A Full Face Of Autumn Makeup And New Beauty Releases | Lucy Moon

– So just a disclaimer, just before I sat down to start this video, all of my PMS kicked in and I got so, so lethargic so I'm currently feeling like level zero I'm so sorry if this is a little bit low energy but hello, welcome back to my channel

I love autumn I don't know what it is about this time of year but something about it just makes me so warm inside so I wanted to do an autumn makeup look, something like quite neutral but you know, a little bit like warming and I though you know what, why don't I use products that I've recently got a hold of or I haven't tried before Quite a few of these products were gifted to me and they're new launches and a couple I just purchased myself, you know, I like to try new stuff I feel a little bit low down but hopefully it's fine, no you know what, I'm gonna move it quickly Okay that's a bit better, isn't it? Also, do you like my tee shirt? It's from Oliver and Frank

It says be kind to your mind I'll link it in the description because I just love it So we're gonna start with a lip balm I've not yet tried it It is called papaya lips, paw paw with calendula, soothe and hydrate 100 percent natural

I should mention as part, all of these brands are cruelty free and they'll be links in the description where you can find them So lets put on this lip balm Oh, it comes out this really nice like creamy texture, very different to normal lip balms That's a really nice texture Let's start with primer

Today we are using the Bare Minerals complexion rescue defense radiant tint protective moisturizer It's a little bit of a mouthful It's in the color, soft radiant And basically they sent me a really interesting press release with this It's a kind of UV, oh wow, I've used a bit too much of this

It's kind of like a sun cream in that sense like it's resistant to sun Good words but also resistant to blue light, which is what is in our laptops and phones I thought that was super cool because to be honest, those are the lights where you're exposed to quite a lot, especially here in England So it's SPF 30 and then PA plus, plus, plus I don't know what that means but I was using it on holiday and I really liked it

Next, I need some coverage on my face so I'm gonna try the all in one BB cream from the Body Shop This isn't new but I hear good things about it Color adapting tinted cream I actually just realized I don't have a new concealer to show you here so I'm just gonna have to run off and conceal after I've done this So because I was on holiday, I think my skin tone has changed ever so slightly

I'm a little bit darker than I was, which is nice Oh wow, that's coming out really, really white Doesn't say how to apply it I'm gonna get a brush Okay, that is just like white

Is that meant to be this color? I'm just gonna conceal and then I'll come back Okay so what I did was I mixed the BB cream with a bit of my the ordinary serum foundation I actually really like the result I think it's just light enough for me, added a little bit of my milk makeup concealer, which I am getting dregs out of, my goodness have I used that up but yeah You're offered like a nice, lighter coverage when paired with something else but I don't think I'd use it on its own

Okay now I move on to bronzer SO we're gonna try the Make bronzing break in joshua tree So Make recently launched in the UK I actually have tried them before I am a massive lover of their jude pots, which is a highlighting pot, it's a really natural neutralish highlight but it like offers a real nice radiance so I really like that product

They sent me a couple more to try so yeah, let's get on and do this guy It doesn't have a mirror in it, which I quite like Rub my brush in this Oh my God, that comes off strong Also this is the new Real Techniques instapot brush

I think it's for that hollowing out your contour so I guess I'll do that with this Okay, I've gone for a very light hand, just trying to go really lightly into my contour area and then up a little bit This is actually a really good brush for precision It's a little bit orange for me, I'm not gonna lie It's nice though

I put a little bit across the front of my nose Just to highlight my nose tan Yeah Okay so it isn't as good as my Urban Decay beach bronzer but it is quite nice I would usually bronze my forehead as well but it has actually caught the sun quite a lot while I was away

I don't wanna overdo it Okay following on from that is one of the more exciting products to me at least, which is the stealer, heaven's dew all over glimmer, which oh my God, I went to a studio event and they let me try this and I was just like oh, so good It looks quite similar in finish to Rihanna's new birthday highlight thing that she just released But yeah, interesting thing about it is it's like a cream to powder feeling so it feels unbelievable, I'm just gonna put a bit on my finger and dab it onto my cheeks It's very glittery

Oh my goodness that's so glittery I think this would be really nice at Christmas or New Years or as a Christmas present to someone 'cause it's kinda like a bit glamorous, a bit glitzy but it's also not like, I don't know, you can wear it the rest of the year just it's very glittery Now let's move onto brows The other day I went and bought this NYX like eyebrow mascara, is that even the right word? Because I am doing some research into like high street products, like beauty products so I can do a whole high street cruelty free face, which is long because most brands in the UK that are cruelty free are not in the high street so I've been trying this out and I've only tried it once so let's do it again I'm currently growing my brows out as well just to see if I can

You probably shouldn't do stuff like that when you're on YouTube and you're being like filmed a lot and photos taken of you a lot, in case it goes wrong but you know I thought it was worth giving a go so that's why my brows are a lot fuller than normal and also why I think it will be quite nice to just use a, what's this called, brow mascara today This was recommended to me by lots of people, which is why I bought it but I don't think it's giving especially good coverage It is adding some color but it doesn't really feel like it's thickening, however, it's got quite a light weight texture so it doesn't really feel like your brows are being stuck by something So if you're into like low key brow stuff I do quite like it, definitely a decent dupe for glossier's boy brow

