ASMR~ Reviewing CopyCat Beauty Makeup – Danielle Bregoli’s Endorsed Makeup!

ASMR~ Reviewing CopyCat Beauty Makeup – Danielle Bregoli’s Endorsed Makeup!

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Thank you CopyCat Beauty for sending me tons of your makeup! ❤️? Follow them on IG: @copycatbeauty and visit their website:

Want to buy something from their page? Click this link ➡️

The lipstick, lipgloss, and lip stain are INCREDIBLE


Lipsticks from CCB are $2.99 and they are compared to Mac lipsticks ( $18.50 )

Lipsglosses from CCB are $3.99 and they’re compared to the Anastasia Beverley Hills lipglosses ($16.99)

The CCB Lip Stains ($3.99)
The comparison for the lip stains is not on the website
But they originally costed (18.99$ )

I haven’t tried the GEL LINER but I have no doubts that will like it!
It is only three dollars and ninty nine cents!!!!

It is compared to the Tarte clay pot waterproof shadow eye liner which costs TWENTY ONE DOLLARS


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