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hello gorgeous welcome back to my Channel today I have a haul for you but it is a Canadian drugstore haul if you guys remember back in 2016 to 2017 we were living in Vancouver while Matt was filming the first season of timeless and back a couple of weeks ago like a week ago Matt and I took a trip up to Canada and went to Whistler for the weekend just to have a little fall getaway shoot some fall content and while I was there I visited a drug store and I was like hmm this could be fun I'm gonna buy brands and products that I have never tried before and then do a haul with you guys and show you what I grabbed so let's hop in and I'm gonna show you exactly what I bought I just want to know do you like the Hat because I like that but Matt he isn't like that and I think I like it let me know in the comments okay so all these products and actually some of the brands are new to me except for with the exception of one product in particular so what I wanted to do is grab all new things that I'm just not familiar with to talk about them because a lot of these if not all of them are not even available in drugstores here in the States the thing that was most surprising to me though is the price tags because and then but then I had to like you know hello I had to remind myself that there is a currency exchange rate difference so the US dollar is stronger than the Canadian dollar so that means that you're not spending as much us as you are Canadian it sounds really confusing but it's not Google it okay I'm going to jump in and show you what I got I'm gonna start with I was our skincare first okay so this is technically it is technically skincare so this is the tweezerman it's the bright complexion facial derma planar and it exfoliates and rejuvenates skin I have never seen this before I don't know if it's available in the States if it is available in the state I haven't seen it it was like $4299 in store which i think is really expensive for a drugstore thing which is why I wanted to buy it because I'm like okay I've never seen it before a B I don't even know if you're allowed to sell these in stores in the u

s B and then C that price point for a drug store it just seemed like a lot so I'm very curious about that so that's why I got this the next product I bought those two products from the same brand and I'm familiar with this brand because they actually sell that my dermatologist office it is a Veen here I got two different things I got the thermal spring water which I have had this before and I love it and it's just a spritzer and I think it's fantastic especially for traveling and it's just so refreshing but then then that's the product I was talking about that I actually have tried before and then then I also got the cleansing foam mousse so I'm excited to try this because their products are very very gentle on the skin and the fact that it's a cleansing foam I think it could be really good to use with my Clarisonic so I'm excited to give this a try we are gonna hop into hair and I picked up these hair treatments right here this is the husk keratin protein so I try I actually bought a third one and I used it while I was in Whistler and it was so moisturizing my hair felt so good what I did was I applied about half the pack on my hair and then put it up in a bun and I slept with it in in the button with the product on it overnight then the next day I showered and then I applied I shampooed so that got all the conditioner out and then I used the rest of the conditioner in shower clipped it up and left my hair with the conditioner on the rest of my shower and my hair was super moisturized it felt really hydrated it didn't look Oly it didn't look greasy it just felt healthier so I really really liked these i hope they sell these in the States because this is just a really nice convenient little packet and it works ok next we're moving on to makeup and were gonna talk about face first I picked up the reason so ok I'm getting ahead of myself because I just saw something remember why I bought it but this is the Bourjois I think that's how you pronounce that Paris healthy mix serum the reason I got this is because it is a gel foundation and it's 16 hours radiance boosting even revive revive to complexion and it's a vitamin enriched fruit therapy with instant anti fatigue I'm very excited about this the fact that it's a gel foundation is like really intriguing to me let's see if it okay so first impression of that is that it is definitely a little bit oh it smells fruity oh oh okay so it is a little bit like oilier then I would typically like my foundations I gotta say it reminds me more of like a CC or a BB cream than it does a foundation so just an obvious is the first impression on the back of my hand I can't tell how it looks in my face I don't have makeup on my face but I'm excited to give this a try um looking at my hand first of all I picked an excellent color like that's exactly my skin tone but um it's a very light to medium coverage based on the back of my hand but I did rub it in pretty well um wow that feels really nice like really really nice like like I just moisturized but not like oily I'm excited to try this but I like the smell of it so I'm excited to try this okay and then also I picked up a concealer and this one is from Joe Fresh I know we have Joe Fresh in the states because I saw them in New York I don't know if we have them here in California oh and on in the bourgeois I picked up the 53 beige and then um in Joe Fresh I got the illuminating concealer it looks like this color did I get in light okay I had to get the packaging off to try it so that's interesting it looks like it's just a different applicator than I would typically see I'm gonna put this on the back of my hand first of all first of all I don't like the color it's very rosy it doesn't really get on camera but it is okay that is yeah that's not great coverage it's not so coverage at all I'm gonna just do a little swipe you swipe here because maybe I'm wrong I'm just gonna tap that into my hand okay so to me first impression is very poor coverage yeah I'm not impressed and it really settled into my it really really really really really settled into the fine lines in my hand whereas the foundation didn't do that but this really brought in my opinion a lot of attention to the actual lines man so first impression I'm very intrigued by the the gel foundation from Bourjois but the joke brush concealer whomp-whomp but it's just the back of my hand in case there's any people who love it out there I just tried it on the back of my hand but from my first impression yeah okay so we're still staying on face makeup but we're just gonna switch it up a little bit okay next we're gonna do a bronzer this is from essence this is oh I actually bought a lot of essence now that I'm looking at my table here of what I have left so this is the Sun Club matte bronzing powder and it looked like this so the thing I notice about essence is that it's very reasonably priced like think not quite ELF prices but more maybe wet-and-wild prices then just I'm just taking a little bit on here him know my hand it does leave a lot of dust that's not a great it's not great I don't feel like it's just a little side contour of the nose even I already have someone it's a little bit orange e'er than I would like to see I like bronzers to be more Brown than they are Orange but the consistency is really nice and smooth so yeah I'm gonna need to try this out a little bit more does dust a lot which in my opinion