Besame Cosmetics Sleeping Beauty Collection

Besame Cosmetics Sleeping Beauty Collection

Hello lovelies, today I am unboxing the Besame Cosmetics 1959 Sleeping Beauty Collection. I was so excited when this collection came out because I love the romantic packaging, and Sleeping Beauty was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. I am obsessed with the vintage hand mirror and locket, but honestly, everything in this collection is incredible. Another one of my favorites is the color-changing lipstick. I love the pink hue that it develops into after you apply it. Let me know what you think of this collection and if you plan on trying any of it.




Our 1959 Sleeping Beauty Eyeshadow Palette features 20 matte eyeshadows that are matched to the original Disney ink and paint department colors used in the classic film, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
The cover is a true match to the famous book at the beginning of the film, and Besame Cosmetics founder Gabriela Hernandez was invited back to the Disney archives to study the original book cover and match the metallic finish and jewel tones to be true-to-life.

Based on the true shades used in Sleeping Beauty from Disney’s ink and paint department, Besame has created this unique and collectible blush palette. The two shades of blush correlate with the exact shades of blush worn by Aurora and Maleficent, and they are each accompanied by highlight shades to match. Get Aurora’s princess-like glow using the two lighter shades of blush and highlight, or get Maleficent’s dramatic elegance with the two darker shades of blush and highlight color.


Princess Aurora was given the gift of beauty, and everyone (especially Prince Philip) took notice of her enchanting appearance. Inspired by her legendary beauty, enjoy this lightweight, translucent pressed face powder to set your makeup flawlessly for magical days, and nights… as if you had the help of some magical fairies!


This special, collectible locket is a true treasure for any princess. The locket is a rose gold plated necklace that hangs gracefully around your neck, displaying a double-sided embossed storybook pendant; one side shows the front of the “book” with the Sleeping Beauty original 1959 logo, while the other side shows the silhouette of Princess Aurora. Clasped with a magnet closure, the inside of the locket reveals a round well of cream rouge. Once the product has been completely used, this necklace can be worn as a locket, and the rouge can easily be replaced by a small photo of someone dear to your heart.


A mirror suited for the vanity table of a princess. A Medieval, rose gold hand-mirror adorned with roses, vines, and the original 1959 film title logo. Besame Cosmetics founder Gabriela Hernandez was invited back to the Disney archives to study the inspiring artwork from the film and create this stunning piece. Cast metal with deluxe gold plating and jewel-tone enamel detailing, and a mirror that gives a crystal-clear reflection. With a long handle, the weight is well-balanced in the user’s hand. 12 inches tall by 4 inches wide in an attractive presentation box, this limited edition Disney licensed mirror is the perfect collector’s item.


Inspired by the iconic dress-changing scene of the 1959 film, this lipstick brings the magic of the three fairies to your vanity. Though this lipstick appears blue, once applied it will “magically” change to pink right before your eyes!

A faithful recreation of Aurora’s actual lip color matched to the original ink and paint colors used in the 1959 animated Disney classic. Sleeping Beauty Pink is a pale, nude pink for a more natural look and a perfect complement to all skin tones.


A faithful recreation of Maleficent’s actual lip color-matched to the original ink and paint colors used in the 1959 animated Disney classic. Our Maleficent lipstick is a deep pink with medium brightness and a cool undertone and is a perfect complement to all skin tones.

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