[music] hey guys it's me Sylvia back with another video and today we're going to Happy Birthday happy happy Birthday and happy Christmas and groom to the beautiful groom bride and bride do a crazy video we're going to be testing another Beauty hack you guys know I love to speedy action this one I got a lot of requests to do I feel like it's kind of going viral right now and that is the beauty hacks of using a condom yes a condom with your Beauty Blender to apply your foundation now it seems absolutely crazy you're using a condom on your face and it's to apply makeup like it's just weird and I feel like it's super controversial people are going to be like what the f*ck are you doing but you guys know I have to give a shot for myself this looks so disgusting, and it's wet because I have to wash off the lubricant but the reasoning behind this is actually kind of genius the beauty bloggers that started this all is named laila tahri I think you pronounce your name that way not quite sure but I did see her video on Instagram she does have a YouTube channel as well I'll leave both the links in description so you guys can check this out and see how this craziness all got started before we start this wild hack if you're not subscribed to my channel already i want you to subscribe down below Yes, this is a condom on my fingers, absolutely discusting also I am having a giveaway for iphone 7 right now because we hit a million subscribers to make sure you go and enter the giveaway if you haven't entered yet the link will be at the top of the description and good luck to everybody who's entering and without further ado let's start this hack so first you're going to need some condoms lucky enough i had these lying around the house better safe then sorry people now that we're off to a awkward beginning you're gonna need to take one of those condoms and go wash it off because you don't want to be putting lubricant all over your face that's kind of disgusting and probably gonna break you out, so what she did is wash off all the lubricant and whatever else is on the condom and make sure that it's just its nice and clean and fresh you're left with is some flimsy thin plastic I'm waving this around and I'm sure it's making you uncomfortable because it's making me uncomfortable I mean it's a condom that looks like it's been used absolutely disqusting but anyways this is what the hack requires so this is what we're going to do I washed it before I started this video so i'm good to go and i also have my damp Beauty Blender I did wet it even though we're going to be putting in this because you want to be nice and bouncy know so it can give you the optimal application that you need without any streaks or harsh lines anything like that we want a flawless foundation application so the reasoning behind her thinking of using a condom over top of a Beautyblender it because of the whole rage that happened with the silly sponge I feel like most of us know about it was going all around YouTube and it's all about using that like little piece of silicon to apply your foundation and everyone is all excited about it because it was supposed to not use as much product cause obviously with a sponge you're going to suck up a lot of your foundation or whatever using it with and it's gonna waste some of the product right with the silly sponge there were still a lot of mixed reviews a lot of people didn't really like it because it was kind of hard that goes in flimsy enough to be able to get into the crevices of your face so laila came up with the idea of using something plastic kind of like silicon and using it with the Beautyblender so you can still get the nice like bounciness of a sponge without actually sucking up the product because there's going to be a layer of plastic over it of it's kind of ingenious I mean if it works I'm all for it so all she did was put the Beautyblender inside the condom so i'm going to be putting it with the pointy part obviously facing the tip of the condom were getting pretty sexual here better get your mind out of the gutter people it's just a piece of flimsy plasticy stuff anyways and all you got to do after that is I guess make sure there's no air in it and I'm gonna tie it up so I put a knot on it looks really really disgusting i'm actually going to cut off the excess because this is really the gross part like that part kind of grosses i'm going to cut off the excess and we'll just be left with the tip of the condom wrapped around the beauty sponge and it really doesn't look that bad like I wouldn't guess that this is a condom around the sponge at this point I think this is what gives it away so we're going to that the big shock around this track is that you're using a condom which is so weird because it's definitely not meant to be used for applying your makeup but it honestly the best thing to do this with if you're trying to replicate the silisponge because it's such a thin like plastic material you know if you like there to try was like a ziploc bag or like a plastic grocery bag that type of plastic just too thick and not like thin enough for you to like feel the sponge underneath and get that bounciness we haven't tried yet so I don't quite know but I think that's why she used the condom and not just to like shock the world so now that it's ready to be used lets take off my foundation i did have makeup on already from earlier today alright so my foundation is off and before I get started I'm going to cut a little hole in the tip here because the air is getting stuck inside and it was like squeezing and condensing the beauty blenders and now when it squeezes in its presses back out so now let's get started I'm going to prime my face like normal and using two-faced hangover face primer going on is a watery double or foundation we all find my face instead of dipping the beauty condoms sponge thing on it now let's just start dabbing just like a Beautyblender would oh god it's spreading so quickly that sound that sound just by itself is enough to make me never want