Dior Makeup How To – Eyes Palette Warm

Dior backstage I will show you how to make make-up look impressive from natural using eye Palette warm To finish with natural eyes, first extend the base over the eyelid Next, apply Matt charcoal shade to the whole eyelid I can put it on the outer corner of the eyes to strengthen the impression of the eyes Continue to blend the mat ocher shade under the eyebrow For Medium Iruku after having matte charcoal shade in the tail of the eye I will fix makeup using base After choosing one color from the sparkling shimmering shade and stretching the whole eyelid Please do it well To finish with a more impressive eyes, let the gold highlights blend in the middle and eyes of the eyelids Apply a shimmer copper shade to the finish of the look under the eyes and the eyes Please correct with a concealer if necessary You can use this palette any number of ways You can become a creative and enjoy the neutral shade It is completion of impressive ailuc from natural!