Beauty Makeup Review for L’Oreal for Face, Eyes, Lips Brows, Unsponsored, Mature Women over 50

Hey awesome ones So today I thought I would do a L'oreal full makeup review and hey, you've heard the commercials: 'because I'm worth it

'because I'm worth it

Well is the makeup worth it? We'll find out in just a few seconds So as many of you know I'm a former eighties model and I'm now 63 years old So you know when I see these kind of mature women on the commercials for L'Oreal I was thinking to myself, hey I gotta do a review on that and I was really surprised you know I know makeup lines How reasonably priced this makeup was and so anyway I bought the makeup with my very own money it was not sponsored or anything like that

So as I put on the makeup I'm going to give you my my true opinion of what I'm feeling about it, whether I think it's worth it, all of that sort of thing So we're gonna have to start with me with no makeup on So let's do a real fast presto change-o So here I am with no makeup You know it's a little awkward, but I really want to keep it real for you guys and how can I show makeup on top of makeup

Hey I don't even go to the grocery store without a little bit of makeup on, so but you guys are so special so why not For the sake of time what I did was I applied the primer ofI picked this primer from L'Oreal and I already put it on because it has to soak into my skin a little bit and this is what it looks like Now what I found is I don't know if you can see it, there it's it's pretty thick and I had to kind of rub it into my fingers a little bit because my fingers were warm and it applied quite nicely Now I do put the primer basically on bare skin I do have a night cream that I put on at night, but in the morning I'm not putting on a day cream and then putting the primer on, I'm putting on the primer and because it's L'Oreal I'm going to consider that it's going to do a little bit of moisturizing too So that's what I did there

So for the concealer this kind ofcrayon really really intrigued me

So I thought, Oh give it a go So what I'm gonna do is, I'm just going to putI like to use my fingers as spreders, you guys know that, but I'm just gonna put a little bit on my finger like this and I hope you can sort of follow me I got a mirror here, but I'm just gonna put it yeah nice and creamy underneath my eyes And you can see it's a little bit lighter than my natural tone here A little bit hereNow I got all my spots, all my dark spots and everything else that I'll want to conceal This is why I really like this crayon, because you can see here I've got a mark and just as I suspected like this is brand new I've never used this before, I suspected it was going to cover quite nicely and it really is

These little red marks herebe gone red marks here and here O yeah I got lots of dark spots and things like that, so let's look at this side because I've got a few here, don't know if you can see that, but I'm covering up all those

Even a little I use to have freckles, so a little bit of darkness on my nose here Okay so I'm not quite finished yet, what I want to do is, I want to use this very very fine brush and do a little bit of this putting this on the crayon and oops oh kind of mushed it up, but we'll get to it later Thank goodness I'm done with that already Oh what did I do, oh yes, okay so I do have these dark circles, so I'm gonna put a couple little extra there

A little extra there I don't know what this is up here, but it wrecks my makeup every time, so I'm gonna do thatsorry I'm sweating a little bit here, it's really hot today and okay and for one more thing let's not let everybody guess our age, because we have these dark spots on our hands So you might think I'm crazy, but I put a little bit of this cream and I just took 20 years off my lifewell that didn't sound right20 years younger

I'm looking 20 years younger on my hands anyway So I don'tokay and I think that what I want to do right now is just let it kind of get into my skin a little bit

I usually don't want to put on foundation on top of it, because it's still kind of drawing a little bit so let's let that set a bit and go into the eye situation and what I did here was I bought an eye liner and this is a mechanical eye liner I really looked for a pencil, usually I like pencils better, but they didn't have my shade and I know I could use a brown or a grey but for this video I wanted to go with a black Now one of the things that we've done here is we have made sure that every single one of these items, right Billwe did find on amazoncom and we are really really happy because amazon has allowed us to have a storefront So it's amazon

com/shop/AwesomeOver50 and I've got my makeup there and you're going to be able to find this in those makeup choices and you do not pay any more money for it And I'm going to give a big thank you We have to do this, but I want to do this I want to thank you because we make a little bit of Commission on that and it really really helps to keep our videos going So hmm I'm gonna push this up a little bit this mechanical pencil, again this first try for all of this, so let's see how this goes on and again when I do my eyeliners I usually just like to do little dashes and Bill you might want to get a close-up of this, because I don't want to go

a big swoosh, I can never get it right, so I'm gonna do a little bit of dashes hereooh that goes on really smooth and remember, they're not paying me to say, this so I'm gonna tell you straight up whether I like it or not and I know this is kind of an odd angle here, but well it's hard to do your makeup when there's a camera on you, but thislooking reallyI don't want to put a big thick line