It definitely isn't the same but for the price point, it is not bad Look how bushy my brows are, God, love it Okay we're moving onto something quite exciting, which is this Origin palette from Beauty Bay Beauty Bay have just launched this 42 color palette I have opened it but haven't actually opened the palette itself yet so I think they're launching this to compete with kind of like the BH and the morph palettes or Morphy, I don't know how to say it but it's a big color palette, it's I can't remember what price it is on launch but it's not too expensive at all and it comes with 42 shades

I know the Origin palette is the kind of neutral, warm neutral side of things then there's another palette that's a bit more bold and then another palette that's like really bold and experimental Okay, so this is the range of shades you have here This is quite atomonal you know, this is quite nice I love a good butterscotch color so I'm kind of attracted to these ones around here I personally wouldn't wear a lot of these shimmer shades or to many of these darker shades

What's nice about this palette is it does allow for a bit of experimentation so if you're new to makeup or and you're kind of looking to like play with colors, play with different things that might suite you but you don't wanna you know, go all out, this might be a really good kind of middle ground palette for you The mattes swatch super, super well Oh my goodness right, sorry, this is quite overwhelming actually I'm gonna try putting together these two right here in the number three length So they seem to be offering like a bright shimmer and a more natural shimmer or like a dark shimmer and a natural shimmer

Oh it's a highlight, oh I see, sorry, I just got it So there's a base, the base layer, transitional layer, crease layer, liner, pop and highlight Again, that would make it so good for people who are new to eye makeup So to apply my shadows, I'm gonna try these two new Instant pot brush again, from Real Techniques This bigger one is the shade brush and this smaller one is the crease brush

Okay, so I'm gonna go for row three So currently doing the base I mean you can't get that much done with this flat brush It'd be great for packing on color but it's not ideal for like blending This shade is very, very orange on me

It looked like it'd be much like warmer in the palette, it feels like a kind of cool peach I love a good subtle eye This doesn't feel like all that subtle So I've quite sunken in eyes so I'll go very easy on the crease shade Oh my goodness

Look at how strong that is on me I shouldn't have really moved this as closer This brush is much better There is way, way too much color This is so much warmer than I was expecting

I'm gonna move this slightly closer so you can actually see what's going on It's not bad by any means but it is dark for me and these are the two lightest colors on this row So it's this row in number three, I've just used the top two and they came out quite dark on me and this is me with a tan Right then, let's do an inner highlight Yeah I think, I think this guy, the bottom of the three range is best

Do you see that I got highlight on my inner corner there? I don't think that's that visible Maybe it needs to be, when applied with a finger, it does work a bit better I wish my eyes were a better shape for this kind of makeup Okay now I'm moving onto a new mascara This is from the Body Shop

It's just their super volume mascara so I don't think it's new but it's new to me I would usually curl my eyelashes before I put on mascara but I currently have a lash lift So basically my eyelashes have been permed upwards, it's quite exciting for me, I do quite like it but yeah, this will last for another two or three weeks I think Let's try this mascara Oh I've printed it, great, I'm not gonna wipe away loads of the makeup I did

So far I'm not mad keen on this stuff Okay, I don't think this mascara really works with my lashes It could be the brush, it could be the mascara but makes everything look quite clumpy It's probably just me though, I have a very like funky kind of lash texture Yeah, it kind of like adds fibers that make my lashes go like lots of different directions, which isn't that helpful

Such a shame as I love, love, love the Body Shop skin care Yeah it's like a stickier formula so if you're into that, then it would really work for you But for my lashes, it just isn't quite right Okay, this is where we're at so far We are going to do one final thing, which is lips

I really don't mind this makeup actually in hindsight I quite like these shades So for lips, we are trying out a brand called Meener These guys sent me their lipsticks They sent me like a whole bunch of them and I haven't yet tried them so to start with we have the lip primer, which I'll put on now

It comes in this little tube and then you squeeze it out but a lot comes out I'm just one of those people that rubs the excess onto my hands Makes your lips like a pink color And then we're choosing between 501 and 505 I did learn the other day these colors in the packets are not that similar to the colors in the lipsticks so let's get them out and have a look

This color is 505, okay that comes out like a real pinky mauve and this color is 501, oh wow, no way, no, no, no, not a color for me So we're going to go with 505, which I love because I like the mauve so We also have a very similar lip liner This one's in 504 This lip liner's very stiff

This is a much brighter color than I'd been expecting This is not very good for filling the lips but it's quite good for lining the lips See I find a lot of lip liners that I love, especially at like budget prices so it takes a lot to compete That's my lips lined, it's a bit patchy so I did actually try this little brush end out the other day and it's very, very stiff so I won't be using it today I'm just gonna apply this stuff here

Oh my God, this is a complete different color to the lip liner I've created a really odd hybrid color I do quite like the color it's come out as It also applied super evenly so fair place Meener I quite like that, you know? I do quite like that

Okay, I think I'm all done So this is the finished look I think I'd either wear the eyes or the lips, I wouldn't wear them together normally so for me the stand out product was the lip balm I loved this I also really liked the Make bronzer and I actually really love the Real Techniques instant pot crease brush

So that was my face, all done and all tominal, I feel lovely Maybe I'll make myself a hot chocolate IT's actually pulled me quite a lot out of my PMS as well, which is fab So thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it

If you get the chance, if you could go and check out my new podcast called, The Sunday Social, I would love you forever and yeah, thank you so much I will see you in my next video