(ENG)Makeup Tips with V10 vitamine Tone-up cream?[SOME BY MI]

Hello, it’s SOME BY MI Today I will share full makeup tips by using V10 Vitamin Tone-up cream! Don’t miss out today’s useful beauty hacks! Now let’s start! Firstly, mix V10 Tone-up cream with foundation

When you purchased darker foundation shade than your skin, it’s is so sad as you can’t use it at all If so, mix any tone-up cream with foundation to create personalized shade on your own! Evenly blend over the face, and add dewiness by using water-soaked foundation puff By mixing Something eyes palette 01 All someday palette of SOME BY MI, its Mellow beach with the tone-up cream to create contouring color Apply it on both side of jawlines and nose as well hairline, then blend it well The mixture gives really natural contouring effect without any reddish color in it! Take small amount of Starburst and Pearl Under The Sea colors from the palette used for contour makeup, then mix them with tone-up cream to create highlighter

The mixture is a perfect highlighter with delicate shimmers! With this highlighter cream that we just made Apply it places you want to stand out, gently blend it with a puff My face look dimensional and also the features are emphasized as well Now let’s do eye makeup From the same palette, use Pearl Under The Sea as a base color, and use Sweet & Moist Brownie as a shading color When you mix eye shadow with tone-up cream, you can get better color payout and the color stays longer

Beside, applying with a fingertip is much helpful as your body temperature helps the pigment to adhere onto the lids without smudge! As this method reduces pigment loss of powdery shadow and enhances the adherence, strongly recommended for whose eye makeup is easily gone or smudged! For eye-contouring, use a small tip-brush to blend shadow For the lip, 2 colors are chosen from Something Moisture Lip Rouge of SOME BY MI First, apply Pink Pool as base color, then add Fatal Burgundy on inside of lips to create deeper gradation and fancy mood as well Sheer moisture lipstick formula glides super-smooth with excellent color payoff! Now let’s do cheek makeup with the same lipstick Take a small amount of Pink Pool lipstick and mix it with tone-up cream The mixture became a cream blusher now! Apply on cheekbones and blend it with a puff

It gives really hydrated and natural cheek makeup matched with lip color This is the look of full makeup using tone-up cream V10 Vitamin Tone-up cream already works as a good makeup base, you can multiply use it by blending with various makeup products! If today’s video is useful, don’t you forget to subscribe and like it! don’t you forget to subscribe and like it! See you!