause pimples because they can clog your pores

These harmful chemicals can really irritate the teenage skin and cause discoloration, and acne so it's very important to read all the ingredients in the product This is why we recommend our BB cushion by Klairs and our BB cream for all the teenagers who see us because it contains friendly vegan and gentle ingredients He is gentle to people who have irritated skin so he is very gentle But we have people who may prefer BB creams or a cushion or the people who want to know the difference between a BB cushion and a BB cream or how they apply previously we upload a video describing the difference between the BB cream and the BB cushion If you want to know, go watch the video Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream How to apply: use a wet sponge to apply BB cream properly all over your face Tip: A big mistake that teenagers always make is apply a very pale makeup for your skin compared to his neck Apply on your entire neck too This means that you make sure you clean your neck when you wash your face Also, instead of applying an equal amount all over the face, It's good to concentrate on areas like your forehead, under your eyes your nose, and your chin so that your face looks more dimensional to have a smooth and smooth skin is very important start with a little product and then add more up Not all products can be added layers If you want your makeup to be matte then it is very good that you apply a light BB cream twice cleaning! It is very important that you do all these steps your skin care, makeup and all these gentle products but It is also very very important to remove everything properly recently in our LIVE we have said many types of methods of limpeza depending on your skin type so go and check that LIVE if you are interested Thank you for watching my video about adolescent skin and how to take care of it followed by makeup base If you liked this video please subscribe, press LIKE and comment below about ideas for future videos that you would like me to do I'll see you later and we'll talk next time !!