Beginning or Returning to Makeup Tips with Only 8 Items for Both Younger & Mature Women over 50

Okay awesome ones Well you know I love our subscribers and I'm still reading pretty well every single comment that you put down and I'm really surprised that how many of you after watching a makeup video have never worn makeup before or maybe you haven't worn makeup

some people are saying I haven't worn makeup in like decades Thank You Heather

And I thought what I would do is I do this video for you rookies out there or you returners to makeup out there I'm just going to use eight products So I'm going to really really keep it simple and some of you who, you know are thinking well you know what, I don't want to use all those 20 products that Heather's using, you might really find this informative as well It starts in just a few seconds So I wanted to do this video just to help those of you that, you know, need a little bit of enhancement

You really want to get a little bit of confidence back and what I'm using here are just eight products I'm showing them here and they really really cover everything that I need to do a full makeup on my face And the other thing about these products is I really made sure that they're pretty reasonable I know the mascaras a little on the high end but I also will tell you about an option where you can get a drugstore product that actually works just as well as well So as you know I'd like to keep it real

I have absolutely no makeup on my face and as a former 80's model that was really hard to do, but I want to give the best to you guys and so I'm used to it now, but anywho what I would suggest if you're just, you know starting on makeup or you want to do a minimalistic kind of makeup or you're just returning to it is let's start with a concealer Now this concealer we're only going to use one in this video, because I'm keeping it minimalistic as I said It's a little lighter than my skin tone and what I'm going to do is I justyes you have the lipsticky kind of thing, but what I like to do when I'm doing this kind of an application is just, I don't know if you can see that they're kind of rolling on my fingers a bit I've got to start with underneath these eyes because I really usually have like dark circles under my eyes sometimes I even have bags, not today but that's a good thing you know and I just sort of dab it, just kind of dab underneath here and as you can see yes it's a little bit lighter

just dabbing underneath again, these are great blenders and you have ten of them here, it's called your fingers Alright so there you go Nowthat you might sayah that looks really really bright, but we're gonna tone it down in a minute Now if you have blemishes, if you have age spots, if you have whatever which I got pretty well everything on the list Oh yeah, yeah um but just use this like this you see how that's covering up there Blend it in

I also like to put a little bit in between my eyes here because, I don't know, it's kind of purply in there but I'll sort of show you this one Dab it on, blend it in, oh I got more here sorry this is gonna take up a lot of the video all my spots that I have to cover up, but yep they're there I got some redness here, my nose a little bit on my nose and then can you see these guys here, so I'm gonna go like thatlike thatlike that

like that and just do some blending Now one little final look here, what's that, blemish I guess and a final little look

Oh you know what, this was nasty, this one here is really really dark, so had to add a little bit there So there you go One concealer that's all you need for this minimalistic kind of makeup and it's a very natural makeup even though I'm not using a lot of products it still works just fine So let's see step number two while this dries So well that's drying we're gonna use eyeliner pencil

Alright and a sharpened one, make sure it's sharp now I'm using black for this video but you might feel a little more comfortable with a softer kind of look Maybe a brown would work for you and this is a little bit tricky, you might need a little bit of practice at it, but basically what you're going to do isI usually start from the inside and work my way out Now you might be saying to yourself, oh I don't I think I'll skip that one, I don't need the eyeliner Well if you have droopy or hooded eyes and actually I'm gonna put a link up there for the hooded eye video, you'll realize why you need a little swoosh at the end, because we want to liven up your eyes a little bit and you know the eyes are magic, so we do want to work a little bit on them So all I'm gonna do iskind of hard to show you, but I started here, see I'm just kind of feathering it out a bit, it's not a great big line, it's just giving your eyelashes a little bit of definition and as we age, I don't know we seem to lose some eyelashes, so this really just helps a bit, doing doing here and don't

kind of do it inin several strokes, you see I'm not just going zoom like that, just kind of lightly brushing it and then at the end, I do a little swoosh I'll get back to the swoosh in a minute and I'm just gonna quickly do my other eye There we go and the little swoosh Alright next step

So the third item you're going to need is an eyeshadow palette Now this one I found is fabulous It's not very expensive either It's by Burt's Bees There's all kinds of different palettes that you can get and actually I found this Burt's Bees makeup line really really awesome and I'm gonna put a link up there for a video that I did on it because it wasn't even a sponsored video but I applied the makeup and I really really loved it

So let's choose this palette um this does not come with a brush hmm so you might want to get a palette like this instead with a number of different colors in it and that's going to come with your with a couple of brushes which are good Now if you're saying to yourself, you know what, I don't really want to invest in brushes right now Well these work just fine little um little cotton swabs here and just remember to throw them out occasionally, but I've used these before and they work just fine, so let's just um go ahead with this and what we're going to do with this is we're going to put this just above the eyes That's just on the eyelid there so I just want to make sure that I got it straight, hold on for a second Oh yeah very natural, a very natural look, also what I'm going to do is

sorry I'm kind of melting in here under the lights, but I want to keep going with this and we'll cool off in a minute

