AndBloom heart talk with Esther

AndBloom heart talk with Esther

Today my first video heart talk for AndBloom.

A year and a half ago, the concept of AndBloom began to take shape in my mind. I wanted to portray women over 40 and up with the same approach as I had taken my fashion and beauty photos for many years before. The idea behind this concept is to bring back more beautiful natural aging women in de the media. A target group that we see far too little, in my opinion, in the current media.

Through professional makeup, hair styling, fashion styling, and photography, I want to show that you can take beautiful photos of older women, the same way you portray younger women, models or celebrities.

This approach means that I can never create the portraits that I want to take by myself. I am always dependent on a team of professionals. But thanks to this decision, the investment and the time it took and takes to realize this amazing project, I am blessed with fantastic people around me that support my vision. I connected with so many amazing women already and this beautiful project seems to inspire so many women worldwide.

When shaping the idea of this project in my mind, “heart talk” was also on my wish-list, video conversations with inspiring women. We talk about being a woman in our youth-obsessed society and how we deal with aging. Finally, I stepped out of my comfort zone a few days ago and dragged the beautiful Esther van Maanen in front of the camera.

Today my first “heart talk” video, I hope you like this video and have a wonderful Sunday.