Blue vs Green Eyes Makeup Tutorial w/ Madison Fisher

hi guys I'm Madison Fisher and I'm Chantal page welcome to her channel yes my channel and today I have a massive issue here who is a twin mom and I reckon Oh their case you missed it I'm max Fischer and I'm Chantal page welcome to her channel I'm pregnant as you have noticed my last vlog and I have too few little twins Tatum no glazed eye web filters so much prettier Boni she just in our hair color in a hair we're super excited think we got matching Carl's going on thanks for narrating my blog should we take characters now or no yeah okay really only come for you beautiful don't what whoa fun makeup tutorial we already did the base later and we're obsessed with these new well why is that color I'm obsessed this one's called the salted caramel and this is flat white did you ever get your fun makeup tutorial or rather modi's do feel fine where we're gonna kind of here to the fact that Madison has more greeny a penis room yeah and my I'm a blue the most part but sometimes will change kinda great but we're kind of catering it to blue eyes and green eyes today so we're gonna do some fun colors makeup that makes your eye color pop sadly I have below if you have hazel eyes Tom fluffy you have to like this is the soft ochre Pro Longwear Paint Pot we're gonna do weekender on her lid weekender okay okay and then we're going to add the Lucky's pull on the lid this is urban decay so I'm doing the rusty brown colors for my eyes and you're doing more purples look I wasn't married oh okay oh lucky 24/7 here's already looks prettier my show which it's naturally beautiful and we are going to use this now smog best decided for next makeups royal we might turn ourselves into mermaids yeah so comment below if you want us to do that cuz I do and Savannah's gonna do it with this oh yeah and when we mean girls because we had this really fun palette from start about cosmetics this is their team's palette we're gonna do 24/7 group today invites let me give you some of them advice girl to use that well your eyes are popping girl my friend in junior high no it wasn't okay guys it has serious as we love our legs Purple's smokey tennis vibe for me coppery Brown goals for me yeah so bringing out of his legs bringing out the blue eyes bring out the hazel eyes there you have it love you guys but thank you so much again demony behind you thanks Madison of course for joining us on the Vario and I'll put Eric down below love ya money too