to do this again even if this is the most amazing way to apply your foundation just as it sounds so weird it smells weird now that's so weird smells weird ok the tip is messing up my life here it's like leaving imprints but the rest of it is ok if somebody hears you apply your foundation you know they're going to assume i'm actually still impressed so far it is spreading the foundation nicely but I feel like it's honestly just sitting on top of my skin and not like getting pressed in like a sponge would do but let's apply a little bit more at least a little tip here you can get into like the corners of your nostrils here I know it's a silly sponge-like people were having a hard time doing that because of the shape of that so it still feels really bouncy exactly like a Beautyblender does i really want to try and get my be blender like higher this little excess area here is just messing up my whole application why don't you like the foundation is drying so quickly with this week I'm having to use a lot more foundation i normally would because I feel like it's just not sure I'm so fast where is it going so far the worst thing about it is it sound other than that honestly this is performing better than some foundation brushes that I've used whoever thought that I'd be using a condom to blend the foundation mom's been watching this don't judge me all right try it before you make fun of me actually kind of works for concealer i'm just going to use my go to combo that I've been lovin this heart-shaped cake mix it up a little bit of born this way i'm going to apply just as much of it as I normally play with my Beauty Blender up that means to get them down there but let's be able to go I'm so sorry we probably cringing while hearing this triangle in the inner corner there it's like sticking to the foundation and making that disgusting sound because the quantum is like getting stuck on my face not that bad i can definitely get into the inner corner of my eye with this little bubble here the condom is sticking so hard to my face that it's kind of like an uncomfortable feeling so honestly blended up the concealer perfectly fine i don't see any imprints or anything like that the only thing is that you can really see that this is drying up the products so so quickly and then when the product is like dry on the condom like that it starts to get really sticky and it honestly is like such an uncomfortable 50 feeling when it's like that so I feel like you would have to make sure that it's cleaned off between different steps of applying your makeup like your foundation cleaned off concealer clean it off because otherwise the product builds up and it starts to dry on the condom weird the makeups wife took off all the products really really easy but now i'm going to apply a little bit of a liquid contour and we're going to see how can blend that out job done for smack smack smack smack in this case it's really easy to see how its blending really quickly and actually enjoy doing such a good job so again it's like immediately dry on the condom that is so weird condoms dry have the product so honestly you might actually be using the same amount of product is appear to be losing the product inside of a sponge because it's just drawing it up like 10 times faster than normal this side I got a little carried away with it because one of those so I'm condom sponge don't fail me now I definitely didn't need to use as much product since i'm using a condom to blend it and not a beautiful under because all the products actually staying on my face should've thought that was recently on the job now you're crazy honestly very impressed so far now let's see how it works with some translucent powder to cut the contour to set the concealer powder is definitely not sticking onto the condom so it's a little bit difficult which is why I'm like holding the container right underneath so can catch and the following can't waste any of the batters definitely not as effective as a Beautyblender for this so I'm like having to scoop it kind of and then immediately put it on my face but you can see that i still managed to do it was just a little bit harder than beauty blender so now that I've the powders fit for a little bit i'm just going to dust it off like normal and see what it looks like not gonna lie to contour the sides little bit muddy and like splotchy and I think it's because the content started to like build too much products on it so it was like not really applying properly but this side is looking good looking very very good and I'm gonna add some blush and highlight and the face will be complete and we can take a closer look so you can see that the foundation was blended out really nicely there's no street units or harsh lines or anything like that they can sometimes get with a foundation brush so I'm actually really impressed i'm pleasantly surprised it's still crazy idea and I don't know if it's the work that the amount of product i get stuck on the condom i feel like it kind of evens out with the amount of product get soaked up into a Beautyblender I'm not sure you kind of have to be the judge of that and I think it's gonna be different for everybody in how they feel it applies for them because like i said this kind of a little bit of a trick to applying it you have to work quickly make sure that dry out all that driving is personal preference alot of people are not going to be wanting to try out the condoms bunch theory but if you want to really see how much product you can save without using your beauty sponge and having this barrier of a condom over top then give it a try i mean why not just make sure that you're cleaning off the condom beforehand so that's all for now I hope you guys enjoyed the video of course if you want to see more me go watch my last uploads just click the box down below and subscribe to my channel if you're not subscribed already all you have to do is click my face in the corner of the screen right there you guys in my next video thank you so much for watching bye