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Hey awesome ones so today I'm going to talk about corrective makeup Now I remember when I in the 80s when I

was modeling there were women in their early 30s getting their eyes lifted And and I honestly, that was the thing to do

Get your eyes lifted Now I'm 63 now and I've come to this age without getting the eye lift or the fillers or any of that other sort of the needles And kind of vowed not to do it at all I want to grow old gracefully, but I've had to really correct a lot of things Like I just started getting these droopy eyes and the droopy face and gowls and all kinds of stuff

But even if you don't wear a lot of makeup or maybe you stopped wearing makeup, this video, use as much or as less as you want And I really, really hope it helps to correct some of those things and give our face what it deserves, a little correction! Okay, so I know I'm looking a little bit weird here I'm actually half faced I like that better than two-faced So what I'm trying to do here is I'm really trying to speak to all those women out there who really have some situations that need some correcting

Like maybe you stopped wearing makeup altogether maybe you never even wore makeup before, but I know for myself there's a big difference in this kind of look Look what happened to my eyes they got all droopy and I corrected them You know there's, there's age spots happening on our face, there's all kinds of things The whole point of this video is to show you with a little bit, you can use as little or as much as you want with a little bit of corrective makeup it might just give you that confidence boost You know maybe, I've heard some women in the comments, they're saying to me, well you know what, I didn't know how to do my makeup anymore

My eyes were drooping The old ways didn't work anymore and you know what, I let myself go Well we can't let ourselves go that way you know We need our confidence back and if you're saying I just let myself go, it's time to let's change things around again You know what, we are amazing women we're amazing mature women and we can do so much in this world

So it's just a little bit of a confidence builder and let's get into some of the magic of makeup So let's take a look at some of the corrections The eyebrows Are you guys losing your hair and your eyebrows? Because mine's going for sure This side hardly had any hair left at this part, but you can see the difference in the eyebrows that we have sort of brought up a little bit of an eye lift here with what we did in the correctiveness

And remember you can use as much or as little of the makeup Maybe you want to skip some steps that's fine, but the next is the hooded droopy eyes that just showed up for me And never were there before And as you can see with the eyes I've really really made a difference here Even when I'm smiling this side just looks a little sadder

And yeah, so you know this is a very wonderful technique for bringing the eye up I also put a little sparkle here and let's go underneath the eyes right now Now underneath the eyes, I do have some makeup lights here, so maybe you can't see it as well on this side as you can on this side, but underneath here I have very thin skin It's almost purpley You know sometimes I even have the bags under my eyes

Not toda,y but usually I have a little bags underneath my eyes so I want to cover those up I also have my age spots and actually this sides worse than this side, but you can see there's a little mark there I actually have a mark here on my eyelid I've got these little guys on the side, so you know I need to cover those up I'll show you all about that

Also a little bit of blush, a little bit of color, a little bit of cover-up with the makeup And what is going on with our lips I don't know I hardly have any color to my lips I guess when you get older you lose the color in your lips

What!!! And so of course I've added a nice peach here A little bit of eye lining, oh sorry, lip lining around Sometimes when we just put on lipstick it bleeds into these little wrinkles that are forming up here So the lip liner because it's more of a pencil it helps you not to have that happen So that's what I've done there and oh yeah, contouring

Want to show the cheekbones a little bit more They're kind of like lost on this side a little bit And the jowls I hate saying jowls, but you know what, I've got a little bit of contouring up here so it doesn't show up as much and let's get into how I did those applications of makeupSo here I am again

Keeping it real No makeup on, but I do have some primer on half of my face and I'm going to like I said, I'm just gonna do half of my face with this corrective kind of makeup Now I will tell you that the face side that I'm going to do I consider my worst side Like if you really take a look at the two sides, this has got like a giant age spot freckle spot I don't even know what it is It's also got, I think it's keratosis

I've been to the dermatologist they've looked at it, but like this side of my face is a real mess And what I'm going to try to do is make this side of my face really more corrective So that it looks even better than my good side So let's start off with concealer This is really the magic of correcting

It,s really one of the most important ones and as you can see I've got to conceal and correct a lot of things on this face of mine I have dark circles Sometimes I even have a little bit of a lift of a bag under my eyes I have this, like I told you, this mark here, this mark here, this mark here I've got them all over the place, but I am using a brush like this for the concealer

