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bronze smokey eye tutorial for blue eyes how to make blue eyes pop with makeup eyeshadow for blue eyes and brown hair how to make blue eyes pop with eyeshadow bronze smokey eye tutorial women over 30 makeup welcome back to my channel! todays video is a makeup tutorial on the makeup i'm wearing right now this is a drugstore makeup bronze smokey eye i used the covergirl true nakeds goldens palette to create this eye look this eye look is going to look really good on blue eyes because it has the coppery shade on the lid it will really make your blue eyes pop but this color is so pretty it will look good on all eye shades i used a lot of the makeup that was in y last drugstore haul to create this makeup look if you have a friend that would like this makeup tutorial then feel free to share the video don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already give it a thumbs u if you liked it i think thats all i have to say so lets go ahead and start with the tutorial if you would like to see how i got this makeup look and to see the drugstore makeup in action, then just keep watching women over 30 makeup bronze smokey eye tutorial for blue eyes im going to start by priming my eyelids with the maybelline master prime i'm going to keep it on the lid and into the crease because it does have a luminosity to it but it is a very good eye primer i do enjoy it for today's eye look im using the covergirl true blend goldens palette and im going to start by putting this cream shafe up on the brow bone, down to the crease and the inner portion of the eye and the inner corner then i'm going in with this transition shade it's a great transition shade they put in the palette and im using the sigma e35 to gently work the shade in to the crease defining the eye socket a little bit better next im going in with my MAC 242 brush this coppery shade is the star of the show i think it is so pretty if you have blue eyes it will really make your blue eyes pop and stand out, it is such a pretty colo it will look good on everybody i'm packing the color on with this MAC 242 brush if you don't have this brush you really need this in your life if you're doing makeup looks like this where you're packing shadow onto your lid this brush makes it so much easier i did not spray it with MAC fix plus this time if you want a more intense look you definitely could i'm making sure i have an even layer on my lid and tehn working it up to the crease then i'm using this morphe brush to blend out the edge to make sure there's not a harsh line between the lid shade and the transition shade next im going in with this gold shade we're going to do kind of an ombre effect on the inner eyelid so im packing this gold shade on on the inner third of the lid i like to use packing motions so it doesn't go all over the place i can get really good coverage that way when you get to where it needs to blend into the lid color use swiping motions to blend the two and then i'm putting the champagne shade on the inner corner and working it up into the gold shade a little bit for our ombre so it goes champagne, gold then the copper shade then i'm mixing these two shades together and working that into the crease with this smaller morphe brush i will leave what number it is in the description box below just to give it a little more definition the transition shade was a little too light then i'm cleaning up the edge with the cream shade I'm mixing these two shades together and highlight the brow bone putting it right underneath my eyebrows and then buffing out the very top edge with a clean brush to make sure its nice and diffuse then I'm applying my eyeliner i do not like this eyeliner it was in my last video which was my drugstore products update video I got very annoyed with the eyeliner it pulls on your eye, it doesn't go on well, its dry it's not creamy but I was already committed to using it so, what are you going to do? but the It Cosmetics Tightline makes me happy I love this mascara it makes every mascara look better you need it in your life and then i'm using one of my favorite drugstore mascaras the maybelline colossal cat eye mascara im trowing that on my lashes it gives a very nice full effect then i'm going to fill in the eyebrows with the maybelline brow satin pencil i like this eyebrow pencil, it's very creamy it blended well and is easy to work with but i think i like the new loreal one better if i was going to pick then i'm using the rimmel brow this way i like to brush it through to make sure its even then i had to clean it up because it got a little messy then im using the it cosmetics feel the moment primer everywhere where i have dryness trying to keep it off my t-zone because it's super hydrating and i have oily skin this is the Smashbox photo ready under eye primer i think this makes your concealer go on better it hydrates your unde reye area eliminating dryness then im using the covergirl true blend oily skin primer this is a fine primer, it's nothing mind blowing or amazing it's effective if you need one from the drugstore i'd try this one im filling in the wrinkles on my forehead using the No7 Instant Illusion Line Filler the Amazing Cosmetics one that I usually use is definitely better than this one then im using the maybelline brightener to combat the dark circles underneath