Complete Eye makeup using a

Assalam o alaikum & welcome to my channel Recently I saw some video which I found extremely interesting and thought to share with you all The video was all about doing your whole eye makeup using "A SPOON"

As you can see, I don;t have any eye makeup on, so today I will be applying the eye makeup using this spoon Let's see if it really works or not So, without wasting any time let's get started but before that don;t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit on the bell icon so that whenever I upload any new video, you get the notification for that So, lets get started Firstly, I'll apply eye shadow and for that I need A Spoon, A blending brush and any eye shadow

To apply an eye shadow, Take a spoon and fit it on your eye lid like in the video, and then take an eye shadow on your blending brush and start applying on your eye To get well blended and cool results, you might be needing some practice to fit the spoon on your eye So, this is how the eye lid would look like Repeat the same process on your other eye as well Next is, applying an eyeliner using a Spoon

For that, you'll place the spoon handle at the corner of your eye Using a spoon handle, draw a wing like that Now draw another line, exactly above the wing you drew earlier And join the lower and upper line to make a perfect wing Now apply an eyeliner on the whole lash line Hence , this is how your winged eyeliner would look like

From my side, it is simply WOWWWWW Next tip is applying mascara using a spoon To apply mascara, you need to curl your eye lashes first, which again will be done using "A SPOON" Let see, If I'd be able to do this or not Put inner side of a spoon at the base of your lashes and start curling gently

I am feeling little discomfort as I feel the reason could be doing it for the first time But again, as it is said practise makes a man perfect 🙂 Lastly, I'll apply mascara on these curled eyelashes, using "A SPOON" Wow , this tip has made mascara application quite easy And the good thing is you don't have to worry about mascara ruining your eye makeup, as all excess mascara is going directly on the spoon Apply mascara on your lower lashes as well using a spoon

Benefit of applying mascara, using a spoon is the mascara doesn't mess up your skin or an eye lid and the results are extremely awesome Asking me, this SPOON Tip is a big YAYYYYYYYY for me So, that is it for today in which you have seen I did my whole eye makeup using a SPOON Talking about an eye shadow application, I've applied it for the first time using a spoon so the results are quite light but i am satisfied with it Talking about eyeliner application, yes, again I'd say am extremely satisfied

as I found "SPOON" tip highly useful to apply a winged eyeliner In case of eyelash curling, I felt bit discomfort, but I think with some practise, one can easily get an expertise in it Lastly, Mascara result is in front of you and am extremely satisfied with it as spoon saves our eye makeup and skin from messing up with the mascara So, if you ask me, I found this "spoon technique" an interesting tip Finally, from my side, I'll give this DIY 9 on 10

Just a little practise will help you save lots of your time in eye makeup application So, that is it for today Hope you like the video If you like the video, give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends, if u have any suggestions, share with me and do not forget to subscribe to my channel Keep me in your prayers

See you soon, take care Allah hafiz