And if youyou know what I'm going to put a link up here for the brush video that I did, because I'm going to be probably talking about 7 to 10 different brushes and maybe you don't know which brush to buy So that video is really going to help quite a bit So I have a concealer here that is maybe just a touch lighter than my skin tone and yes you probably can see some of the names of the products, but I will have a link in the description back to the blog where you see the products maybe even purchase some products And yeah we get a little Commission Gotta say that and you know what? It really helps to support the channel

So all of you, thank you so much for supporting the channel I really appreciate it Back to the corrections here So I just sort of dabbed that onto this brush as you can see here and let's do a little bit of magic here So I usually start right inside the eye because it's kind of purple here

Do that and then what I want to do here is actually create some makeup So I won't be putting, I'm using a mineral powder today I won't be putting that in this part of the eye So I do want to make sure that all of this darkness is covered up So I'm gonna do this and you guys know I like to use these five blenders that I have on this hand, my fingers and there you go now

It's a bit shiny I know that, but I'm going to resolve that shortly as well So I still have a little bit of concealer on here I'm going to use three different kinds of concealers Yeah you've got that right Three of them

So yeah as you age and all that sort of thing, you need to have a few more tools in your tool kit But now for this keratosis and this darkening here, all I do is, I just sort of Pat this one, still the same one that I used This is actually a Mac concealer that I'm using here Put that on There's some redness correctiveness I have to do here, because there's some redness at the side of my nose and I know I'm doing half but I'm still gonna put a little bit down the nose here

Cuz there's always a few little blood vessels and things that sort of pop up there Now as you're looking at my face I'm gonna wipe this off in a tissue here You're going to say well what about the big mark there I could still seem to some darkness underneath here, and yeah you're right So I need a much thicker, thicker concealer here and let's do that

Which is this one? Disappearing act I'll make sure I put a link for that one This is thick And that little one that I put there before was a lot more liquid and you can see how this is going on It's just absolutely covering it up

Check that out it's pretty well gone right now but I've noticed that I still with all of this, I've still got this kind of line underneath here Now that's an indentation So I even had that when I was modeling in the in the 80s and people had to do some magic with it, but I kept my eyes open to see what they were doing So young or old, this could maybe help you I use a really light concealer for this

There we go and you know I use this concealer on my hands at night to cover up those dark spots, but yeah just at the tip of the brush, what I'm going to do here is, just go along that line and it just kind of lightens it up a bit Now Marian, I think they're called marionette lines I mean what a terrible name for them I don't like it, but anyway my marionette lines Oh yes I've got them here and I've got them here I actually choose to not put a lot of makeup on there and I'm not going to put any concealer on here

I think that the more you put makeup on these lines and then you know, you put powder over top of them the more they're going to crack The makeups gonna start cracking and you're probably going toI've tried it before and I was left with more of a line more of a noticeable line than when I just bypassed the contouring So we've touched the spots now Let's let that dry a little bit and start working on the eyes All right

So let's start with a little bit of eyeliner And yeah, I like a little bit of eyeliner I'm using black and it's a very sharp pencil as you can see, but you know it's, it's important that you don't use a pencil that's too thick or something that's transferring into your eyes So i'm going to do a very very light line here You can certainly skip this part if you wanted to, but I'll show you if you have hooded eyes droopy eyes that sort of thing this is really a magic thing to have

So if you don't have the droopy eyes you'd probably be okay, but if you do you're gonna see what I do here So I put on just a thin line there and I'm going to do aright where that natural swoosh is, just a little swoosh there All right so now for the eye powder and I'm going to show you the Burt's Bees one that I have here I actually went to the drugstore bought a whole bunch of Burt's Bees makeup I'll put the link up there for when I tried it It was a non sponsored video and I just love the stuff

You can tell cause I'm already wearing it So yeah, if you want to take a look at that it's going to be up there So let's just start with the you know, the highlighter part and I'm just sort of using a sponge here You can use a cotton swab if you want, something along those lines Maybe even a brush too and I'm just going to put this up here

Okay and a little tiny bit now I'm talking about dabbing I'm not talking about a bigyou know, how you see these women and that's like, you can put your makeup on with the shine that they've got there No, no, no we're just going to put a little bit, just dab, a little bit up here of this highlighter Okay good So a little bit more, didn't put enough there, that's fine So the next color that I'm going to use is the middle color here

I just love this little palette and I'm going to use a brush like this, put it in there Now most of us have a natural, I think everybody does has a natural kind of, you know ,where the eyeball is a little natural curve there So what I'm going to do is, you almost tell that it's even a different color here I'm just gonna follow that right out here I don't go right into this part of the eye but I'm gonna follow that out there and that gives me a nice little swoosh for the eye

