BY REQUEST: How I do my Make-Up (make-up over 40- make up for blotchy skin?)

BY REQUEST: How I do my Make-Up (make-up over 40- make up for blotchy skin?)

First of all- I am not a make-up guru and do not pretend for one second that I really know what I am doing here. If you are new to my channel then you should know the main point of my channel is to share my hair loss and wig wearing journey with all my wig sisters and anyone else who cares.

BUT- after having done over 100 videos (between here on YouTube and on Facebook) I continue to get requests to share how I do my make-up. SOOOO- since the requests keep coming, I decided to share my fairly basic make-up routine. The biggest win with this routine, though, is how well it covers my extremely blotchy and uneven skin… so as long as it continues to do that I am happy with it.

I love tips, so if you have some, please share them!!

Here are links to some of the products I shared. I do NOT get anything from you clicking on these links besides the satisfaction of helping so click away!

Kabuki Brush for putting on foundation- I consider this a MUST HAVE.

Make-up remover washclothes- there is NOTHING like these for removing eye makeup, except eye make-up remover. Compared to regular wash-clothes, though, these steal the show! It is worth buying these just for the purpose of washing your face at night:

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil- in the color Yogurt (I also like the color Strawberry Milk):

Rimmel ScandalEyes Curve Alert Mascara:

L’Oreal True Match Foundation in Sun Beige:

Great Day Hair Powder- Blonde (which looks brown):

Jordana twist and shine moisturizing lip balm- there are a lot of good colors but the one I love the most is called Honey Love:

Eyebrow Angled Brush and Spoolie:

My measurements
Circumference= 22″ (average)
Front of Hairline to nape of neck (over top of head)= 12.75″ (average is 14.25″)
Ear to ear over top of head= 12″ (average is 13.5)
Temple to temple around back of head= 14.25 (didn’t find anything that said what this is)
Hairline to eyebrow= 2.8″
Hairline to tip of nose= 4.75″
Hairline to bottom of chin= 8″

Thank you so much for watching! If you like my content please help me grow my channel! I have some big plans for sharing links to other things such as color charts, and tips and tricks documents as soon as I can get a community page, but you need 1000 subscribers for that. Check out the discussion page for what I’ve linked so far (available on desktop and iPhone but not android).