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Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel!I hope you're having a great day! Today's video is a get ready with me for the makeup I'm wearing right now I'm going to my sons athletic award banquet so I filmed this makeup so I guess it's like a moms night out makeup or a kid function makeup or a daytime glam makeup whatever you want to do with it but this is a go-to look for me if I'm going to do something is to define the crease and then put a light shadow on the eyelid to make my eyes pop a little bit more and make me look more awake I did use the new Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector so if you would like to see this product in action and how I got this makeup look then just keep watching I'm starting by priming my face with the Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield it's the summer now so i busted it out of the drawer for the added SPF then I'm filling in the wrinkles on my forehead with the amazing cosmetics line filler and the pores on my cheeks and chin with the Dr Brandt Pores no more pretty standard priming procedure for me and I'm priming my under eyes with the smashbox under eye primer i really like this stuff & I like the tint it has it's really hydrating which I need all the time I'm priming my eyelids with the Benefit Stay Don't Stray I'm using this crown brush to spread it out into an even layer from my eyebrow all the way to the lash line and patting it in with my finger I'm going in with the Urban Decay Naked Skin One and Done Hybrid Complexion Foundation I have used this product quite a few times I actually got a sample from Sephora because I wasn't sure I wanted it but I loved it so much I went & bought it this is the shade medium deep if I get any more pale it will be too dark i think the shade medium for the color I am right now would be perfect but they were sold out, I need to put self tanner on anyway

I really really love this product it has such a beautiful natural skin finish it sinks into your skin and it doesn't even look like you have foundation on and it has amazing staying power, I love it I'm color correcting with the Tarte CC Color Corrector this is a new brush for me, It Cosmetics Airbrush Concealer brush that I got the other day I buffing out the edges and patting it in with my finger this is a new product, the NYX highlight contour duo I'm using this as the concealer with the Sigma large concealer brush to put the product where I want it to go in the typical spots, upside down triangle cupids bow, chin up on my forehead and then I'm blending it all in with the beauty blender then I realized forgot to put it on my nose then I go back to blending i liked this product too, i like the highlight side especially the contour side, I wasn't so sure about the color but i need to use it a couple more times before I make a decision this was the first time I used it i blended it in but my camera died so i didn't get the footage of me blending it in i used a little stippling brush and I think it got a little messy so i'll try again with a beauty blender i'm using the NARs Steven Klein palette and I'm going in with the highlight shade and my Japonesque brush to set my under eye concelaer and also the Benefit Stay Don't Stray on my eyelids and I'll put it all the places I put the highlight concealer product then I'm using the Guerlain powder foundation just to give this look a little more coverage i like this powder foundation but I wouldn't recommend buying it It's just so expensive & I don't think it's that special

the day I filmed this I got my hair colored and she colored my eyebrows & i've never done that before so i was trying out using just a clear eyebrow gel without filling them in so thats why i only showed you that part 'cause that's all I did now I'm using the Laguna bronzer out of the palette I'm putting it on the forehead and the cheeks the chin and the neck then I'm going in with the contour shade out of the palette I'm putting a little on the forehead and contour the cheeks and then I'm putting this peachy blush I love peach blushes i seem to use them all the time but i love them and i really like the one in this palette and then since I'm going to a school event i didn't want to go crazy with the highlighter I'm using this Hourglass highlighter I think it's really pretty it's more natural then I'm blending it all out with the stippling brush I thought I would carve out the cheekbones because I thought Nyx product got a little too messy so I'm using the yellow shade out of the Kat Von D palette I'm setting everything with the Urban Decay deslick setting spray because there was going to be food trucks so I was going to have to be outside for a little while this is the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow in Fresh I'm using that to even out the skin tone of my eyelid then I'm going in with the first shade here the Salted Caramel shade and my Sigma E35 brush I'm brushing this into the crease per usual using the windshield wiper motions and small circular motions so the deepest shade is in the crease and it fades as you go up towards the brow then I'm using the shade semi sweet and the MAC 217 brush to further define the crease being sure to not cover up the shade we put down you want to be able to see both colors the MAC 217 or the Sigma E25 are both great brushes for this because they're more tapered I'm using the White Chocolate shade & I'm putting it all over thelid I'm using the MAC 239 brush to put some color down then I like to go back in with the MAC 242 brush so I can get a more precise line it's not going to give you a cut crease look it cleans it up and I like that then I'm putting it underneath my eyebrows this is the first shade we put down and I'm using the M138 brush it's a big fat pencil brush I'm using the Sigma E30 with the semi sweet shade then I'm lining my eyes with the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil it's probably my favorite eye pencil of all time the formula of the eye pencils is great they glide on so easily whenever I'm in a hurry I always reach for these pencils I like to define the inner corner so I'm making sure to show you that I'm using the Dior Show Blackout mascara this is the Dior mascara that has the smaller wand i do like this one better, the other one is so fat I'm putting that on my top and bottom lashes I won't be using false lashes today since i'm going to a school event I'm using the Milani lipliner in the shade all natural i was running out of time so I forgot that I was filming so i got all up in the camera I'musing the Tarte glossy lip paint in the shade Double Tap i like the formula of these, they feel really good on the lips they're not drying and this is the finished product off to the athletic banquet! that's it for the video I hope you liked it If you did please give it a thumbs up! don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already all the information for all the products I use is always in the description box along to all the links to my social media my instagram, twitter, snapchat and facebook so be sure to check the description box and leave me a comment for any videos you'd like to see me do thank you so much for watching! I'll see you in my next video! Bye!!

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