Are these the BEST CONCEALERS For Women Over 40?

– I wanted to share with you some of the best concealers for women over 40 because it is hard sometimes to find the right concealer I find it hard sometimes because they're either too dry or they're too moisturizing, too dewy, sometimes they crease too much under the eyes, especially in the fine lines and wrinkles

Or sometimes they don't have enough coverage, so I've gone through a lot of concealers and I wanted to share with you some of the best ones that I feel like they're the best I got a few here, I have about, one, two, three, four I have about 10 concealers here, and I wanna kind of go over it without making this video long, but it may be long, so, let's just see what happens

First one is my ride or die concealer, and it's the Shape Tape Concealer by Tarte This is really good because it doesn't crease under the eyes, it doesn't move, it stays on for hours and hours, even after you've been through, I don't know, if you've been working all day for 12 hours, I have found this concealer stays on really well It covers almost your full coverage I mean, I would say full coverage, definitely a full coverage And this does not make your under eyes dry, it's not too oily, it doesn't get too oily where you have to set it a lot, you don't even have to set it that much, you could just powder it so ever slightly

If you're very oily-skinned, I would powder it just a little bit, but, if you have dry skin like I do, I sometimes don't set this under my eyes, I don't have to So, it depends on your skin, and how oily you are, but this is a definitely one of the best out there It retails for $24, I think, I believe I wear the color light-medium This is one of the best ones, all right, let's move on

Next one is the IT Cosmetics Illuminating Concealer Now this is the other concealer, the first one was, it has a black, is a black tube This one is more dry, it doesn't feel as, as dewy at all, it doesn't have any anything dewy about it, but, it does illuminate under the eyes So if you're looking for something that, do you see that? You see that? Oh my gosh, that's really nice And it doesn't, it doesn't settle into the fine lines

It's very nice, the only thing I would say about this if you are, your skin is super dry, like there are times in the month where my skin gets really dry, even, even I moisturize every night, everyday, put under eye cream Sometimes, this tends to be a little bit on the drier side under my eyes But for the most part, especially in the summertime when it's hotter outside, this is a really good concealer I don't have to set it too much, it doesn't get cakey under the eyes, it doesn't settle into the fine lines and it actually does a great job covering the under eye darkness I really recommend this for, even if you're, especially if you're oily-skinned this is a really nice one, you will find that this will really work for you

And if it doesn't, you can come kick my butt, just kidding (laughing) This has been been my favorite drugstore for a long, long time, and this is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer I like the shade 20 and this one, I use it to even highlight under my eyes, 'cause it has that yellow undertone to it I don't really use this for correcting under my eyes 'cause sometimes, ooh, there's some stuff on my hand I don't use this for correcting because yellow is not the color for correcting under eyes, I usually correct with a peach color concealer before I put this on top, this I use for highligting or sometimes if I'm just going out to just run errands but I don't wanna do too much with my makeup, I just wanna put a little bit of, brighten under my eyes little bit, I use this

It's runnier consistency, but it covers really well It's not thick, it doesn't make your under eye too greasy, it doesn't make your, it doesn't into fine lines and pores, but you do have to set it a little bit for this one It can settle into the fine lines over time, after maybe half hour or so, so, you may wanna set it right away, and always set your concealer right away If you get any creasing, just tap your fingers under, right like this, and make sure that the creasing is gone before you powder on top of it so you don't end up with a permanent crease under the eyes This one, the Mally Concealer, I don't know why no one is really talking about this

They are one of the best concealers in my opinion I feel like they are very thin, but they have full coverage But this is a lighter color, it's not my shade Actually, I do have a medium color somewhere, I can't find it right now, but you see how thick this is? It doesn't, it does a really good job covering the under eye circles It's really good, it's not too, it's a little bit tacky, but it does dry, dry into a less tacky formula and I feel like I do set it with a powder, just a touch

I don't bake under my eyes for obvious reasons, because baking really makes your under eyes really look dry and it brings out more wrinkles, fine lines and wrinkles and who wants that? So, I never bake, I only dust powder, light powder under my eyes and this a is great formula, it's already drying out, do you see it's not, it's already not tacky, so (inhaling and sighing) I don't know why people don't talk about this This is a really good concealer, it is called Mally Ultimate Performance See The Light Concealer

It brightens, it's really nice If you haven't tried this, you really should try it It's a really good concealer and I feel like more people should talk about it This is another one of the concealers that I feel like is best for, for us ladies (laughing) This one is by Make Up For Ever, it's the Ultra HD, Ultra HD Concealer

