EASY FALL SMOKEY EYE Makeup Tutorial | Top Tips and Tricks for Blending like a PRO!

Hello my beautiful people! I'm Lupe! I hope you're having a beautiful day so far Today I'm showing you how to create this very dramatic, beautiful, smokey eye It features a lot of warm, you know, Fall colors – it's October 1st! Happy October 1st! As I mentioned, this is a very beautiful dark smokey eye

I haven't really done a look that has a black shadow base This look definitely requires a lot of patience The process of it can be very, very messy but trust the journey, trust me I will get you through this and help you create this beautiful, stunning smokey eye So let's get started! This is one of those looks that I highly encourage you to start off with an eyeshadow primer instead of concealer or maybe your foundation – to really prevent creasing and to intensify the pigmentation of a black eyeshadow especially if you aren't working with the darkest black eyeshadow to begin with Also my number one rule is if you apply a liquid or cream product, always make sure to set it with powder now Now because I'm applying and blending dark eyeshadows pretty high up near my brow I want to make sure my brow bone is quote-unquote "reserved" for my brow highlight I don't want any – let's say black eyeshadow – near that area So I'm applying a gold highlighter now instead of at the end Anyways I'm starting off with 'Toasty' – a light warm brown eyeshadow and using it as my transition shade

I'm applying this color all over my crease, inner corner and outer corner, and on my lower lash line I'm then adding and layering a hint of neon orange eyeshadow on the outer edges of the previous eyeshadow This will compliment the next darker orange eyeshadow that I'll be applying very very nicely and it'll also help establish the beginning of a beautiful gradient Next I'm taking this bright pumpkin colored eyeshadow and once again, I'm layering this on top of the previous eyeshadows The whole idea behind this technique is to – what I like to call – build character This method really helps create depth, it helps create dimension, it helps more with blending the darker eyeshadows and it makes

it just makes it so so much easier when working with, I mean first of all any eyeshadows but especially with dark eyeshadows, and when creating smokey eyes just like this one Next find the darkest of the darkest, of the darkest black eyeshadows you own and with a small smudger brush, begin to apply your eyeshadow on the outer corner and inner corner of your lid This is pretty much the first draft of your Halo eye so don't worry if it looks ugly or blotchy

Start filling in these corners by pressing and blending the eyeshadow gently to avoid any eyeshadow fallout especially since this is black eyeshadow I know many of you apply your foundation after your eyeshadow but for those of you who apply your foundation first, like I do, just make sure that there isn't any fallout by pressing lightly and then blending lightly as well Repeat this step until you have sketched the inner and outer corners and swept your brush across your crease to create this halo eye Go ahead and apply more black eyeshadow every step of the way Making sure you are blending outward and in this windshield wiper motion Right now you should have something like this VERY attractive

I know Thank you And now to avoid creating such a circular shape Blend the black eyeshadow in a sideways V shape to create more of a cat eye Then finally fill in any patches you may have left behind just like I did and make all of the black eyeshadow look very opaque As you can tell, right now the orange and black eyeshadows are very well defined You can tell how sharp the black edges are so I'm going back to the pumpkin color to help blend this out

I'm using a smaller blending brush and applying this eyeshadow directly above and on top of the black eyeshadow and begin to blend in a win-win-I-was-a-win-a windshield wiper motion! I'm adding a dark brown eyeshadow right in the middle of the orange and black eyeshadow to help blend these two colors together and then once again, adding that pumpkin color to intensify the orange hue in this look Next I'm taking the dark brown eyeshadow and with a small smudger brush, I'm pretty much using the one I previously used for the black eyeshadow so no big deal here I'm applying this color on my lower lash line and this will really help blend the black eyeliner on the waterline so so effortlessly For the star of the show, I'm using this orange copper eyeshadow that is a lot more creamier than it is powder so while the eyeshadow is buildable I had a spray my brush with setting spray to get the product to stick onto my brush and then of course be able to stick it to my lids as well So that's why it looks very chunky on the brush I feel like the setting spray really helped get this very opaque on the lid area and I had no trouble blending it afterwards

So I'm applying this first in a square shape I'm pretty much just getting it onto the lid first and then naturally curving on my crease think of it as if you were creating a cut crease You're cutting and defining that crease but just that little little section right there Then take the black eyeshadow again and soften the edges of the orange copper eyeshadow Next I'm lining my eyes with a liquid pen eyeliner and creating a small thick wing I also want a pop of color on my inner corner so I go back to the orange copper eyeshadow and apply it using my finger first and then I blend it out using a small round brush So we're almost done! We're almost there! I'm curling my lashes and applying some false eyelashesstay tuned for a tutorial on the application of false eyelashes – on everything you need to know regarding false eyelashes – next week! Then I apply a black kohl eyeliner on my waterline y'all know how I feel about this but you know for the sake of the video and for the sake of making it look super super smokey then I am Make sure to push on your skin to expose your waterline and NEVER EVER tug your skin down

Never Finally apply your favorite mascara on your top and lower lashes and WE ARE DONE

The eye look is complete if you've come this far you might as well give this video a big thumbs up! 🙂 Now that the eyes are done I want to move on to the rest of the face I'm going to bronze up my cheeks a little bit Give them a little bit more definition right now Oh my gosh, my allergies are acting up

UGH *crying* I hit pan already on my Hoola bronzer Don't really want to use it up just yet so I moved on to the Sweetie Pie Bronzer here As always all of the products will be listed down below so go ahead and check that out but yeah so I'm swirling this brush I just applied it on the hollow of my cheek right here and because I did swirl it there is a little bit more of a pink tone in there so I really like that It's not

I tried another bronzer but it was just I'm sorry I just got cut off It was just way too gray on my skin and it made me just it just did not look right My mom said that it looked patchy and it looked really bad I just don't like it so I actually really do like this because it does add a lot more color For my highlighter today, I'm using this very rich gold highlighter right here It's so beautiful

I think it will complement this look very very well and I'm just using my finger because it's just super super pigmented I could have totally used a base for my highlighter right here but I just didn't have it within reach I already had some lipstick on my lips The lipstick I used was 'London' by NYX This is my all-time favorite very soft light nude color for me I think it's just the perfect nude for me

It's a great combination of a brown and a peach which is you guys know I love, you guys know I couldn't even express myself so you know it's true love right there

So this is the completed look It's the first look of October I really hope you guys enjoyed it! Be sure to answer the poll questions available right here on your right side Let me know what video you would like to see next It could be next week's video! Thank you guys so much for watching! I love you guys so much and I will see you in my next video Bye guys! Muaaah!