Also put a little highlighter up there right underneath the brow bone, that's really really lovely there Now what do you do with this color? Well this color, if you can see just the naturalI don't have any makeup on, but I've got a kind of a natural crease here, so what I'm going to do is, I'm just gonna go along that natural crease there See it's looking prettyyeah and I'm going to go along that natural crease there and because of the hooded eyes that I havedidn't have them when I was younger, but I got them now

I'm gonna just do a little swoosh out like that and I am going to brush it out with my fingers there, all right so now there's a third color in here and in this particular palette it's like a lavender sort of color, but they also have pallets with Browns and other colors that you might prefer Now this is when you're a little bit daring if you want to do this you might not want to do it the first try if you're just a beginner you're getting back into makeup, but I will show it to you as for the people that are just sort of want to do this, okay so first of all I use a brush like this or you could use a q-tip, just be really really careful with that and I'm gonna go underneath the eyes Notice I'm not using a liner, but this is really a pretty look just under there and then right across here in the crease with that darker one to just show some definition See all these wrinkles I've got over here I'm just trying to hide them with the darker one and then that little swoosh that we made there we're just gonna bring that up, there we go

I am literally melting it's really hot in here under these lights I'm going to go back but I'll be back in a second I got a fan here for a second I'll be right back Alright I'm cooler

I'm keeping it real Sweetsweat beads and all, but anyway, so I'm much cooler now and oh I wanted to mention to you also, makeup brushes If you do want to get some makeup brushes, I did a video on that too on makeup brushes I'm gonna put it up there you know the right kind of makeup brushes to use so you might go I kind of like this makeup thing I think I'm gonna toss the cotton swabs and I'm gonna go ahead and use some proper brushes

So I'll put a link up there to that video, but let's move on to the foundation so for this foundation I want to keep it easy-peasy for you guys again this is a Burt's Bees product and I love this little compact because it has a mirror on it but it also comes with an applicator so that's always nice to have So what I'm going to do is I'm going to just sort of dab this into the applicator I want to dab and brush a little bit like this so a little bit of a stroke there and I'm going to try to now put this on my face Let me see if I can do it with this mirror

Hopefully this works for you guys and I am not going to go under my eyes yet I just want to cover you know we've got we get discolorations when we get older and and you know even when we're younger we've got some discolorations on our face So what we want to do is cover them up, not with a lot and again I'm just sort of scraping and dabbing on this a little bit I don't know if you can see that, but yeah so lets go up here taking that nice shine off Well it wasn't a nice shine, it was taking the shine off as well

All right and you can sort of see the difference in the coloring here and over here This is really nice I think it's got bamboo in it or something this some powder so it's a hundred percent natural – I believe so that's always good and what am I going to do with this last little part under my eyesyou don't want to put too much powder under your eyes, that's where all the wrinkles are so if you put too much powder under there all of a sudden you're going to age yourself ten years So just a little dab, little dab will do youdo you guys remember that saying oh wow, going back probably long time ago Now look at the difference between the two You got this side and this side, but I didn't put too much on so now I'm going to take the shine away from this side and if it's too greasy under there your mascaras gonna transfer You can have all kinds of yucky things happen So there we go

That's it just small dab and we are done Next is the blush So next as I said it's the blush and I really like this kind of three color brush, a blush rather I'm using a brush like this, but if you don't want to buy the the brush quite yet you can use a little bit of cotton batten and just very carefully put it on Not too much

You're gonna have to be really really careful with this, but for me since I have the brush I'm gonna use it I just dab, just dab and I'm going to put a little bit here on the apples of my cheeks I think that's what they call it You see how that is and I'm pretty yeah so just put a little bit there Now if you noticed here there is a kind of a darker part of this blush, so if I wanted to I can using a different brush here I could do a bit of contouring with this and I don't know when we get older it seems that our faces get wider So sometimes you know I really want to show yes I still have cheekbones and I'm going to put a little bit here and here also the word I hate to use is jowls

The words awful but anyway put a little bit of that contouring under here as well and that will sort of take away some of the look of the jowls Now also that blush brush that I had here just you know just want to give it a little bit of color all over and yeah So next is the mascara and I absolutely love this mascara, it goes on well it comes off at night well, it doesn't sort of go underneath my eyes it's a little bit pricey though, but I also in the Burt's Bees I also tried the burst B's and it was really quite good and I think it was at least half the price of this one So you know if you're on a budget or whatever you could certainly do that, oh and by the way I'm going to link both of these and all the other products that I'm using in the description I'm going to put a link to the blog and then at the blog you'll be able to click on these products, see really what they were and if you want to purchase them I have to say this on the video we do get a little bit of a commission and that's really helping us to keep going with the videos