And now I'm going to use an angled brush and this is kind of a pretty lavender if you've got blue eyes I mean you can use the brown palettes that they have as well, but it's a very pretty lavender, but this is the deep part that, that we need to do with the angled brush Get some of the excess off that Take a look, maybe Bill can do a close-up here Look at all the wrinkles

Like see those wrinkles in there So I don't want them to be that apparent so let's just sort of go in and cover those wrinkles up and you do this by going in the crease with the darker color So I can still see wrinkles Be gone wrinkles See the difference between the two sides here? Maybe Bill can do a bit of a close-up

This one, you can see the folds This one you're not seeing the folds as much So magic trick there Now um I used to wear eyeliner underneath my eyes I even put it inside the waterline

I don't do that anymore I am, you know, as I'm aging I'm finding that, that's really aging me It's a little too much makeup and I want to go with a little bit of a softer look So what I'm going to do here still with the Burt's Bees I'm going to take this kind of brush, again check out that video it's really gonna help with all this

And I'm just going to kind of take a little bit of the lavender, just a little bit of the lavender and there's a little magic that's gonna happen here So I let's see I usually go like this, just a little bit, carefully ,but now here's a bit of magic Swoosh See I swish that up th Now you might be saying, oh gosh Heather you know that's, that's not very pretty

You can really tell that's fake but um I'm going to blend it with these wonderful and remember that eye liner that I did too I don't know if you can catch this, but I'm blending everything upwards so that it's, it's really becoming more of a natural swoosh And we're already seeing the difference between the two eyes and I haven't even got the mascara on So let's keep going here So let's put on a coat of mascara

Love Dior mascara I've been using it for a long long time and what we're going to do is we're just going to do a coat at a time So I'm just going to go ahead This also goes on like a dream It doesn't smudge and it comes off like a dream at night too

So I love it I tried the Burt's Bees once though and it's pretty similar I gotta say for the price point of Burt's Bees I felt it was very very similar So there you go You've got to try other things right and let's let that dry for a minute

Alright so now that the concealer has dried I'm going to use a powder foundation Now I'm going to go ahead with the Burt's Bees because it has a nice little applicator inside it as well We're going to cover upbasically we're covering up a lot of the other imperfections, but I am NOT going underneath my eyes What!!!! It's so shiny under there Heather I'll show you why in just a few minutes, but definitely not doing that

So see all this shine here? We're gonna take that off there Now what about these lines I got these lines here on my face as well Lightly, lightly cover them Marinette lines lightly

Don't want too much makeup in them Sometimes we're trying to hide it so much that like I said it's getting in there, it's cracking, it's looking worse So just really really lightly and what we want with this, we want to go over the concealer for this part of my eye We want to go over those little keratosis places I've got some discoloration of on my face which we all do

Thereeverything looks good except for this shine

What am I gonna do with that? So for underneath my eyes I have a secret weapon It's anti shine cream If I were to put even the powder from Burt's Bees underneath my eyes or even a translucent powder everything is gonna go wrinkly It's justyou've probably seen that happen So this anti shine cream that I use, it just goes and it really, it's a cream so it's not going to start to crack or pancake or anything I call my secret weapon

I also put it into my purse So if I'm going someplace and my nose gets shiny I'm just gonna go like that, but watch this, see the shine now, try to do this without, hopefully you can see it See the no shine Isn't that amazing? Bill do you see a shine? Yeah all right I really can't tell all the time what you guys are seeing, but I know when I'm putting on my makeup this stuff really works Okay so now that it's no longer greasy underneath my eyes, I can put on a little bit more mascara

So let's go ahead and do that And like I said, because it's not greasy under there I can even put a little bit under the eyes as well and again very very lightly You don't want to make it too thick because this way you can see that the eyelashes are actually separating and I don't wear a lot of false eyelashes you know I could never imagine putting false eyelashes on every single day and think that's how people expect me to look with false eyelashes I couldn't but two or three coats of mascara yeah I'm good for that

So let's just put a little bit more on here I don't know about you but I'm really starting to see the difference Let me just do this This way between thisthis is my good side and this ooh the magic of corrective makeup Anyway let's keep going So blush

Now because I have a powder on my face I'm not going to use a cream I'm going to use a powdered blush Love, love this one has a little bit of sparkle not too much and there's the brush I'm using So I'm just gonna dab a little bit and remember that your face is going to be sensitive to too much of this So you don't want to put it on too heavy