typically I don't like products that leave a lot of dust I feel like that it's just the payoff isn't great and then I also picked up the essence this is the pure nude space lighter I mean that is really pretty good I hope the camera is picking up how mother-of-pearl that is because it's really pretty this is be my space light and so ooh look at that that's pretty let's do on the that's a pretty high later y'all woo I'm impressed for the price point that's really pretty and it picks up the light really nicely so yeah Angela approved okay next we're gonna move on to eyes and Rimmel obviously is in the states if you like Rimmel's everywhere but I saw this and I hadn't seen it in the states yet which it probably is I just haven't seen it yet and I I just thought this was beautiful and I had to pick it up for that reason this is the magnifies crimson edition eye contouring palette and I think it's beautiful its crimson edition like I said double-oh-seven and you guys know if there is a pink or an orange out there in the eyeshadow world I am going to buy it and I'm going to wear it so this had my name written all over it I'm gonna swatch a couple of my fingers I'm gonna go its lightest and then this one next to it I'm going lightest that one let's do I'm gonna pick the colors that I actually would wear so I'm going in with that one then this one and then maybe the gold okay so right there yikes okay so right there you can see if I put this in front of the camera will it come and focus there it goes you guys can see right there the pigment first of all this one is super pigmented which is really nice because I feel like those burgundy sometimes can have a lot of dust and a lot of fallout this does not have that like as you can see like it really pigmented well and when I rub my finger directly across the shadow there was no fallout slash dust / whatever you want to call it so yeah I'm impressed I think that these look like they're gonna be really pretty shadows shadows I just took the shadows off of my hands and just wiped it across so you could see what it looks like they're super pigmented even the glitter shades over here are super pigmented so I'm really excited about this palette I feel like I'm gonna be making some some serious fall looks out of this so let me know in the comments should I do a makeup tutorial off of this because I know you guys love drugstore makeup so that could be fun let me know do you want to see I think you do let me know I'm switching gears but still staying on the same which is eyes and I'm going to mascara I don't know why but I thought I bought three different mascaras I guess I thought I needed them but maybe I have more eyelashes the and the average bear I don't know but I've heard a lot about essence and I really wanted to try these so the first one I got was I love extreme volume mascara and then I also got essences get big lashes volume boost I wanted both of these because a like I said I've hour ride a lot a lot about these which guys let me know is this available in the States I could just google it but I'd rather you guys tell me and be on the display it shows the brushes which is so cool so it's got like this Lily so this is how it was in I think it was Rexall or was it shoppers there's shoppers shoppers that I bought these at and I had a plexiglass display and I had all of them make the eyeshadow I'm sorry the mascara brushes and you could pick your mascara based off the brush which girlfriend right here it's all about the brush like if it doesn't have a good brush I don't want it so there's that and then also I picked up a Marcel which I've never even heard of Marcel before this is the ultimate easy lash for all lashes and I like the idea of this because of the brush head right there you can see it it looks pretty thick at lengthens and defines this is the actual size of the brush right there which I think that that's pretty darn cool and it is recognized skin health by the Canadian dermatology Association so I don't know excited to give all of these a try but I don't know which one should I try first okay we're switching gears again and we're going to lips so have two products from essence one is their soft contouring lipliner and this is an oh wait which is big proposal so I'm gonna draw it right here man my hands are a mess all kinds of makeup on there you can see whoo that is like a that is a dupe for see I don't think it's stripped-down this trip down right next to no strip downs more Brown that's over here and then this is essence it's the other one boldly bear this is a pretty good dupe for Mac's boldly bare because boldly bear I feel like has a little bit more of a pinkish hue to it than strip down so that's exciting and then I picked up their lipstick in Matt Matt Matt oh one and it's spelled like Matt's Matt like my husband Matt ma TT but most makeup when it's Matt and there's no shimmer it's ma tte but they do all of our mats ma TT noe on the end so I just thought that was cool okay I'm going to swatch this for you guys really quick so you can see it it's right here on the edge that's a really pretty shade it's like a it's like a pinky nude it's really pretty I haven't worn it on my lips yet to tell but it feels very creamy on my fingers that's cool and then lastly I have power oils lip gloss this is from vishanti Basanti Basanti probably and I bought it in 111 BFF and I bought this because in the store it looked so pretty like a pinky nude and here am I put it right next to this so you guys can see it oh it's a little bit Pinker than I thought it was gonna be that's pretty darn pink actually it's almost almost like a bubblegum Wow but it's gonna pair really nicely with with this guy so like take that middle one out because that's Mac so that lip combination is gonna be beautiful that essence liner essence lipstick and then the Vasanti on top that's really pretty yeah I like it and the cool thing about this so its power oil slip across that's why I wanted to buy it because I was like what does that even mean and it says it's a hydrating treatment with power oils raspberry peach is it jojoba or is it ho ho ba does anyone know and then pomegranate it's color that shows up and it's shine that's not sticky so pretty excited all right that is my haul I'm really excited about this one just like casually talk to you guys why clean off the back of my hand because I'm I'm a hot mess over and over here oh yeah um I'm really excited about these products I'm gonna give them all a try here's my I'll just tell you what my biggest fear is what if I fall in love like totally completely in love with one of these products and then I have to go back to Canada to get it like that would that would bite the big one you know what I mean like but it was nope ain't nobody got time for that you know so I don't know I'm gonna look up essence when I get done talking to you guys on this video and see if I can even buy it in the States but I just like what if I loved that mascara I mean I'm sure one of you guys I can bribe somebody to send me some right yeah anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video it was just fun because I was in Canada and I was like you know what I'm gonna go do a little bit of shopping and then I saw all these fun products that I had never held in my hands before to our called them my own and I thought this would be a fun haul to do so I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know in the comments section below all of the questions that I asked you throughout 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