A big THANK YOU if your doing that Okay we really appreciate it Mascara timeNow what you want to do with mascara, first of all thank you to all of the comments that have told me, do not pump I used to go pumping the mascara in here and do not pump your mascara just pull it out of the wand like that if you pump the mascara you're gonna put air in it and it'll dry out faster

So that's good thing to know thanks everybody for those wonderful comments about that Okay so I'm just feathering the upper lashes here just a little feather not too much and I'm gonna do another coat again but that's about it for now and we're gonna let that coat dry and now we're going to work on the next part So we're waiting for that to dry I've got this eyebrow pencil and you can see it's got a little spooley on the bottom and the color I'm using is blonde Now we're all different colors and that sort of thing, so blonde is good for me it's also you know a lighter color if you've got the silver hair growing in or maybe you dyed your hair silver but be really careful that you're not getting too dark of of an eyebrow look cuz it's really gonna be harsh on this

We're goingthat we want this to be a natural enhancement that's what the whole thing is all about A little natural enhancement and my really true heartfelt wish is that you know maybe you've got a little more confidence with that especially as you're maybe rising up in a few years here

Brush the eyebrows up Now if you are a mature woman some of your eyebrows have left and not returned So we've got to fill that in here I just sort of brush up like this I don't go zoom again so brush up and this one here, look at the mess that is

maybe Bill can show you the close-up of that like okay my eyebrows are missing I don't know where they went but they just decided to be missing one day oh and by the way I did a video on shaping your eyebrows so you really should take a look at that

I'll put the link up there somewhere for you because if I did all of these steps in length this video would be like three hours long and we don't want to do that It's just going to beyou should be able to put on this real quick makeup in under five minutes easy Maybe not the first time, but you know so I'm drawing in those little hairs And then she had hairs on her eyebrows Just brush them back up again All right so we can do another coat of mascara here and again just very carefully

See how pretty that is and the eyeliner that's there is just kind of blending in it's not reallycan't notice that eyeliner which is what I wanted

Now I also at this particular point, you don't have to do this if you don't want to, but I like to just do a little bit on the bottom lashes I find it really really enhances the whole eyes and I think it's a very worthwhile step So for my eighth product it's this lipstick crayon You know what? I just found this lipstick crayon I absolutely love it

It's amazing and I'm going to just put it on here, but you know what, looking at our lips what happened to our lips, like it's just when we're young we've got those red lips and everything else and then the color just disappears anyway, so let's just lighten them up a little bit and what I love about this crayon is you can outline your lips and fill them in and you're done The other thing I love about this little crayon is the fact that it does have a lid for it I could put this in my back pocket I could really easily put it in my purse and so it's really easy to carry as well So all I'm gonna do I'm not gonna go crazy here I'm just gonna outline my lips the way they naturally are See that

then I'm done

That's done So hey for sure you got to put on a little bit of lipstick because that bland look, not working is it So there you go I hope, I really do hope that this makeup video really helps the rookies or those of you that are just getting back into makeup It's also great for those who are on a budget or that don't want to do like the 20 odd steps that I did in some of the other videos where you go, man you know this is gonna cost a fortune or this is too long

This is really as I said easy peasy and some of the things, some of the steps that I didn't use on this particular makeup isI did not, you know I really didn't use a lipstick liner

I didn't use my anti-shine cream that I love There wasn't highlighters and all that sort of thing the other thing that I didn't use in this video was primer so some of you are probably thinking oh my gosh should I get primer Well I found that the the Burt's Bees foundation that I use and probably other foundations as well they work okay on your bare skin, but I would suggest that at night time you put on a night cream and then the next day don't put on a day cream because sometimes if you're putting on these powders it's just gonna get really really blotchy or oily and that sort of thing So I just put it on the fresh skin of the morning which still has a little bit of the night cream on So at the end of most of my videos we bring in the cuteness factor our little Yorkie

Hey Hurricane our little Yorkie Hurricane, lots of kisses today don't you And little Hurricane and I would like to thank all the subscribers, you guys are just amazing, you're so awesome and as I was mentioning, you know Iwe're like a little community here, so if you want to subscribe there's a button down there and please come on down and just like a bunch of friends hanging out we share stories and you know other makeup tips that some of you may have as well So it's it's all fantastic and we put out videos on Tuesdays and Fridays The Tuesdays are more inspirational, trave,l fun, lifestyle videos and then on the Fridays of course its beauty and fashion So oh and by the way I also started up an Insta gram account so if you want to sort of get the awesome over fifty kind of touch every single day, I'm everyday I'm putting up something A post or a little tiny video or something like that Just search Awesome over 50 So a lot of beautiful people out there right Hurricane

Yes there really are and so in the meantime you know if I can help you with these videos to just get a little bit of confidence you know it just means so much to me and just let me know Let me know how the the makeup goes Remember start off really really light with it and I just love to hear it you know, you you just make my day when you let me know that I'm doing something to serve and to help and that's what makes the world go around and until next time, keep it awesome We'll see you later Everyone's invited to subscribe and join us on our videos