Hey, guys! So today's video is going to be another get ready with me I made this kind of a cranberry eyes

Very simple but still looking all put together So let's just get started The first thing I'm gonna do is spray my face with a hydrating primer to keep my face moist As always, I'm starting with my eyeshadow and first I'm applying Urban Decay's eye base to prevent any oils in my lids For today's look, I'm using this palette from Zoeva, and taking this light brown as my transition color

I'm placing the color a little bit above my crease because I have hooded eyes so I place it higher to make it visible when I open my eyes I'm adding more of this color as I go until I'm satisfied with the intensity Then I use a little bit of concealer to make a cut-crease since I have hooded eyes so I want to make an illusion that I have more lid space than I actually do For the edges of the concealer, I just blend it with my finger to get rid of those harsh separation I'm using this cranberry shade all over my lids

I use a slightly wet brush to make the color more vibrant Then I take the transition color with a thin brush to fill in any gap in the concealer For the outer corner, I'm taking a deeper brown, dipping only a tiny bit so the look will still be subtle and appropriate for day light I'm blending the color as I'm packing it Going back to the first color with the first brush, I blend all the edges once again to make the look more seamless

That's it for the eyeshadow Here I'm just using a makeup wipe to remove the fallouts under my eye I'm using my recent go-to mascara which is from Maybelline For foundation, I'm using one from Lancome and this has a matte finish which I needed for my oilier skin these days Also, this foundation gives a medium to full coverage, in which apparently I have so many acne scars and signs of new acnes

For areas that can't be reach by the sponge, or just some small areas, I use this brush from Morphe to blend those evenly And for the areas that need more coverage, I add the Colourpop's concealer and buff it with a brush first for maximum coverage Then tapping it with a sponge For this look, I decided to highlight my face a little bit That's why I'm using a concealer that is lighter than my usual shade

I work at one eye at a time because this concealer does dry fast As per usual, I'm setting my face with my Maybelline loose powder and first I'm gonna set under my eyes to prevent any creasing and transferring from mascara I also set my nose and a little bit on the cheeks because that's where I tend to get oily I'm setting the areas where I'll be applying bronzer as well to let the bronzer blend smoothly later on I mix both of these contour and bronzer shade from this Urban Decay palette for my cheek bone and forehead area so I'll look more bronzy and chiseled

As for the 'jaw line', I'm only taking the ashy shade a little bit to give a natural definition to my non-existent jaw line Also with the same color, I'm contouring my nose which has absolutely no shape I'm using the highlighter from the same palette so it's faster and also this is a such a pretty shade I'm adding this to the highest point of my cheeks and placing it on my brow bone with a smaller brush For the lower eye part, I'm using a thin brush with the transition color earlier

I forget to highlight my inner corners earlier, so I take the same highlighter and place it there Going back to the face, I'm gonna use a cranberry-toned blush as well I'm blending once again with my sponge so everything can mash perfectly After all the powder work, I'm gonna set my face with the Too Faced setting spray Then I set my eyebrows with the Maybelline Brow Precise to make my eyebrow's hairs more visible

I'm gonna use a gloss for the lips but first I'm removing any excess Vaseline before applying the gloss So this is the finished look! I hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful somehow Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video Bye!