I have two colors, one is in shade, which they never have shade names, they always have numbers, but this one is R40 R, I believe it stands for red and then Y31 which is the yellow Now the R is great, I use it for color correcting, I use this one, this is the kinda color I use for color correcting most of the times Now, you see how much of a peach tone that is? So, if I put this under my eyes and walk out like this, people would think I'm crazy, so, I don't do that And once it dries, and I, you know, sheer it out and make sure that it just covers right under my eyes where I have darker area right here, then I go over it with the lighter one which is the, or any light, yellow tone concealer, it doesn't have to be this HD but I go like this, I cover and I put that on top so it brightens, I put a lot right now, but

And then, once you use a beauty blender, it becomes so pretty, I just put a lot, okay? This is (laughing) so much But you see how much brighter it got and it just works really nicely under the eyes They're very sheer, but they cover everything

As you could see, it already dried out into a powder kind of consistency, I don't It doesn't feel oily, it doesn't feel too tacky, but it's tacky enough that when you powder it lightly, it just stays on for a long time It's a very good quality concealer

If you are looking into getting HD concealers, look into this, this is really good Another one I really enjoy is this one, and then you can see by the looks of it, I'm almost out And this one is the IT Cosmetics one This one is the double-sided one One side of it is Bye Bye Under Eye, the other side of it is a brightener

And Hello Light Brightener And this one is really good because if you are looking for something, a concealer that will cover your under eye dark circles, and then you wanna brighten, this is a great one because first you can do it with the Bye Bye Under Eye, you can cover it up like this Right, cover up the under eye circle, and then when it dries a little bit, just a tiny bit, then go in with a brightener, right under, and cover that like so, and that has that yellow tone It does stay kinda moist, you see it's already still not dried out enough, so you do have to set it because it will, it will crease under the eyes I think

I, for me, personally, I have used the brightener side of it a little bit more than the Bye Bye Under Eye So in my opinion, it's a really great concealer because you get two for one Maybelline Better Skin Concealer

Now this one is more of a medium kind of coverage, so it's not something if you have very dark under eye circles, you have to pair this up with something else because by itself it won't cover everything Even though it says that it does Camouflage, I feel like it doesn't really But, the consistency of it is really nice, it's a little bit on a waterier kind of, kind of concealer It blends very nicely, it gives you medium coverage if you're not looking for the fullest, fullest coverage

As you could see, you could see it's already not very, very full coverage But, it doesn't crease too much under the eyes and it's very lightweight if you are looking for something drugstore kind of concealer, but These two actually, these two from Maybelline, are both good

I would say this would be my number one, and this would be, you know, number two (laughing) Now this one is bare minimal, (laughing) bare minimal No, bare minimal, bare minimal again! This is bareMinerals bareSkin Concealer This, I would say, is the same kind of medium coverage It's much runnier than a lot of the other concealers I have tried

It's a lot, lot more cover, runny Somebody recommended to buy this for under the eyes for mature skin and so I thought okay, I'm gonna go try it and see, test it for myself, see if it works It dries very quickly, it dries really quickly, I mean, just when I put it on right now, it's totally dry It does have a medium coverage which I like fuller coverage because I do have a little bit of discoloration under my eyes, especially depending on if I don't sleep the night before, I need even more coverage, so, if you want to use this and you have dark circles under your eyes, you want to definitely color correct before you put this on I feel like it's very lightweight so you could use it on a daily basis if you're going to work and you don't wanna look like you have a ton of coverage under your eyes, this is a nice one

It doesn't set into, settle into the fine lines and the wrinkles, at least for me it didn't But I do set it lightly with a powder I try to do that most of the times, if I feel like I need If I see a little bit of creasing in this deeper wrinkles right here, I do set it right away But A lot of the ones I that shared with you, like this one from IT Cosmetics, this Mally one, and the Tarte Shape Tape, they don't have to be set as much with a powder

So that's good because if you set your under eyes too much with a powder, what do you get? More wrinkles, drier under eyes, and who needs that? We don't need (laughing) anymore dryness, no way So I hope that you like this video, these were at least my best and top concealers for over 40 If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up If you've used some of these concealers, let me know in the comments below which one was your favorite or is your favorite, and if you are going to try any of them that I mentioned here that you have never tried before, let me know too Thanks so much for watching, I hope that you found this video helpful

If you haven't yet, please subscribe to my channel I upload weekly, and I'll see you in my next video, bye! (high-pitch tone) Gosh, this is so embarrassing! Oh my God, I have (tongue smacking) lipstick (tongue smacking) all over my teeth! Now I'm paranoid, all right