Digital Age Eye Disorders And Natural Treatments

If you love watching Glamrs videos and would like to be notified every time we drop a new one, please bash that bell icon below! The human eye is the most sensitive and complicated yet a flawless organ in the body The outbreak of digital screens however, has caused a major impact resulting in a number of eye issues

Technology has brought the world closer but our addiction to it has lead to an impaired eyesight Hi, I’m Siddhi and today I’m going to be speaking about eye disorders caused by the digital age and how to treat them The constant usage of screens has caused a lot of eye strain in children as young as 4 & 5 It’s appalling to see these kids wearing thick glasses and having weak eyesight in their developmental years But if you ask yourself why is there a sudden breakout of this disorder, you’ll find it’s because of the invention of screens, be it phones or tablets that has lead to so much eye trouble

Be it a child let or an adult, we get so engrossed using these gadgets that we actually forget to perform a vital function of the eye which is to blink! Blinking is a natural occurrence which provides moisture to the eyes, keeping away the irritants and the lacrimal glands active to make sure that the eye is relaxed Consciously making it a point to blink 7-8 times a minute, reduces the stress on our eyes Computer Vision Syndrome is a vision-related problem caused by the prolonged use of screens The blue light emitted from these screens may be toxic for your eyes which results in blurry vision and discomfort The symptoms of CVS are: Frequent Headaches, Blurry Vision, Dry Eyes, Eye Strain, Neck & Shoulder Stiffness Staring at any screen without blinking for long hours, poor lighting and a bad posture is what causes these So, in order to prevent this disorder altogether, here are a few things you can do! Take a break every 20-30 mins by turning your gaze away from the screen, look at something far off and blink 5-6 times slowly

This relieves your eye of the digital strain Make sure to keep your posture erect while sitting in front of a screen as it is important for the blood to circulate adequately through the body Poor seating can restrict blood flow to the eye, resulting in blurry vision Make sure you have proper lighting while using a gadget as poor lighting is extremely harmful to the eyes and can ultimately cause loss of sight Remember that the light should always fall from behind

Looking directly at a screen, can make the muscles around the eye stiff To release the tension, massage around it with your thumb so the nerves loosen up helping the blood flow easily to it Remember to not press your eyeball and apply pressure that is comfortable to you Ipads or mobiles should be avoided by children as it will interfere in the growth of their eyes Eye exercises are an absolute necessity in the digital age for kids as well as adults

So let’s not lose sight of what’s important! Until next time stay tuned and stay Glamrs