Diwali Makeup Tutorial | Pink & Silver Festive Eye Makeup Look | Makeup 101 | Femina

Diwali Makeup Tutorial | Pink & Silver Festive Eye Makeup Look | Makeup 101 | Femina

Is pink your favourite festive hue? Show your love for the soft-sensuous and feminine colour tone with this makeup look. Add some zing to your regular silver eyeshadow with a touch of pink and be festive ready in no time. Pink and silver go hand in hand when one talks of beauty. Being glitzy and shimmering at the same time, this beauty look will make you a headturner in no time. It’s simple, effective and oh-so festive. Love it? Watch this tutorial and master the art of pink-silver eyes like a pro.

Here’s an alternate way to ace the pink makeup.

BASE: Start playing with your look with a gel-based primer for a longer lasting effect of your make-up. Now, continue with applying a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin texture. Use a good concealer if you need to cover under-eye dark circles, acne spots or other scars. Then, apply a baby pink shade of cream blush over the apple of your cheeks. To set the base, use a matching compact powder at the end.

EYES: The pink eye look will be giving you all the attention. To get it right, start with applying an eye-primer—for a smooth base. Now, apply a bubblegum (think pastel) pink eye-shadow on the inner eyelid and layer it with a fuchsia hue (darker pink) on the outer corner. For a bolder look, you can also add some contrast and go for an emerald green wing eye.

LIPS: For pouty lips, slather a rosy pink shade after using a lip plumper. But before applying the colour, make sure you define the lips well with a similar shade of lip liner. For lip colours, you can also try hues like lilac pink, cameo pink, coral pink and rose pink—for a sweeter look.

HAIR: Don’t forget your hair, try a romantic hairstyle like soft curls and get your partner’s attention. For this look, first apply a serum on washed hair; followed by curling it using tongs. If open hair is not your thing, you can also go for a messy bun. Start with applying a hair mousse on entire hair length and scrunch your tresses into a messy one. Now, tie it into a bun and secure it with a rubber band or bobby pins. Complete the look with a pink rose or some eye-catching accessories to adorn the hairstyle!

Welcome to Makeup 101. Here we show you how to nail the latest beauty trends and how to look glamorous all day long.

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