[Beautynetkr Beauty Tip] Haneul Pure Daily Makeup Get Ready with Me!

Hey guys! This is Haneul Hi Haribos today's vid will be a makeup tutorial it's winter hmm I look like a girl who loves sweet potatoes today's makeup is warm, innocent, and easy to do everyday try this makeup cuz it's not that hard hope you enjoy this vid! Hi This is Haneul my skin does not look good you wanna see up close? because of the Halloween makeup I got a breakout I hate it let's get started! I've been doing this for a while now

hope u still like it first I'm gonna use RMK makeup base this is a gift from RMK I like it I did not have the chance to use the other gifts makes my skin glow very moist and glowing it gets absorbed real fast good done with the base I bought this foundation recently It's from Too Cool for School it's matte but glowing I love this so much I bought # 1 using a blender tap it gently done with the base I have so many acne scars So I'm gonna use a concealer to cover the blemishes gonna use a blender tap it very gently my skin used to be so good people would tell me that my skin is good but now I got so many acnes bad Gaonashi done with the base makeup I covered most of the blemishes it's hard to cover acnes perfectly I usually go to the dermatology to extract my acnes and when they get better I then put on makeup I made a dermatology appointment today's makeup's gonna be natural and innocent I'm gonna wear Bausch lom lacelle contacts I went to the contacts place the person said if I download an app I can get 4 contacts for free so I got these contacts for free guys download an app and get 4 contacts for free I got 4 free contacts the color's crystal brown it's a chocolate brown and I think this one will go well with my makeup it's a great day so it looks very natural and also it's very comfy I use these contacts a lot whenever I do a daily makeup I wore contacts only on this side very natural and moist I'll wear the rest done contacts I think these contacts go well with any makeup next I'm gonna draw my eyebrows I got a 50% discount I dyed my hair red brown so thought this would go well with my hair color the front part of my eyebrow does not have much hair so I'm gonna fill it in Use a screw brush to make your eyebrows look natural then I'm gonna use an eyebrow mascara to make my eyebrows brighter done drawing my eyebrows this is Clio's prism air eye shadow the glitter is amazing as u can see this round part is sticking out very unique for my other Clio eyeshadows, this part fell off even though it's quite expensive but the glitters and color are so pretty so I'm gonna use this one for my makeup today's makeup is gonna be glittery and pretty I'm not gonna use many eye shadows put this on the top of your eyelid line omg I used this last time so the black eyeshadow was already on here so annoying why do i have to deal with this everyday I wanna be alone so please leave

I do not wanna do make today with this new brush this one has a mini mirror and i love it I want more glitters so I'm gonna pop some of it in the center of my eyes the color's very pretty it's a shimmer eyeshadow so gorgeous I'm gonna apply some eyeshadows under my eyes using this Missha eyeshadow palette gonna use this glittery brown eyeshadow to draw the eyeline the glitters are very tiny and the powder flakes a lot just a little bit it's important to draw the eyeline according to your eye shape shake off any excess and apply some under your eyes under the eyelashes using eyeshadows that have big glitters I'm gonna give a point will use this one straighten your brush and dab it on done with applying eyeshadows gonna use a mascara I'm gonna curl my lashes put it down a bit and then go up curled my lashes do I look innocent? with Peripera ink blackcara longsetting I'll extend my lashes when the mascara clumps together I use a eyebrow brush to brush my lashes so even if your mascara gets clumped together do not worry bout it using peripera ink colorcara volume setting my underlashes look brown and now I think the whole mood of the makeup got changed next I will apply some powder before I finish my makeup I usually apply some powder and then apply blush, contouring, and lip this makes the overall look makeup look natural and the makeup itself lasts longer Alive lab refresh sebum it's tiny and cheap easy to carry around I do not recommend this to anyone it's easy to fix makeup when you're outside I do not like to use a cushion for makeup so I use a my nose and laugh lines are especially oily they get super oily in an hour After applying a lot of powder on the oily parts I use the rest for other parts apply some on your cheak and jawline if u do this then your blush and contouring will look more natural and will last longer I often use this method this is the blush that I use really well in the fall it's a tone-down pink blush the illustration is so cute I'll use a brush to apply the blush you can see the color clearly since the color is a bit strong, shake it off Looks like my cheek got pink because of the cold weather I think this blush goes really well with the rest of the makeup love it i chose the lip wakemake whipping tot tint # 1 cherry pop is it cherry whip? cherry whip! it's a really pretty red lip it's a velvet texture apply it like this blend it out naturally I'm just gonna pop the lipstick inside of my lip You can finish it here, but I have a cracked lip in fall and winter So I'm gonna get some lip oil from the lipstick

I think lip oil is essential during fall and winter my face looks so much better with the red lip I look much more lively I think this is a great makeup for fall / winter I'll be right back after doing my hair and changing clothes I was getting changed, the rain stopped and the sun came out I changed the location to show you guys how this makeup looks under the natural light this is how the makeup looks like I think this is a great everyday makeup this makeup and sweater go together really well and the lip gave a point to the overall makeup do u like this look? did u like today's makeup? if so, plz subscribe, like and comment! bye!