basic witch • autumn makeup tutorial • beauty marks

Hello everyone, I am Anzu! And today I am with a simple witch makeup It was a warming up for Halloween, but it was also a make-up suitable for those who do not want to do heavy makeup on Halloween

But I'll be doing SFX make-ups in the coming days! Here are some links to products and accessories I use in the video We will start by applying a base to our skin, For this I will use the Benefit's Porefessional base This is a nice product especially for those with large pores I found that the foundation looks smoother when I use a base I will use this cushion product from Beauty People as a foundation

Cushion is a product that is not a heavy weight foundation Now I'm taking this stick fondoten of A'pieu, this is actually a product used as a foundation, but because the color is a little more open I will use it as a concealer I get this transparent powder from Lunatick Cosmetics, In some places on my face I will fix it with this product because the foundation is full of lines I'm getting NYX's Full Throttle palette for my eyes, I'll start using this orange tone I'm spreading it all over the eyelid

If you think you have too much, you can soften the outside with transparent powder I realized I forgot to draw my eyebrows before I started with the eyes, I will continue to fill them immediately Continue to eye makeup, I keep taking the Ultimate Warm Rust palette I'il start with the burgundy tone I showed, then I'll go back to the brown I've marked again I start by distributing the billboard from the outside of my eye

And finally, I'm gonna go back to the coffee and repeat the same stage As before, if you think the outer parts are too hard, you can soften them with transparent powder I'm gonna use these two colors for under eye, I'm going to start with orange and mix with the other color At this stage, I get Fenty's Trophy Wife illuminator, I apply the inner part of my eyelid with my finger Now I get NYX's white Jumbo eye pen, I'm illuminating the bottom part of my eye with that

Then I cross over again with the Fenty illuminator I did my Eyeliner when the camera wasn't in motion, So now I'm going to mascaria and first I only apply it to my top lashes Now I use my top and bottom lashes from Aliexpress, But I don't know the links because I've had it in years ago, At the same time I did not apply the lower lashes completely under my eyes, I'm gonna leave the inside and finish it up with a mask Now I'm contouring the tip of PeriPera Ink's brown to brown I will draw the shadow I want and distribute it with a brush

I'm getting an orange blush of Majolica Majorca as a blush I'il be starting outside my cheeks and spreading it right inside After I drive enough, I intensify the color, especially in the middle of my nose, So the color will be particularly intense at the outer part of the cheeks and in the middle of the nose After the blush is over, I'm going back to the Fenty Trophy Wife illuminator, I light my cheeks, my nose and my chin with that As a beautiful lip color for autumn, I'm getting the Beauty Mark color of NYX's Lip Lingerie series

I have a love-hate relationship with this lipstick, It's building too much, Even though I moisturize my lips or drink water But the way you look at it, it doesn't If you kiss someone, he won't leave any marks- AMA WAS VERY WELL

I'm going to draw moles in my face for this last stage In fact, I did these beauty marks without paying attention to the name of the lipstick, And then I realized that the name of lipstick was also Beauty Mark! The main reason I want to add them is in the stories and stuff, it was always that the "ugly" witches had "ugly" moles I also wanted to add a nice way to add it because the moles are very nice! And this is our last look! I hope you like the video and theme I don't know why, but I love witches- Sometimes I wish I was a witch But a good witch! Please write your favorite season in the comments! I love most autumn, because what is too hot nor too hot, and have a very nice color palette

Also I was born in the fall! I'm gonna go without more bullshit- Thank you very much for watching, See you in my next video!