If you add more and more on your makeup it would be fun But if you minimise more and more on it would be also fun

I hope you guys try this minimised makeup look and get some fun with fresh makeup So today's makeup look is #less is more makeup look So I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and let's get started At first, I am going to make a concealer shade which matches with my skin tone These are Glossier strecth concealer in the shade medium and dark

Those shade have a quite big difference so I always mix them to get a proper shade for me I'm gonna show how the shade looks like First, medium shade is like this And dark shade is like this As you can see there is quite huge gap between them

So I need to mix them I'm going to apply it on my forehead, around my eyes – the centre of my face

If you tap it with your fingertips you could get more natural look If you see my skin, there are some spots or acne scars I'm not gonna cover them in detail but cover them roughly with this thick texture concealer There are sone acne on my cheeks so I am gonna cover them And then blend the edges with fingertips

For eyebrow, I am going to apply this eyebrow cushion by Laneige in shade two tone grey This product enables me to create natural eyebrow look I have quite a lot of eyebrow hair so I do not need well pigmented products for my eyebrow I prefer using products which can make my eyebrows natural The reason why I prefer them is I just need to fill in the shade on my eyebrows not defining them

That look is more natural and suit on my eyebrows So this product is good for that look Today's blush I am gonna use is cheek pop by Clinique in shade peach pop I am gonna apply it widely on my cheeks I am applying it with a sponge Applying it on the side cheek first and blend it out

Current makeup trend is I think applying blush to the temple So I am going to apply it on my temple as well If you guys have the same skin colour you might choose only mid-dark tone shades of blush as I did But if you apply this light tone blush, you could get more fresh and clear beauty look as long as you do a fresh makeup So I think we don't need to use only mid-dark tone blush to widen our makeup spectrum

Like thinking outside the box Even if you achieve tanned skin look you could also use this kind of tone blush When you try this fresh makeup with a tanned skin look it would be very fresh and you might feel different You could another fun with that makeup And I am applying it to my front cheek as well

For lips, I am gonna apply a lipstick first and then move to the eye makeup I am using lipstick from Glossier in shade crush The colour and texture are between tint-balm and lipstick When your lips is dry this lipstick will go around the outer of your lips not inside Your lips should be moist and ready for this

I think I put too many layers so I am gonna remove some with a tissue To match with a blush shade I think applying one layer of lipstick is enough For eye makeup, I am gonna use a eyeshadow stick from too cool for school in shade bronze moon This is such a natural bronze colour If you choose too deep tone eyeshadow it will ruin the clean and natural vibes on the makeup

But I am gonna use the bronze colour which matches with my skin tone I am going to apply it all over my lids Once I've applied one layer I am going to smudge out with fingertips I am going to curl my lashes with eyelash curler Today I am not going to draw eyeliner but focus on my lashes

I am going to use a long and curl mascara from kissme After curling my lashes my waterlines is very visible so I always tightline when I do my makeup But when I do clean and fresh makeup the point is not tightlining and no eyeliner Highlighter time I pick up this liquid highlighter by Bacca in shade opal

When I want to get a natural glow on my makeup I usually go for this product This is kind a golden beige shimmery highlighter I am applying it on my side cheeks and underneath my eyebrows with creating C Also my nose, cupid bow and the chin This is the last step

I am going to do a fluffy brow look with a brow gel This is boybrow by Glossier in shade clear At the beginning of my brow hairs I brush them up first This is the most important step And then the rest of them I brush them towards as they grow up

So this is my finished clean beauty and fresh look without eyeliner This is a very simple but long video because I wanted to tell you about how I approach my makeup I want to upload this kind of natural and simple makeup video more As you guys comment on my video that you like my way to approach the makeup especially base makeup So I am gonna make more videos if you like this talk-thru makeup video

I think in term of makeup makeup using a deep and very colourful is a challenge but minimising makeup is also challenge Like skip eyeliner or mascara as you always did So if you have your usual makeup step try this makeup look for fun! I hope you guys enjoy this makeup video and see you in the next one! Bye!