Burgundy Eye Makeup Look (Makeup for Thanksgiving) 2018

hey guys what's up welcome back if this is your first time stopping by my name is Brittany thank you so much for tuning in to today's video I wanted to create a makeup look that is perfect for Thanksgiving now if you live in Canada Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we all know that Thanksgiving is a time for you to get together with friends and family and just spend a day indulging in a bunch of food and putting your sweatpants on and eat in turkey and putting like an extra 10 pounds on so I wanted to create a makeup look that is perfect for that occasion and I mean I don't think it's too over-the-top is it I really hope that you guys enjoy today's tutorial if you're new to my channel please consider subscribing and becoming part of my be family and hit all your post notifications as well so that you know fit every single time that I upload because I upload several times a week so you have lots of content coming from me every single week so if you guys want to see how I create this Thanksgiving makeup look today then please keep on watching alright guys so I did go in and do one eye off-camera and I prepped my other live with my color pop no filter concealer and I'm gonna start off this look again by going into my chocolate eyeshadow by color drain and I'm gonna go in with my crown brush in the crease today I totally rediscovered this brush in my collection not that long ago and I'm telling you this is the perfect brush to really pack on that dark shadow right in the crease when you're trying to get a very specific shape to your eye I will have this brush listed in the description box below it doesn't have a number on it but I did find the number on it on crown brush the other day because I ordered a bunch of backups so I will have that listed in the description box below for you guys if you are curious to know what kind of brush it is because it is super inexpensive I think it was only a couple dollars so I ended up ordering like four of them just so that when this one's dirty I have a backup I'm gonna go in with my morphe m51 4 brush and i'm gonna go in to the juvie is place a freak palette right here this has some really nice beautiful fall shades in it as well so I'm gonna go into the shade bin too I think I don't know if that's how you pronounce it but it's a really nice burgundy red shade from the palette and I'm just going in and I'm going to pop that right over top of the lash out oh we placed in the crease then I go in with a morphe m56 2 brush and I'm gonna go into this orange shade from the IFRIC palette and I'm going to place that right above where we just place that burgundy shade and just blend the edges out I'm gonna go back in with my morphe m51 for brush into the spur candy shade from the a freak palette and I'm gonna blend that back into the crease again and then I'm going back into the orange shadow one more time and just really packing that on I really want the orange to stand out in the crease because it just adds a little bit of extra warmth into the look so I'm just making sure that I have it built up as much as I want it to be so for that copper shade on the lid I did go into my magnetized copper eyeshadow I do think that this is by makeup revolution I'm not a hundred percent sure but I will have it listed in the description box below these look really cool to me when I first has seen them on the internet I bought them awhile ago they're not that unique not gonna lie so if you have a different copper shadow in your collection use that I'm just using that for this this for the sake of the video and because I never use them anyway so they do perform nice but if they're just not a must-have in my opinion and you do get a lot fall out with them as well so the best way that I find to get the best pigment from them is to go in and give your brush to spray with your setting spray and then pick up some of the product and then go in and put it on the lid otherwise it's just like pretty much a hot mess if you don't use a setting spray that's just my experience with it I don't know about you and just for a little bit of extra pop on the lid I'm gonna be going into my stroke cosmetics eyeshadow in Sunwell and I'm just gonna go in with my finger and I'm gonna plop this right on the center of the lid I'm gonna go in and clean up underneath the eyes because I did get a lot of fallout from that magnetized copper eyeshadow so I'm just cleaning it up okay so now I'm gonna go in with line or something going off with my Maybelline black gel liner and I'm just going to create a really nice small wing today okay so I did go in and do my foundation concealer and powders off-camera like I always do and today I mixed a little tiny drop of my show a full coverage foundation in with my Maybelline foundation and I am hella white right now okay like I forgot just how pigmented that foundation was because I don't typically use it because it doesn't normally work well with my skin but I thought today hey I'll mix a little tiny drop of it in with a product that I do love and I am deathly white sup mine and bronze the shit out of this face today because mama needs it so I'm gonna go in with my honest Asya bronzer in a saddle and I'm gonna bronze the hell out of my cheeks because I look dead alright so now I'm gonna go in and finish up underneath the lower lash line so I'm gonna go back into my color drain chocolate eyeshadow with my morphe m-43 2 brush and I'm gonna buff that right underneath the lower lash line and then I'm gonna go back into the a freak palette by Julius place and I'm gonna go in with this burgundy red shade and I'm gonna mix some of this orange shadow in with it as well and I'm gonna go in with my Sigma e30 brush and then I'm just gonna buff that underneath the lower lash line as well I'm gonna go into my next blush in this shade Synthetica Synthetica yeah what do you guys do for Thanksgiving do you guys have lots of family get-togethers or are you somebody who doesn't have a lot of family do you get with friends let me know in the comment section below what it is that you typically do every year for Thanksgiving for me personally I don't talk to a lot of my family so every holiday it's usually a really really small get-together on my mother's side but yeah I'd love to know what you guys do on Thanksgiving so you will have to leave me a comment in the comment section below letting me know what you do alright guys now that that's done it's time to go in and set the face I'm gonna go in for my skin and maybe a setting spray I'm also gonna go in with my little cocktail if you watched my last video you will know exactly what I'm talking about and if you haven't seen it go check it out for highlight today I'm gonna be going into my Milani highlighter in the shade a Sun glow if you are in the market for a really good drugstore highlighter I highly recommend picking up Milani highlighters because they are so booming alright guys now that highlighters on I am gonna go finish my mascara and my false lashes off-camera while I let the rest of the face set so once I have that on I will be right back to finish up this look alright guys so I'm back lashes are on it's time to wrap this look on I want to go in with a lip today that is a little bit more geared towards fall in my opinion so I thought the perfect lip combo to go with this today is the morphe liquid lip in spicy I have not worn this on my lip yet but it looks so beautiful alright guys so that is it for my Thanksgiving makeup tutorial today and I really hope that you guys enjoyed today's look please consider subscribing before you leave today and leave me a comment in the comment section below letting me know what your plans are for this Thanksgiving are you going to be spending the holidays with family or friends please let me know I'd love to hear what you guys have in store for Thanksgiving this year and with that being said guys thank you so much I love you and I will catch you in my next video