Common Myths About The Eyes | Eye Yoga

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Today I'll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about eye care So, let's begin! Yes, prolonged use of any screens definitely has an impact on our eyes as prolonged use of screens is causing an eye disorder called computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain When we use the screen for long as we do not blink often which results in eye strain, neck pain, blurry vision and dryness Blue light emitted from the screen decreases the contrast in our eyes affecting the retina which is an important part of the eye

This may vary from person to person If you have your entire work on a screen you have no choice but to reduce the eye strain by doing eye exercises and relaxing the eye As mentioned earlier take regular breaks and avoid being on any gadget without any lights The advent of screens and sedentary social life has made everyone hooked onto gadgets These things cause a lot of eye strain and damage to the eye including their food habits that revolve around packaged and processed foods and not being able to play outdoors has resulted in weak eyesight in children

Our body is so amazing that it gives out signals when something is wrong Similarly your eyes will also send you signals like frequent rubbing, watering of the eye, blurry eyesight inflamed eye, frequent headaches If you experience any of these get your eyes checked NOW! I believe glasses only make the eye sight weak and so it's better the moment you get an eye power to exercise and strengthen the muscles to restore your eyesight back to normal You can completely get rid of your glasses if you practice sincerely! Spectacles will aid you to see but not correct your eyesight While contact lenses are usually safe they are not entirely risk-free especially if not care for properly They block the oxygen to the eye and result in a condition called dry eyes

If you absolutely have to it is better to wear glasses than use contact lenses Sunglasses do not harm your eyes if you wear the ones that have UV protection They sure look good and it's okay to wear it sometimes but often let your eyes experience the sunlight to stimulate the retina There are a lot of eye exercise practitioners around the world but since we live in a world of quick fixes where weight loss is also achieved through a surgery it is easier to wear glasses to get a temporary solution for the eye and since there is a lack of awareness of eye care not many are aware of exercises that have to be done for the eye as this organ is the most ignored one in our body So there you go now that you know the answers to some of the frequently asked questions related to the most important organ of our body follow them and work towards a better healthier eyesight

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