6 Ways You’re Doing No-Makeup Makeup Wrong

can you clean this mm-hmm it's good hi guys welcome back to my channel today we are shooting from our new design office I'm so excited if you are new to the channel welcome you can subscribe and press the bell and if you are a returning subscriber thank you for the support I love you guys today we are doing something really fun today we are talking about six ways that you're doing the no makeup makeup wrong you guys know that I love the whole natural embracing your flaws type of look but you know a little help always goes a long way and it actually takes some time to master the perfect no makeup makeup look so first of all I wanted to say huge thank you to knit by nature for partnering up with me for this video you guys know that I've been using nude by nature for a while now and feature them in quite a bit of my videos because some of these are literally my staples you've by nature is actually Australia's number one mineral makeup brand and it's now available in Canada so for all my Canadian babes if you're looking for the products you can find them at Chocolat chaud Mart at a chopper shop might see a and more information at news by nature dot C I'm gonna link all of it in the description box let's get right into the tips that make sure that you're gonna master that will make a makeup look so tip number one is you are not focusing enough on your skin so skin is really the most important base to this look you want to make sure that you prime it you hydrate it properly use your rosewater to get that glow that's the best base for the no makeup makeup look mistake number two that you probably do is you're covering way too much so a lot of us probably went through different stages in their lives where we put so much coverage on I know I did I used to literally spend ten minutes I'm just putting my foundation on and slowly but surely it took me some time to get used to showing more of my flaws and embrace my natural look so freckles and you got a spot that I tried so hard to cover i started embracing them and finding ways to really use products that don't feel cakey but still cover enough to make me feel comfortable I am using the sheer glow BB cream here from nude by Nature and these products are all made with 100% natural derived ingredients and there are no synthetic ingredients or preservatives in them and then we're gonna move to our concealers so again with the concealer so many girls that I see are using so much of it and the trick is really finding the one that works for you for me because right now I'm a new mom stage with my third baby hey Maxie I like to use a little bit more of a pinkish shade before I apply my light shade on so this is just to balance out the dark circles of the no-sleep that I'm going through right now and then I'll use the perfecting concealer to top it off and to really balance those dark circles and make it look fresh and light under my eyes I'll also use the perfecting concealer to put on any spots that are bothering me when you're choosing concealers make sure to choose something that is light and it's hydrating there's a lot of them on the market that dry up and actually make your eye area feels dehydrated and look dehydrated we want to avoid that so this concealer is my go-to to make sure that it has the right amount of hydration and coverage tip number three is something that I've been doing for a while now and I mention it and my models beauty secrets you guys can watch it if you get in and it's actually swapping your black mascara for brown mascara so when you go out in the evening it's so wonderful you put your black mascara on it really gives you that extra oomph but when you want to reach for the more natural look that make it seem like you didn't even try that hard Brown mascara is the way to go so this is the allure defining mascara from you by Nature in Brown this is the perfect way to make your eyes pop but still look like these are just your natural lashes tip number four is using a beautiful color that is the closest to your lip tone to put on your lips for a little pop and on your cheeks I love using the same color for my cheeks and let something natural something that kind of flows together and doesn't look like I've been sitting and choosing from different pallets and this is actually my new favorite color this is at the creamy matte lipstick in rose quartz and this color is kind of nude Akana Rosie very close to my original lip color and just gives that little pop of lightness to the face without distracting too much you know your girl loves a multi-purpose product so I might even use it as an eyeshadow tip number six is your eyebrows are too perfect there is such a thing a defined brow is a great way to make a dramatic look pop more but if you are interested in you know doing your makeup for work or for daytime activities you want to make sure that you really go soft on the brows but the communica I use that are like it's really cold feathering and basically what you do is just little strokes on your brows to make them feel fluffy and very light and no harsh lines you want to brush them up and kind of give that well she Brooke Shields look even if you have small little eyebrows like mine actually you want to make sure that your highlighter is not too sparkly for a night look sparkly it's awesome if you want to go out there with a bang sparkle it's great but during the day you really want to go for more doing this unless sparkly unicorn so here I'm using the nude by Nature highlight stick and champagne and this is a beautiful example of a dewy highlighter that just feels like you're sweating in all the right places and the sunshine knows where to hit your face so this is it you guys this is my ways of mastering the no makeup makeup look with nude by Nature all the products that I've used are all cruelty free PETA certified and clean so you guys don't have to sacrifice your health to look beautiful naturally I'm gonna mention all the shades and all the colors that are used in the description box and link to the website if you guys are interested and this is it do you guys have any tricks that you use to make that subtle beauty shine from within but also from the outside because it has to be a balance thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time