my eyes making sure im keeping it on the dark circles i don't want it to come down in a big triangle i want it to really counteract the dark circles so im just keeping it on the dark circles tapping it in with my finger then for foundation today I'm using the Loreal Magic Lumi i swear to you this matches my skin tone of my body i know it looks really orange on camera but it ends up matching you'll see at the end i always run it down my neck i'm using the It Cosmetics Foundation brush to put a layer of foundation on and then I'm blending it out with the real techniques sponge i've been liking this sponge more than the beauty blender lately i like the big surface it makes it faster i like the technique of putting a thin layer of foundation on & then using the sponge to make it nice & even then i go about blending and blending this is a really nice foundation it's a good one from the drugstore to get if you're looking for what that has a little luminosity to it it gives you a nice healthy glow it has good lasting power and it has a really pretty finish i hate doing my foundation after i've done my eyebrows it is so diffcult to make sure you don't get it ll over your eyebrows then i'm using the physicians formula argon oil bb concealer and the MAC duo fiber concealer brush the applicator on the conealer is too hard so i use a conealer brush to put it where i want it to go underneath my eyes, my nose and my cupids bow i put it here on my chin because i have a protruding chin a little bit so i put it in the dead spot there then i'll put a very small amount on my forehead just to make it all even and then i blend that out with a beauty blender i like to start on my chin and work my way up so theres less product on the beauty blender so it's not messy and doesn't go all over the place then i'm trying the Maybelline dream blender sponge i'm using it onmvideo so you guys can see what it looks like i don't know if you can tell how much product it's soaking up as it goes it's not blending it in as much as it's picking it up it probably soaks up about half of the product what's left it does a fine job of blending but i don't think it's worth buying then i've been liking the maybelline fit me translucent powder for setting under eye conealer it's so finely milled i guess so there's no caking, doesn't make your under eyes look dry eit's the translucent one then i'm setting the rest of my face with the Coty airspun loose powder this is a new addition for me that i've been trying out but it is a cult favorite then we're going to finish up the eyes i'm putting the transition shade under my lower lash line you want to make sure it's connected here on the outer edge things got a little whacky so I cleaned it up then i'm going to use the darker shade and smoke out the lower lash line this is a big fat Morphe pencil brush I'm using i'll leave the number down below i'm making a triangle shape on the outer corner here i have to put the shadow higher above the crease because i have hooded eyes if you dont have hooded yes you can apply it in the crease you have to put it above the crease so you can see it when my eyes are open you can see how it adds definition there then i'm going to finish up the inner corner with this gold shade packing it on there i like to make sure it's nice and even on the inner corner and the inner portion of the lid also i'm putting the maybelline colossal mascara on the bottom lashes this is a good one for your bottom lashes because it's curved and easy to work with then i'm using the rimmel contour kit and this shade while it is pretty but as you can see you can't see it on my skintone if you have fair skin it would be a really good one for my skin tone it just wasn't dark enough I went back into the palette so many times to pick up color and that was basically as dark as it got so if you're my skin tone i wouldn't pick it up but for a fair skin tone it would be nice the blush in the palette is pretty it's a basic pink color but it gave a nice flush to the cheeks and then this is the highlight shade in the palette i did think the highlight shade was really pretty i put it on top of my cheekbones, my nose and my cupids bow and a little on the eyelids if you're looking for a drugstore highlighter i would give that one a try and then i'm using the Revlon Matte Balm Crayon it's i the shade Firece

I absolutely love these matte balm crayons they are so moisturizing they feel so good the color is really pretty it gave a slight stain to my lips so it lasted a lot longer than I thought it was going to because it left color behind so I really like that then I'm setting it with the Maybelline master fix setting spray and I'm letting it dry and that is the fished product okay so that is it for this makeup tutorial i hope you liked it if you did please give it a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already all the information for all the products I used will be in the description box along with all the links to my social media my instagram, twitter snapchat and facebook along with links to some of my other videos so check out the description box leave me a comment if you have any suggestions for any videos you'd like to see or if you've used any of these products and if they worked out for you and I will see you in my next video bye!!

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