Cute Freckles Makeup Tutorial + DearMe Beauty Lip Coat Swatches

good morning guys! so, I have done applying skincare now, go on to makeup first, I will apply primer this is from Klavuu, the White Pearlsation Ideal Actress Backstage Cream the name is so long, this has SPF30 PA++ the result is great, it makes a glass and glowy skin look, but not too much i will show you on my hand, before and after you can see the difference it is really natural, not creating an exaggerated glowy look I like to apply this when I want my skin to look glowy this one is applied, other is not look that it does not make my skin greasy or oily it makes a very natural glow now, for foundation, I use Clinique Beyond Perfecting Concealer and Foundation 63 (Fresh Beige) this foundation has two functions, concealer and foundation but for concealer, i think it is light to medium coverage, not a full coverage concealer i blend them with my favorite sponge just even them up if you like a natural foundation that shows our skin, this suits you guys bcs clinique give skin light result, so it is very natural but, throughout the day use will make your skin shiny and a bit oily, it is what i feel on my skin even though i have set them with powder, but still, throughout the day, it is oily bcs this foundation is not giving matte finish, but natural finish today, i use klio kill cover liquid concealer #3 so, I will conceal the dark circle and highlight my face now, i will set my face with Koh Gen Do powder, the only pressed powder that I like bcs it is really light, the result is like wearing loose powder and natural and light I will set the makeup around nose for eyebrow, i use maybelline fashion brow grey, i use the wax first for today's look, i want my eyebrows a bit thick and feathery so, i draw the eyebrow thicker after the frame is done, i take the mid color, this is like eyebrow powder and fill in empty space now, the eyebrow is done, i will use eyebrow gel to set them in place and feathery i use benefit ready set brow, the clear one, brush up the eyebrow don't forget the edge and brush them aside you can see that this one has been set, this one is more lively bcs today i want to swatch all colors from dear me beauty lip coat, this one is the most recent and nude collection for eyes, i want something warm, not too glittery and colorful as to balance the lip color for eyeshadow, i will use colorpop palette, the yes please one the colors are like this now, i will take this color and apply to my eyes for second color, i want to take this maroon shade apply to outer corner the last, i take the dark brown one and apply it as if i drew eyeliner on my edge eyes last, i take the soft beige color to clean up the eyes lastly, i want to apply this color and dab to the midst of my eyelid now, curl eyelashes fake eyelashes today is from artisan pro, the model is a bit thick on the midst, this one is classic 1743 now, i want to tightline with clio waterproof eyeliner imo, if you use fake lashes or mascara, it is important to tightline as to make them combine well and thicker you see that there is empty space now, i will use mascara to connect the original and fake ones this one is from heroine make, my brand favorite for mascara as this is really good and this is the result, i will also apply them to my left eye now, i will take the first color, this one apply the color on my lower lash line for inner eye corner, i take the most front color last step is to use mascara for lower lash now, i apply powder to my face to clean them up and what i like from this powder is though we use big amount, it will not be cakey and heavy now, i will contour my face using product from korea, coringoo pink square dual shading so, this has two shades, i like shading product from korea as the color suits my skin better, it is not too dark for nose, i will use the lighter shade then, i shade my nose tip to make it more pointy for blush, i use my favorite, 3ce peach crush i have done reviewing this product on my previous video, this is really good, should watch my review click here i want to make freckles also, so the blush is put on midst and my nose the blush is done, now, apply highlighter, this one is becca champagne pop apply on tip of nose and cheek bone and brow bone for freckles, i use maybelline fashion brow, i take this kind of brush to make freckles the pointy brush then, take the mid color and randomly apply on blushed-nose area actually freckles can be put everywhere, but its funnier to be placed on nose, here, and here i don't like freckles on cheek, it feels weird now, i go to lipstick, today will review most recent product, DEAR ME beauty perfect matte lip coat they have 6 new colors and all are nude cs this is their nude collection and yesterday, i swatch on hand and im so excited as the formula is much better now the packaging is like this, then look at the lip coat packaging, it is really great the packaging is beige but it is gradation on below section and we can see the lip color from below for tube and applicator, it is still the same for shade luna, lets swatch it on hand this is luna shade, the color is like this it is nude but a bit coral pink, pretty color and imo the formula is lighter but still pigmented and more neutral now, try on lips so excited this is really soft, the fragrant is nice so, this is how it looks when i apply for my lower lip okay, i only do this and it evens up this is dear luna, what i see is the sticker below the packaging is kinda different with actual lip color so, it is to be noticed but i like the color, wearable and suitable for most of skin tone i also notice new thing, the formula is transfer proof, it does not stick everywhere and set matte but overall i like the formula and color and packaging , omg this is dear rachel, the color is similar with dear luna , but luna is pink and this one is brick brown orange terracotta this is dear wina, it is brown orange-ish, i will try on lips this is dear wina, really match with my eyes, i also like this color even though not wearable daily for me but unique and good for taking picture with the real color is more like a soft grunge, what do you think? this is dear fanny, darker than dear wina, this is dark brown, but im in love with this shade this makes my skin brighter compared to dear wina don't u feel this is dark brown but the dark brown color is not too fury and still wearable and make my skin brighter this is dear felice, quite similar with dear luna, but this is more nude, soft nude so, this is dear felice, the true nude color not too much orange, not too much pink, and not too much brown, true nude this suits dark tone skin, if your skin is light and fair, if you don't do makeup, it will look pale on you but if you do makeup, still ok still ok dear daisy is similar with dear fanny, but this one is a bit orange this is the result of dear daisy at first, the color is light like soft brown, but after it is set, the color is deep and prettier so, it is more matching with my whole makeup look so, those are 6 swatches of dear me beauty lip coat nude collection i like all colors for this makeup look, this is really good for taking picture, especially retro or themed concept its gonna be good while using glasses im not gonna wear it like this, but move it down a bit then take pict and make pose so, i hope u guys enjoy this makeup look and this video wish this video useful for u thank u so much for watching don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel don't forget to comment below what kind of video you want to watch okay! thank u so much for watching see u next time, bye!