I just want to put a thinner line and if you remember in my hooded eyes video, I'm going to put a link up there, because if you're a mature woman you probably got the hooded eyes or the droopy eyes or the downturned eyes going on So what I want to do here is a little bit of a swishsee that little bit of a swish there and over here I want to do a little bit of a swoosh as well and check this out, it's got a smudger on the end of this, so instead of having kind of a harsh line, check this out, look at thatI can smudge it up and just make it look

I'll use my hands a bit too, but just see how it makesit looks a little bit more natural and same on this side, Maybe more of a a smudge on that, solike itI like it So if you watched any of my videos, you know I love, love love this L'Oreal palette and they've got a couple of different colors So I kind of went for the nude 2, because it has the Browns that I like, but it also has the purples that I like as well So today I'm just going to do the Browns and I'll show you what I do here So first of all the highlighter, we're just gonna put that here, a little bit up on the brow bone there, a little bit up on the brow bone, have to move my hair in a second and then it also comes with a brush which is kinda nice and so I'm just going to do

I'm sorry I forgot to show you this lighter brown here and we're gonna gonow you're gonna say ah that looks awful Yeah, well we haven't started kind of moving it out a little bit So we're just gonna do that for now, also I no longer put the liner underneath my eyes

It really makes me look aged, so I'm going to go with brown with this particular brush and I'll show you the brush and we'll go underneath here and underneath here and up Now with this darkness I want to go into the crease of the eye and into the crease of the eye Okay you see what I'm doing in a second Now you know I always told you that I use my fingers to smooth things out, well I really like that, but I've been noticing that some people are using a brush like this, a kind of smoothing brush, so I thought I'd give it a go here and kind of see, you know, what you think about it Keeping my hands cleaner and I'm gonna smooth it out a little bit more, but you can see that it's starting to work its magic

Okay so let's go with the foundation right now I really want to get going in the mornings and I'm finding that the liquid foundation, it's just taking me a little bit longer, it's nice coverage and everything, but I found this infallible Pro-matte, it's like a powder foundation, so I also like it because it's got a little mirror in it and it also comes with its own little sponge pad and I really like putting on makeup with a sponge pad So again let's um let's give this a go I'm just gonna put this on here No idea how this is gonna go, so I'm going to start with my forehead first and it's matte, you know I wouldn't suggest getting anything shiny, because you're really trying to get rid of the shine

So that covered pretty well Let's keep going here Now be careful underneath your eyes you just want to dab lightly because you don't want to put on too much, or your wrinkles are really going to show up So oops where's that mirror Okay so here we go

this works see the difference? Maybe Bill can do a close up here, between this eye and this eye it's covered and it took away the shine so that's exactly what I'm looking for We'll do the other eye now All right so can it cover up my

I have unevenness in my skin texture as you can see

Maybe Bill can do a close-up here too I've got a little bit of redness going on here, let's see and some marks, it's covering up pretty good I could go a little thicker if I wanted to because it's just my cheekso underneath where I'm sweating a bit Cheek chins and you know these are really like, I think they're pretty inexpensive Look at all this shininess gone Like it! For the blush, I found this true match, it's a powder, it's pretty matte as well and I'll just kind of show you there I like it again, because it has a mirror on it and it also comes with this little brush

Now this is my brush for putting on blush, so I'm not too sure about this little baby brush, but man you're gonna have to be really carefulwell it's pretty, it's pretty soft

