ANGEL AND DEVIL MAKEUP TUTORIALS!!! bestie costumes frfr?

Hello, my people Hey guys, it's Annika

Welcome to my channika So today I'm going to be doing another Halloween video I hope that I have time to do at least two more of these, because I've only done two! But today, I'm going to be doing two looks in one video I'm going to be doing an angel and a devil look for y'all So if you and your friend are going as an angel and a devil

Or if you're going as an angel for one party, and then a devil to another? I don't know Or you could even do half-and-half, if you wanted to I know that James Charles did that But yeah This is a video, and I hope that you like it

It's voice over, but I hope that you like it because I think that it was a good voiceover So You can s– my d– on that one

I love you guys So, first, what I'm gonna do, is I'm going to prime my eyelids with the Tarte Shape Tape You can just use whatever concealer you have And I'm blending it out with my finger And I'm not gonna set it with powder, just because I want the eyeshadow to go on top of the white concealer

I'm taking the shade "Prick" in the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette, and I'm putting that everywhere as a transition shade And yeah, I was watching Hulu, and so my eyes were wandering

But, yeah And then I took the shade "Cherry Soda" on a more defined crease brush And I was trying to get right up in there [whispering] That's what she said I think

I don't know And I'm winging it out [laughs] And then I'm taking "Intravenous," and I'm doing that even more in the crease, just to deepen it up But I don't want to do too much, because I don't want it to be "brown" brown I just want it to be red-brown

It just needed some more depth So that's why I'm doing that And then I went back out and I blended it And then I am doing a cut crease, as always You know how it be

I always do that In my next look, I do a half-cut crease, so [laughs] You're welcome, guys

I know you subscribe for unique creative content And then I'm taking the shade "Glucose" to set that Now I'm priming my face with the Too Faced Hangover Primer And I'm using the Tarte Shape Tape to conceal Again, I'm not using foundation because I don't f– with that

Okay And then I'm setting it with a loose powder And now I'm using the NYX Red Vivid Brights Eyeliner, and I'm doing a devil's tail kind of thing So, you don't want to do a straight wing I kind of did a wiggly wing so it would look like it was moving

I don't know if that really came across, because there's only one wave in it, but That's what I was doing And I didn't want to line all the way to the inside of my inner corner, because I felt like that would look weird

So I just kind of stopped halfway through my eye, and faded out Now I'm taking "Prick" on my lower lash line I'm smoking that out a lot And then I'm taking "Cherry Soda" and "Intervenous" on a really defined brush And I'm going really close to my waterline with that

And then I'm doing my eyebrows with the Anastasia Brow Wiz I never do my eyebrows on camera This is like this is new And then, I'm setting it with the Clear Brow Gel Oh I put on lashes off camera That was not very obvious

But I used the Tarte Tarteist Lashes in the style "Flirt" Just because they're really natural, and I didn't want to cover up too much of the makeup

Now I'm using the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer Is the microphone too close to me? I'm sorry And then I used the Milani Day Glow Highlighter [sing-song voice] Just highlighted with that [laughs] Eww

That was so gross And then I'm using the Jeffree Star Lip Scrub And I used "Cherry Soda" I thought it was fitting, and it's also the only one I have So, yeah

I also eat that ho a lot She's really good And that's the tea Eww! [laughs] That's so gross! Eww And then I lined my lips with a NYX Red Lip Liner

I don't know what the shade is And then I used the Too Faced "Lady Balls" Liquid Lipstick, which is one of my favorite red liquid lipsticks It doesn't get crusty at all It's so nice I decided that I wanted to do horns, but I didn't know

Should I do horns? But I did actually film a whole intro without them I had to redo it But I just used the NYX Red Vivid Brights Eyeliner, and I colored them in But, yeah This is the final look

I hope that you guys enjoyed this devil look And now we're gonna move on to the angel look

[whispering] I'm back I thought I would do an AMSR for this one [laughs] Just kidding I'm wearing Haley Morales merch But

I took the Shart Tape [laughs] the Shart Tape! [sing-song-y] a-gain

And I primed my eyelids Eww That was gross I'm using tape for this one I don't really know why

