Boyfriend does my makeup challenge (with rus sub)

Ready? Yes This is our first Youtube video, so do not judge strictly My name is Asya, and my name is Julian I wanted to say Jules, but then you told Asya I originally thought Nastya or Sia Okay, Anastacia Julian, Jules – if that So, this is our first video and julian will do me makeup I have no idea what I will do It will be fun Ok oh god You can start with what you want

Let's watch I'm sure I should start with foundation or Let me learn it first, ok? Good

This humidifier is sherbet Oh god i love sherbet Just please do not eat it I will try to Airbrush Finish Finish means i need to use this at the end This is also a finish I'll just give you a hint There is nothing that repeats here

Seriously? Yes, one by one Ok, I'll start I wanted to confuse you a little so that was not so simple I'll start with this thing Oh cool, now it makes sense Okay this thing What is this thing called? Sponge Right cheers Where should I finish? On the nose, on the neck? Where is the finish point? Then when you think you're done If you think I'm beautiful and I can go out I think you are beautiful and without makeup Oh thank you Ok now Eyebrow Corrector Let's continue with eyebrows Oh my God I felt it Ok now

wait Will you spit on your hands too? Thu-thu And this And this is for I think it is under the eyes Good Not? I dont know It's so hard Wait, can this rouge? Not? No it's not that If this is not that, you can try to fix it How to fix it? About the palette of proofreaders This is what you meant about correction

It's under the eyes See it? Very bright Let's make me a little purple It is under your eyes Yes, it looks good I would very much like a mirror here So that I can see myself Tattoo Ahh Why is there an instruction here? Is it eye shadow? I thought it was eye shadow This is a palette of proofreaders What is it? Is it a shadow? Therefore, they all together What? Aa Oh god i messed up And this is the shadow? Yes No impossible Just different colors so you can choose You said that here everything is one by one

You took about thirty I thought only one of them is shadow But they are all different colors Oh my god okay Even I'm nervous now I think this is the wrong brush for this Oh no Oh no You have one broken eye now Let's try with the second one Maybe one will be better? Not I want to try it again I want to fix it Oh no I am very interested to see

Oh no it was so beautiful before I messed it up This thing hides all the dirt Now we need Ink Or this one Are you going to swim? Aa Not today This dangerous moment Close your eyes It didn't work out a bit, but all is well Not Oh no My fault Don't worry, can I open my eyes? Yes open handsomely While your eyes are open it is difficult to see what I messed up Then I do not blink Right? Yes Nothing written What brand is it? We have to write them Covergirl, why don't you write a name what you do For such as this video It says you will be beautiful Let's watch Ok i will be beautiful I don't know where to use it

Is it for lips? You can try everywhere This thing looks cool this is a liquid mousse Airbrush Finish But this is also a finish This is easier because it is a spray This is for guys Because we love when easier Then why do I have it? Did I buy it just for you? This is for make-up guys OK, very well I use it Try Oh no it makes you orange

Orange? Little More like beige color But does it look beautiful? Ah I would not say so What else can I do? O lip gloss Why not Good This? Yes, probably not This Lip cream Yes OK? I think yes Okay and something like pfa Yes Good? I think I will correct a little bit of your mascara I'll just wipe it out I see you like purple Because I already used it I will not use another color I'm not so stupid in makeup AND finishing touch You know, I'm going to use another brush because you said you were tired of purple can i use this brush on another color? I will not spoil the palette? No you can Orange is my color Do you know what I'm going to do? Not What are you doing? wait Jk

Wait i have to fix then my initials I have to sign my art Well I am a master, is not it? Are you sure that all masters sign their work? Only good I need a brand of my company I'm ready? Yes May I see? Yes Wow Beautiful, yes? Yes, and the signature is beautiful Yes, so orange You see Yes, and so much purple Yes, with mascara, you still need to work Purple looks beautiful, right? Okay, I look a little bit like a clown No, I think purple looks beautiful What do you want me to be in makeup? So can I go? There is no violet here Yes, you're ready to go, just let's show them all close Yep Look what a good job

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