COLORFUL MAKEUP TAG || Created by Anya || Over 40 | Mature skin

COLORFUL MAKEUP TAG || Created by Anya || Over 40 | Mature skin

The Colorful Makeup TAG was created by Anya. Her channel & video are listed below as are the other channels that I mentioned. Scroll down for the questions.

Videos + channels mentioned:

*Anya’s channel:
Her video:
Annette’s video:
beautbean’s video:

*Samantha March:
*Angelica Nyqvist:
*Annette’s Makeup Corner:
*Paulina Beauty:
*Melissa Ann-Beauty and Savings:

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Aging Gorgeously:
Gonz Girl Deni:
Blogless Behavior:
Down South With Danny:
Kelli Htown:
Sherri Ward:
4F Beauty:
Gadgetlilly (for all things Shiseido):
divinedivak (For all things Perfume):

Allison (Over 40, She does very pretty colourfull looks): @alisont1000

The Questions:

1: When and why did you start using color.
2: What is your Favorite color to wear
3: What is your Go-to colorful combination.
4: Who are your Favorite influencers to follow that inspire you color wise.
5: What do your friends & family think of your colorful makeup style
6: Is there a color that you are looking for a perfect formula for
7: Neutral lip & colorful eyeshadow or colorful lip & neutral eyeshadow for the rest of your life
8: Opinion on glitter.. Love it? Hate it? And why
9: Go-to colorful eyeshadow palette at the moment

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