But I'm using the Blood Sugar again I'm taking that shade I don't know what it's called I should get the palette Hang on

So I ended up taking the shade "Cake Mix" That's what it's called And that is gross Eww And I just

you know put that in my crease as a transition shade And then I took the shade "Ouch" on a more precise brush Wow Are you seeing a theme here? I don't know how to do makeup I only know how to do one kind of look

[laughing] Just with different colors! And then I took the shade "Intravenous" again And I didn't really put this throughout the whole crease I just did it in the outer corner And, yeah I was on FaceTime with Cori

I kept trying to hang up, but she wouldn't hang up I was like, "Okay" And she was like, "Yeah " So I'm like, "Okay Love you!" And she was like, "But " [laughing] And it was like, "Okay

" And then I was taking this Urban Decay White Liner in the shade "Bump" I don't really love that name, but it's a really good white liner It's actually really liquidy, so Ugh I'm talking so much! But I did three lines, to kind of mimic angel wings But it was so liquidy that when I I pulled the tape off too early, and it just got everywhere So I used a q-tip to clean it up But I would suggest that if you use this liner, wait a little bit for it to dry And I did the same thing on the other side And the same thing happened

So then, I just used a concealer, and I forgot to do it before I did the eyeliner You should probably do it before you do the eyeliner And I just did a half-cut crease It worked out fine, because I didn't bring the white all the way inside And then I set it with the "Glucose" shade

And then I'm taking "Intravenous," I think Or maybe it was "Ouch" I don't know And I'm just blending the pinks together And I'm taking an Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner — the white-ish one — and I'm lining the half-cut crease with that, stopping halfway through

And I'm letting that dry Then I used the Huda Beauty Primer I primed my face with that, obviously Oh! It smelled weird I was like, "It smells like something really familiar

" It smells like a Sears or something? I don't even know So I used the Born This Way concealer It's kind of not my shade, but it's fine I thought that I should use something different, because I just used the Tarte Shape Tape And I blended that out

Wow What a creative concept Oh, it takes me for f-ing ever This is a time-lapse Like, what? Oh my god! More concealer! Okay

And then I set it with a loose powder I really wanted to make sure it was all in there, because I put on a lot of concealer And wiping that off Doing something ugly, as always Eww Taking the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer again because my Butter Bronzer broke So I just don't even know what to do anymore

So I've been using this It's a little much It's a little dark I'm not gonna lie It's definitely not the Butter Bronzer, but

It's what we're working with And then I put on lashes I used the Lilly Lashes "Miami," I'm pretty sure

I need I'm sorry, I know I'm using the non-cruelty free ones, because Rachael did give them to me But I want to get

They came out with faux fur ones, and I want to get those Because, like, yes! So I just did the lower lash line with the same colors, the same kind of concept And now I'm pinning my hair back so I can do a little halo

So I took the "Bump" eyeliner, and I drew a circle But not a full circle, because you want it to have that kind of dimension And then I took a yellow eyeshadow, and I just packed that around I suppose you could have just used a yellow eyeliner, but I wanted it to have a glow about it And I feel like it did with the yellow eyeshadow

And then I put some of that white Urban Decay Glitter Liner on top, just to make it sparkle And I did some of it in my inner corner, too So I'm using a really peachy blush, this Too Faced Love Flush Blush And I put a little bit on my nose, too And then I'm using Jeffree Star Princess Cut, because I feel like angels would be glowing for the gods

Like, they have to, right? I feel like they can't not So I just got my glowiest highlighter

And then I put on the new Fenty Gloss Bomb It's really pretty I don't like it as much as the other one, but I still like it And this is the final look I really had fun making this video

I'm sorry that I haven't been making a lot of videos, but I love y'all And s– my d– [laughs] I'm gonna film an actual outro Hang on Thank you guys so much for watching

I had a lot of fun making these looks And I hate myself that I just haven't been doing more I'm trying to get my s– together, y'all I'm this close to dropping out of school, and I'm not gonna drop out of YouTube, too It's just

it's not gonna happen I gotta keep going with it But I love you guys so much

Please comment, rate, subscribe, and keep on being an angel or a devil You do you!