Different Tools to apply Foundation | Malayalam Makeup Tutorial with Eng Subs | Lekshmi Menon

Try walking in the streets, people are definitely going to judge you based on how you look It is very important that how you present yourself in our daily life

So for this we have to remember simple simple thinks How to do simple makeup without much effort So Lekshmi Menon is here She is a very good a very expert in self makeup section So today she is going to teach us different methods of putting foundations So let us take a look at it Hello everyone

Welcome back to yet another episode of Penazhuk Today we will be showing different methods of applying the foundations For many foundations are confusing because there are many brushes, many tools available in market Many don't know how to apply foundations Often, on online bloggers advice many different things

When we go to shops others advice different things So often we dont know what to do Similarly, most of us use their fingers to apply foundation Today, I will be explaining the different brushes available in the market and their usage Firstly, I am going through the traditional way, that is using our fingers

Using our fingers we can apply the product However if you don't know to blend properly, there is chances of patching The heat in our fingers help the product to spread on the skin Even today, old makeup artists use their fingers to apply But for consumers like us, the easy way is brushes

Today I will be showing the different brushes available in the market Firstly, I will educate you about flat foundation brush This is how it looks Both sides will be flat This can be synthetic or natural hair

This brush was commonly used by many old makeup artists We mostly come across this brush as foundation brush The purpose of this brush is same as paint brush We take the product and just like painting we apply it We get the full coverage of product, especially for someone with pigmentations and marks

For them, they have to apply the product with full coverage Using this product, liquid foundations can be applied and we get the finish with full coverage The preference of this brush is low for today's makeup artists Because today everyone loves HD natural finish For that, the coverage from this brush is more

Now, second brush I am showing is this type of brush I am personally use this type of brush The name of this brush is stippling brush If you pay attention, you can see 2 colours its duo fibre

Its a mixture of natural hair and synthetic hairUpper layer is synthetic and lower layer is black natural hair Lower layer is dense and upper layer is light When you look inside, this brush have lot of gap insideThe name of this brush is Stipplying brush

Stipplying means doting motion I won't recommend this brush for a person with dry skin because the dry patches can come up on using this brush This brush is good for oily and normal skin Today, some makeup artist, apply the product using flat foundation brush and for natural, airbrush finishing they blend the foundation with rotating motion using stippling brush If we use brush, our foundation routine will become easier

We should hold the brush exactly like we hold a pen Leave some gap Just rotate all over the skin and you can blend it beautifully The third type of brush I am going to teach you is buffing brush This is how a buffing brush looks

We get lot of buffing brushes in market As compared with stippyling brush, it is very dense; densely packed hair With buffing brush, we can apply cream, powder, gel,like products on the face

We get a natural finish if we use buffing brush I advice my students in class to use buffing brush as a beginner Because it make it easy to get beautiful finishing We get this brush from lot of brands This is another brand's buffing brush

See this, its tightly packed bristles So you can see the difference of these 2 brushesOne is very light and other is very tight, this is buffing brush Even you are a beginner you can buy this brush and blend the product easily and beautifully You can finish you foundation routine in 10-30 sec

Similarly if you apply down the neck like this, you can blend your foundation along the neck also It can also use to blend the foundation to your ears also This is an easy method, buffing brush Now I am going to show you beauty blenders Beauty blenders are like sponges which are available to buy

It is available in plenty but original ones are very expensive and are not affordable by most consumers It cost Rs 2000/- Rs 3000/- per sponge for Beauty Blender There are other brands for Beauty Blenders which are affordable and gives good finishing The only problem is that it get expired after 3-4 months Hold it under the tap water and use it

It expands and push it against your face like this This is how to apply the product It helps to blend easily The water content helps the product to blend and excess product will be soaked This sponge will help for dewy luminous finish

It will last only for 3-4 months because after that there will be mold in the sponge and will expire So be careful and change this after 3-4 months Finally I am going to show you disposable veg sponge This has been used by many makeup artist Its in the shape of wedge, just like a wedge heel shoes

It is disposable Just like beauty blenders, we use this after dipping it in the water But it is only for single use It has to be disposed after one use It is good for many artist as they have many clients

You can buy them in packets If you come across such packets, you can buy them but dispose it after single use You can press your products or concealer with this sponge for beautiful finishing It can even help you to set your power with this flat edge So these are the different methods of applying foundation

If you go in a market or a supermarket or a cosmetic store, you will come across different tools You have understood how to use these brushes You can buy them according to your convenience and budget Until next time, I will see you very soon Bye Bye