Celebrity Makeup Artist Transforms Me into Jennie & Chungha | K-beauty

Celebrity Makeup Artist Transforms Me into Jennie & Chungha | K-beauty

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Today I went to COMMENANA, one of the best makeup & hair salon in Seoul, Korea. This is where famous K-actors, actresses and singers come to get their glam on. It’s also one of the same branch that BLACKPINK Jennie gets her makeup done! I also get my hair done, and designer Sohee shows us how to get the perfect wavy hair at home!

Follow these easy step by step so you can get the Soft daytime Jennie and Bold Nighttime Chungha Look!
안녕하세요 여러분~ 오늘은 제가 꼼나나 에서 메이크업와 해어를 예쁘게 해봤습니다~ 소프트한 블랙핑크 지니 와 걸크로쉬 청화 룩을 했어요! 여러분 어떤게 더 마음에 드세요??

서울 강남구 압구정로72길 19

Comme Nana – main

Makeup Artist Lee Young Joo

Hair Designer SoHee


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Shot and Filmed by Anansi8 Creative


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