7 Most Useful MAKEUP TIPS & TRICKS For Beginners

Hello everybody This is Champagne J

Im going today to share with you some makeup tips When testing for an institution, you should test on the jaw line If you test larger The area located on the jaw line gets a better foundation The purpose of the primer is the specific purpose Who will use the base coat under your nail polish It makes it last longer and so when you Apply your primer first and then you put it in your foundation, your foundation and the rest Your makeup will last longer

To make your mascara last longer you can add A few drops of glycerol in it To make your lipstick last longer you can Use a specific lip to draw your lip line at the same time you fill it in with Pen lips then put your lipstick across For the winged lining you have to keep exercising Practice makes perfect But again we have a maskkin tape that can actually help us

Just cut a small part and stick it to the side of the eye Take a look at the mirror Make sure that the tape is a knife; it is both sides, you take your eyeliner, and draw Following the tilt on the masked tape So you can do this for both sides and you take Strip off your mask You just have to make sure before you put the tape on your mask, you'll You should stick on your hand a little so that when you do not later remove it painful Contouring and highlighting is all rave right Now

You dont have to buy conturi powder in to say What you can do is to cantory You can buy powders that it does 3 dark shades of your skin color and to highlight the You can buy powders that are probably about 1 or 2 shades lighter than the same color as your skin You must do the job In fact the name suggests everything Loose pigments The more pigmented the more color you know the more density compared to the compressed eyelid

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