Okay well I'm gonna use what they got here and see if I can put on a natural look with the blush Here's what I would suggest, just almost dab it You don't want to just sort of get it into your skin Just dab it nicely on top of your skin, actually you know what, this is a reallylook at how soft that brushes I thought it would be like a hard brush, but it's really really soft so it's giving me a nice rosy cheek So all right, it's nice that it's all together too because you know if you're putting it in your your purse or something for touch-ups, it's nice to have all your brushes together and again just, just dabbing, you don't want a lot of this

So next I found L'Oreal infallible Pro contour and what it is, is a contouring and a highlighter all-in-one As you can see it's got a mirror and has a really weird brush I don't know if I can use this brush I'll try, I'm usually doing my contour with this kind of brush, highlighter with this kind of brush and I don't know I don't know, but you know what, what kind of a makeup beauty person would I be if I don't give it a shot

So I guess what you do is you put it on this side and you kind of contour like that, alright just contour likeoh you see, no that's not gonna work for me, um yeah

no okay so for me I'm going toI'm still going to use it, it's great, but I'm going to be using my brush, that was way too sharp of a line Again you don't want to look like you have a line down your either side of your cheek, you want it to look natural So I'm going to smooth that out with that

Yeah it's nice when a brush comes with something, but it's also nice if you do a good job on your makeup So highlighterthere is the highlighter there and usually I don't go crazy with a highlighter I just do a little bit here, a little bit here, that's it and I have a little tiny brush like this and watch this, I'm going to go like that I'm noticing to the brown kind of goes all over which way, so you're gonna have to dump some out when you're in between I just put a little bit of lightness right here and thatlike that highlighter is working with that Blend it in This is kind of a little sparkle between my eyes Oops almost forgot, a little bit of contouring I have to do

You know thisI hate the word those jowls there

I usually put a little bit underneath here And just a little bit down the side of my nose So forgot to tell you that about the contouring All right it's mascara mascara time and you know what, I got this mascara and my daughter told me hey I use that all the time So hopefully it's going to be good

I got voluminous carbon black and I don't get the waterproof because I just find that the waterproof are really really difficult to take off at night for me, unless I'm swimming of course and what I usually like to do is put on a few coats, even though this is two times the volume I'm gonna put a couple of coats at least on the mascara So let's try this out also the reason I'm putting on my mascara now and not earlier, is because now underneath my eyes it's nice and dry with that powder If I would have put it on with just the oily contouring or not contouringmmm, concealer then I would have had racoon eyes all over the place

So yeah this goes on like any other mascara I'd say do a few on the bottom because it's dry down there now Okay so putting it on, it just seems like because it's brand new just seems like any other mascara, it's not like, wow look at my eye eyelashes they're so thick, but it'sit's nice separating them It's not clunky, so we'll see what happens with the rest of the coats So while the mascara dries let's start working on the lips and this is color riche and again I got a mechanical pencil for this So let's see how this works out I usually start about here

I usually go just a little touch over my actual, because I got really thin lips, but not likefake lips looking and certainly not using Brown this is very close to the color I'm going to use and down here you can see my lips are just fading away into nothingness So lets kind of put the line there, that's better Yeah the other thing I like to do with a lip pencil is to fill it in a little bit too, that way when the actual lipstick goes off, a lot of times this stays on and that mechanical pencil worked nicely I must admit Okay, so now for the lipstick part I have been using L'Oreal, boy have I been using L'Oreal with my lipstick Look

I can't even show you the end of it

I gotta kind of dig it out with a lip brush, but it's one of my favorites, so I'm just gonna take out the bottom here with a lip brush and it's such a pretty color, we'll be linking to the color, I think it's something like bursting berry or something along those lines It has a little bit of shimmer in it, not too much, I'm gonna call that pretty in pink So let's put on another coat of this volumous mascara and oh by the way this is only the second review that I've ever done on makeup and the first one I did was on the the newer line of Burt's Bees makeup So what I'll do is I'll put a link up there and you can take a look at that review if you'd like, also at that amazoncom/shop/awesomeover50 storefront that we have now, we've also linked to all the Burt's Bees products

So there you go So let's put on some more mascara here Oh yeah the second coat is going on quite nicely, you might be able to tell the difference between the two eyes right now, that that's really thickening and thickening up quite nicely here I don't like to put too much under my eyes, so we just put a little touch maybe on the edge and it's here of our eyes just again to help that hooded eye look move a little bit upwards So very pretty, very pretty