Just the apples of your cheeks or whatever they say You see that just a touch That's all you really want with this one So now what I sometimes do and you know I actually would suggest you do this I take a little bit of the blush off of the brush

And any of those spots where it might look really kind of you know whiter the other I'm a pale person, so here not too much because I got those lines you know, those upper lip lines

But a little bit here, in just a touch because I want to look like an all-over kind of light blush but if I put it on this dark everywhere well then I got a pink face so that's not gonna work either But yeah just love this blush So what about the lips Remember how I told you how I've got some of these lines starting to form You probably have them as well

So what I'm going to use is a lip pencil I'm going to go more for the peachy color because that's what's on my cheeks here So very very carefully there you go Now I'm getting a little bit ofthe lights are so hot here I'm getting a little bit of beading above my lips there, but I'm gonna be tackling that with my anti shine in a minute and it'll be gone, but let's just keep on going with the lips Interesting to do half a lip here, but the one thing I like about putting a liner up there is a liner is generally not going to bleed up into this part

You certainly don't want that Now I have here sort of a stay on peach lipstick Just gonna kind of go underneath here, usually you guys know I usually use a pencil, but this one's pretty easy to work with So I'm gonna go a nude like that Like I said very weird to do it with half a face, but and I just have a little bit of shine here

Want to liven it up a little bit So there you go Alright so how about the eyebrows? I had to pick the worst eyebrow to work on This one hardly has any hair in it, but oh well, you know what, that's the way that it happens And I wanted to be real

So let's just work on these eyebrows Now again this is another one of those Burt's Bees products Has a nice little spooley here to brush up the eyebrow You can see you'll see the difference in the two in just a minute and yeah it had to be the worst one I kind of had to faked it here because there's absolutely like no hair here

So I kind of again I've got a pretty sharp pencil here and this is I think it's a taupe color or something for me for my coloring or maybe it's blonde I did a video on doing your eyebrows You know, all about measuring and that, but didn't want this video to be too long So we'll just leave it at that and I'm going to brush up the hairs This is a wax that I'm using

You could also use a clear mascara, but I'm going to brush up the hairs and you can see now how that is giving melet me just do this the right way

it's giving my whole eye a bit of an eye lift It's just bringing everybody's eyes upwards and bringing me a little bit of an eye lift

So how about the contouring? Alright so I have some contouring powder here and this brush Make sure you get off the excess of this Okay because you've gotta be careful putting on your contouring So what I'm going to do is just go a little bit along my cheekbone here I also put a little bit on the side of my nose

I don't have a big nose but this is the magic of Corrections And now I'm gonna mention my gowls Man I hate, I hate mentioning jowls, but you know I got them here and I want them hidden up So what I do is I very lightly go underneath here and hide those suckers a little bit One day I'm gonna do a makeup nighttime video

What I do at night – you know some exercises to really work those out and they'll be on another video, but and last but not least I'm going to do a little sparkle This is some highlighter Now I don't use the sparkle all over my face I just find that that's just a little bit too much

You know these women especially you know older women who are just sparkly all over It's not really making you look youthful it's just to me I think it's just a little bit overdone So I'm gonna put a little sparkle here right between my eyes um right there And I find that that is very very subtle and it just adds a little bit of life there So that's it

I didn't actually put on a lot of makeup and I feel that I have a really kind of natural look I also feel that I've gone from drabulis to fabulous So now it's time for the cuteness factor All right little Hurricane our little Yorkie, he's the cuteness factor And we just bring him in here to put a smile on your face

And another thing that really puts a smile on our face is all you subscribers You know we see those numbers going up, it really encourages us to keep on putting out those videos On Tuesday which are usually inspirational food, travel that sort of thing and then of course the Friday videos which are beauty and fashion And you know what Hurricane ,we have to tell everybody that we're also on Insta gram Yeah you like that don't you? We're on Insta gram and that's

I'm putting that out every single day So it's a little picture, photo, video just to keep it awesome everyday for you and you just look up awesome over 50

You know I spoke today about confidence If this video in any way helps you to maybe upturn your eyes or do something hide those spots and it gives you a little bit of confidence then I've really done my job It just, it just makes my heart leap to know that I read the comments and some of you are saying that you have your confidence back You let yourself go and now you're you're feeling more confident and let's take on this wonderful world We are strong women and let's keep it awesome

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