Celebrity Makeup Brands की 10 हैरान कर देने वाली कहानियां जिन्हें आलोचनाओं का सामना करना पड़ा !

Celebrity Makeup Brands की 10 हैरान कर देने वाली कहानियां जिन्हें आलोचनाओं का सामना करना पड़ा !

A celebrity launching their own makeup brand is always big news. But, if the quality does not match up to
pricing, they are called out pretty quickly. Let’s take a look at celebrity makeup brands that got called out.
We begin with Kylie Jenner. The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie became a
makeup mogul when she launched Kylie Cosmetics. However, fans were disappointed at the highly
sexualized names of her products as well as their poor quality. Joining Kylie is big sister Kim Kardashian
who also came under fire for her brand KKW Cosmetics. KKW has very limited contour shades for darker
skin and fans found the advertisement tinged with racial undertones.

British actress Helena Bonham Carter was chosen as the face of Yardley, much to the surprise of her
fans. Yet, when Bonham Carter cheekily quipped that she hardly ever wears makeup, the brand was
quick to drop her from their label. Several years ago, popstar Jessica Simpson launched her makeup
brand called ‘Desert Beauty’ with the tagline ‘sexy girls have desert’. Yet, her brand soon came under the
hammer for its alleged excessive use of sugar and poor quality of products. First lady Melania Trump
also tried to venture into the beauty industry a few years ago with an exotic line of cosmetics that
contained caviar imported from the south of France. Unfortunately, the line didn’t fare so well and the
products were pulled off the shelves too quickly.

Another celebrity to venture into the world of cosmetics is tattoo artist Kat Von D. Yet, her makeup line
met with much criticism due to the fact that it was overpriced for very little quantity provided. Nicole
Elizabeth LaValle, better known as ‘Snooki’ from the Jersey Shore cast, also launched her own makeup
line. Initial products launched included nail polish, fragrances, and bronzers. Yet, the high price tags
were simply not justified and also made the makeup unaffordable to the star’s teenage fanbase. Internet
celebrity Jeffree Star also launched his own makeup line which was expected to be a roaring success
due to his gender bending ways. Yet, the products were below the mark and even arrived damaged.
Instead of apologising, Star called his customers liars and blocked them. This did see him drop in the
popularity stakes.

When Hollywood star Jessica Alba announced the launch of her non-toxic brand called ‘The Honest
Company’, everyone was thrilled at the idea of a cruelty-free makeup company. Yet, just last year, the
company was sued for 1.55 million dollars for not being completely honest about the ingredients in their
products. Rihanna’s brand Fenty has met with much praise for having over 40 shades of foundation. Yet,
American cosmetic brand Make Up For Ever which claimed in a post that they were the first to launch 40
shades of foundation in 2015, almost 2 years before the success of Fenty. Yet, the fiery woman that she
is, Rihanna shot back and silenced her detractors.

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