So eyebrowseyebrows, alright so I tried something different today

I was going for the pencil, they didn't have the pencil in stock for the color that I wanted and some of you have said to me Heather you should try a darker eyebrow Now I'm not going with those great bigI call them almost Groucho Marx kind of eyebrows, but let's give this a go It's called Loreal brow stylist frameset Okay sounds very intriguing and I did look at some reviews on this as well online and it's got this little pot of I guess eyebrow makeup and then it has this really kind of cool spoolie brush, but it's also got an applicator on the end here and what I read online is that make sure that you put the lid on tight, because right now it's pretty soft but according to some of the reviews it really dries out if you forget to put the lid back on So you don't want that happening This is really going to be something that I've never done before, so I'm gonna use this little mirror here and start

first of all what we got to do is kind of spoolie up the eyes a bit and I'll push my hair back a bit more here

Now if Bill does a close-up here, you're gonna notice something I don't even hardly have any hairs here So we really have to do some drawing and I'm missing some here Hey that's what happens I don't know why we lose our eyebrow hairs when we get older, but that's what's happening to me and I actually did a full video on eyebrows, shaping eyebrows, working that sort of thing

I will definitely put that up there because I know a lot of us need that So all right, so let's just see what we got here First of all I brush them up Now I'm going to use a little bit of this and what it said to do is kind of work on the out lines of your eyes So you want to get the naturalness of your curvature of your eyes

This is my good eye brow, it's got more hairs in it, anyway and so we're gonna do thatyeah Okay so now I've done it It's way too thin because this is darker for me so what we need to do now and they said with this brush too, you can brush upwards, so making it kind of like hair like Now I see Yeah

you see what I've done there? I've made it kind of hair like

So hmm you guys thinkit's darker for me, a lot darker I usually go with a more natural Oh gosh this sides gonna be hard, but just draw it up normally firstkind of similar to that one and then draw the hairs up Look at that, which one is this one lightlight brunette is what it's called So what do you think What do you think about the the darker

I'd really like to hear in the comments what you think about the the darker eyebrow It's actually kind of pretty and I would definitely wear this darker eyebrow if I was going on an evening, kind of you know date night with Bill or maybe to a gala or something I think it's really framing my face And eyebrows are you know, they're an expression line So make sure I put the lid on this baby, but I'm gonna save this little package

I want to hear what you think Kind of like it Thanks for the suggestion of the darker eyebrows Who would have thought it So there you have it

I'm really happy with how this looks So how about you? I found that the makeup it glided on nicely The primer and the foundation worked nicely together, also I'm under some pretty hot lights here and I'm not seeing the mascara going underneath my eyes and giving me the the racoon eyes So am i worth it? Is the L'oreal makeup worth it? Yeah for the price that I paid I think it is well worth it and Bill and I were willingwe were talking about this like if I hate something it's coming out of the store and this one's definitely going to stay in our Amazon store I'm very very pleased with it So and remember I'm doing kind of a pinky base and all that sort of thing, but if you want to go with coral lipstick or if you need a darker foundation or any of that kind of thing the palettes are all different too

They've got different ranges It certainly is so much product there and color choices to mix and match perfectly for yourself And talking about perfectly for ourselvesthis little guy, he's a perfect match for us Hurricane I thinkI think we're a perfect match for you too and also our subscribers You guys are fantastic Thank you so much and don't forget I want to hear in the comments you know what you thought about this makeup application and anything else you want to talk about for that matter and remember that on Tuesdays we have the lifestyle, travel, food, exercise fun videos and also on Fridays of course it's beauty and fashion

And I think we're keeping little hurricane up here and hey if you're not a subscriber there's a subscriber button down there and also click on the bell and you'll be notified when the videos are coming out So whether you wear a lot of makeup or just a little bit to enhance your features, you know I think that it'sit's important for just a little bit of confidence there So to my beautiful awesome ones out there, keep it awesome keep your confidence up and we'll see you later Everyone's invited to subscribe and join us on our videos

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