BEAUTY BLENDER PAKE BALON? BISA GAK SIH? (rahmawati kekeyi putri cantikka makeup tutorial)

Oh my God I'm obsessed Hi! My name is Indy! Yesterday I saw this post in instagram by @infoduniaid where this girl, Rahmawati Kekeyi Putri Cantikka, made a beauty hack, she filled a balloon with water and it became a beauty blender she said "i swear, this is so good" when she dab the foundation haha coincidentally, the other day I just bought this beauty blender for $1

50 and it's sh-(meow), it's so bad now, I wanna compare if the balloon can blend better than the $150 beauty blender? So I'm gonna be using this BB cream from Maybelline, and on the left side of my face- ugh, there are so many different words for "me", I'm confused the Indonesian language is so complicated *car noises* wyd car whatever I'll use this BB cream on the left side of my face and I'll blend it with the beauty blender, later I'll blend the other side with the balloon I'll do the left side first maybe you guys can see, this is the result, it's not that uneven, but I don't like it because if I use this I have to dab hard on my face it makes my hands tired, hahaha now, the part you're all waiting for, I'll blend this on the right side of my face using that balloon to be honest, I'm curious about how this hack will turn out because in her video Ms Rahma said repeatedly "I swear this is so good, IT'S SO GOOD" it's so funny, hahaha but, I opened her youtube channel and I watched her video there, it's longer, like 22 minutes um

she said she blended that for half an hour and it's not even done *giggles* so, I prepared this balloon I already filled it with water, it has "welcome" written on it it's different from Ms Rahma's balloon her's is "happy birthday" i don't know if this can blend well because the writing is not "happy birthday" here we go! oh my God I'm surprised, I'm so surprised damn this is not that bad after all! what the- haha Oh, now I know why Ms Rahma said that this balloon is sO gOoD, it's because it kinda doesn't take up products, while beauty blender absorbs some of the BB cream this balloon doesn't so on the face its more

whiter, more ummm full coverage that way than if you use beauty blender oh my God but with the balloon sometimes its uneven here on the nose its uneven but overall, it's not bad, it's not bad I'm surprised you know, umm, after I tried this $150 beauty blender, it's not pleasant right, I was planning to buy the one from Real Techniques, but its expensive, like $105 (in Indonesia) *admiring oneself* but i think results may vary, because this BB cream

it's not oh, it's not full coverage, it's more like lightweight maybe if you use a full coverage one the result will be different because this balloon is uneven indeed so, the conclusion is, honestly i wasn't expecting that, haha this hack will work because from what I saw in Ms

Rahma's video it's uneven I just wanna say thank you to Ms Rahma for cheering me and other Indonesians out there up because your videos are very entertaining cured my depression for 22 minutes (jk) keep it up! that's it for this video, thanks for watching, subscribe for more content from me, don't forget to like this video, and I'll see you later! Bye!